Chapter 495 You Dare Strike Meh?

His vision darkened for a moment, and then Long Chen and the others appeared in a huge transportation formation. They looked around and saw the same kind of scenery. Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

The 108th monastery’s transportation formation had been nauseating to use. But now, they had instantly arrived without the slightest discomfort. It was convenient, fast, safe, and painless.

What was reflected in their eyes was still a huge plaza, and at the center of the plaza was a statue three hundred meters tall.

The statue depicted an elder with a tranquil expression who possessed an immortal air around him. It was the same statue as the one in the 108th monastery.

But this statue was ten times larger, and it wasn’t at all damaged. It was incredibly lifelike, and Long Chen felt an odd charm from it, almost as if this statue was alive.

That was an extremely mysterious feeling. It was clearly just a statue, and there weren’t even any formation runes carved into it. He couldn’t figure it out.

“Elder Long Chen, sect leader Tu Fang has instructed you to take it easy.” As soon as they arrived at the Xuantian Supermonastery, an Elder hastily opened his mouth.

The rules had been broken for Long Chen to be promoted to the Enforcement Elder position. In truth, Long Chen was simply wearing that title. Each second, he had an urge to tear that title off of himself. He didn’t have time to deal with such trivial matters.

Furthermore, the first monastery now had so few people. Perhaps before Long Chen had joined, there might have been some disputes and nonsense present, but after Long Chen had joined, those troublesome people had already gone into another world. There wasn’t even any need for law enforcement.

The only reason Long Chen was given the Law Enforcement Elder position was so he could represent Tu Fang to participate in this sect leader meeting.

However, Tu Fang truly understood Long Chen, and before he had left, he had warned these Elders to look after him. After all, young people tended to be a bit too brazen.

Thus, he warned Long Chen, hoping for him to prepare himself. There were many internal disputes between the supermonastery’s 108 monasteries. After fighting for so many years, there was already a set of unwritten rules.

Tu Fang was worried that Long Chen might start facing off against others without awareness of those unwritten rules, which might cause trouble. 

“Don’t worry, I know when to use hard force and when to use light force.” Long Chen waved his hand. 

Those Elders didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Who would believe such words from him? But they were already here, and so they could only follow Long Chen. In any case, they were just extras.

They had only just arrived when a man ran over to lead them to the meeting place.

But after that man saw Long Chen, he couldn’t help being flabbergasted. “May I ask, who are you?”

“This is Long Chen, our first monastery’s Enforcement Elder. Our sect leader’s health isn’t good right now, and so Elder Long Chen has taken his place to represent the first monastery for the meeting,” replied one of the Elders by Long Chen’s side.

“Long Chen? I haven’t heard of him. How could someone at the early Bone Forging realm represent a monastery’s sect leader? The first monastery really has declined.” A touch of ridicule appeared on that man’s face.


A hand directly slapped across his face, sending him flying. A miserable scream rang out, and his teeth were like bloodstained gems, flying gracefully through the air.

“Elder Long Chen!” Those Elders couldn’t help being dumbfounded. Didn’t he say he would hold himself back a bit? This was what he meant when he said he knew how to use light force?

“I came here for the meeting, not to hear your taunts. A Meridian Opening trash dares insult me?” said Long Chen icily, ignoring the Elders’ cries.

“You dare strike meh?”

That man was just an Elder within the supermonastery. His status was not particularly high. However, his cultivation base had already reached the early Meridian Opening, so he was shocked and infuriated at being slapped by Long Chen.

He roared furiously, but with his teeth scattered on the ground, and his tongue swelling from the slap, ‘me’ ended up turning into ‘meh’. 

“As a dog, you should properly lead the way. Don’t say things you shouldn’t say. Can you lead the way or not? If you can’t, then scram back to your doghouse,” snorted Long Chen.

“You must want to die!” That man roared with fury, and he charged directly at Long Chen, a palm slamming towards his stomach. That power shook the void, and those Elders behind Long Chen were all terrified.

They might be at the peak of the Bone Forging realm and had tempered eight bones, but in the face of a Meridian Opening expert, they were powerless to resist.

Long Chen sent his palm crashing into his opponent’s palm. However, he used a skillful technique to strip his palm of any power, and no shockwave occurred.

The man felt as if his palm had struck cotton. There was nowhere for his energy to go, and he almost coughed up blood from that feeling.

Before he could react and think of what to do next, he felt a powerful force at the back of his scalp, forcing his head down.

As his head was forced down, all he saw was a sturdy knee growing larger in his sight. Only at that moment did he realize something bad was about to happen.

A sharp pain came from his nose, and the sound of bones breaking rang out.

The man was sent flying by Long Chen’s knee, falling amongst a cluster of flowers a few dozen meters away.

The originally snow-white flowers were splashed by his scarlet blood, causing them to look mournful yet beautiful.

