Chapter 493 Dragonblood Legion


After a muffled sound, Long Chen slowly opened the pill furnace and sighed emotionally: if a worker wanted to do good work, then they really did need good tools first.

Previously, each time his refinement was about to be complete, an explosive sound would ring out from his pill furnace. Each time, Long Chen had to be on the edge of his seat, afraid the pill furnace would explode.

But this time, instead of an explosive sound, it was just a light, muffled grunt. Using a fifth tier pill furnace to refine fourth tier medicinal pills was truly effortless for him.

Most importantly, he could fully activate his Pill Flame now, allowing him to use his greatest techniques.

Nine medicinal pills were shining like jade, halos of light present on each of them. Each one of these pills had rings on them.

Refining ringed fourth tier medicinal pills was a criteria for the examination to become a Pill King. As for the Bone Connecting Pills Long Chen had just refined, each one of them had at least three rings, and some even had five rings.

Each increase in rings represented an increase in the quality of the medicinal pills. Five rings was something even Pill Kings that had devoted their whole life to the Pill Dao were not necessarily able to achieve.

Long Chen finally had a chance to experience what it was like for his equipment to be completely revamped. These Bone Connecting Pills were