“Oh, now I understand why flowers are red.” One of the Elders couldn’t help sighing upon seeing those bloodstained flowers.

One of the more experienced Elders couldn’t help grumbling, “Elder Long Chen, didn’t you say you knew how to use light force?”

Long Chen waved his hand, innocently saying, “I said I’m someone who knows how to use hard force and light force. Look, I controlled my force perfectly. He’s not dead, but not really alive. It’s perfectly between hard and light force.”


“Ah, let it go. Although you’re all older than me, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can see things clearer than me.

“For such an idiot to come to find us for trouble, there’s definitely someone behind him who sent him here to deliberately make it hard for us.

“Tch, what kind of joke was this supposed to be? Within the supermonastery’s 108 monasteries, there might be some people who don’t know who the monastery head is, but there’s definitely no one who doesn’t know who I am.

“You didn’t even see through such an obvious mistake? If I had just endured the words he said, he would have found other ways to provoke us.

“Do you have to wait until you can’t endure it anymore before fighting? Sorry, but I’m not that kind of person. Once I finish slapping the left side of someone’s face, if they then stick out the right side of their face for me, I’ll definitely help slap them again.

“Look, there are already people coming over. This is all premeditated. Just don’t say anything and quietly watch the play.”

As soon as Long Chen said this, several experts appeared, rushing over. The person at the front was a middle-aged man wearing the robes of the supermonastery. His powerful aura marked him as a Xiantian expert.

“What person dares behave so badly in my Xuantian Supermonastery?” shouted the middle-aged man.

Long Chen acted as if he didn’t even see him and simply continued walking forward. The Elders behind him hurriedly lowered their heads, not saying a word and also acting as if they hadn’t seen him.

They had now experienced Long Chen’s domineeringness, and they were also shocked by Long Chen’s intelligence. With a single glance, he had seen through this scheme. His vision was truly frighteningly sharp.

“Hey, I’m talking to you! After beating someone, you want to just leave?” raged the Xiantian expert. 

Seeing Long Chen was still ignoring him, he furiously extended his hand to block Long Chen and the others.

“Eh? Why are you blocking me?” asked Long Chen curiously.

“You injured someone and then want to just leave?!”

Long Chen frowned slightly and asked one of the Elders behind him, “I can only understand human speech. Help me translate what he’s saying.”

“He said you injured someone, and he wants to find you for the bill.” That Elder turned green from being stared at by Long Chen and could only thicken his face and help ‘translate’ for him.

“You!” raged the Xiantian expert. Long Chen was actually cursing him as not being human.

Long Chen didn’t even glance at him, continuing to speak to that Elder. “Tell him I didn’t hit anyone. I just taught a dog that wouldn’t listen a lesson. If the supermonastery has any objections, then call out the dog’s master to talk. Otherwise, either attack or scram.”

After saying that, Long Chen ignored the man and brought his people away.

The man was in a complete rage, clenching his teeth so hard he felt like they might break. Pointing at Long Chen’s back, he shouted, “Good! Just wait, Long Chen, I’ll report this matter to the higher-ups! Your first monastery should just wait for your punishment!”

Long Chen completely ignored him, treating him as air. That person’s lungs almost exploded from rage.

The highest realm of humiliating someone was to ignore them. If you cursed back at them, that was raising their status. Long Chen definitely wouldn’t give him that kind of chance.

If Long Chen couldn’t see through such an obvious trap, then he wouldn’t be Long Chen. So he handled it as directly as possible, too lazy to waste more words on him.

This was his first time in the supermonastery. The supermonastery had countless palace halls, and if he had come by himself, he definitely would have gotten lost.

Luckily, two of these Elders had often accompanied Ling Yunzi to these annual meetings before, and so they knew the lay of the land.

An hour later, Long Chen arrived at an immense palace that was incredibly spacious and bright. As soon as he entered the main hall, he saw one hundred and eight seats.

Other than the first seat, the other seats already had people sitting on them. Those were naturally the 108 monasteries’ sect leaders.

Behind each sect leader stood several Elders. It was unknown what they were whispering about. But when Long Chen appeared, they all turned silent, looking at him.

It was absolutely silent. Hundreds of gazes focused on Long Chen, but those gazes weren’t friendly. Quite a few of them even contained intense jealousy and hate.

Of them all, the gazes from the second monastery and the new 108th monastery were the most intense.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Ignoring everyone’s gazes, he walked over to the first seat. This was the throne of the first monastery and also the peak throne of all the 108 monasteries. Countless people longed to sit in that chair even in their dreams.

Sitting on the chair, Long Chen didn’t have any particularly special feeling. It wasn’t even as comfortable as sitting in a grassy meadow. But looking at those jealous gazes, no matter what, Long Chen still had to put on an extremely satisfied act.

“Nowadays, my monastery really has declined. For an incompetent youngster to take such a high position, it really makes a person sneer.” A sinister voice rang out from the crowd.

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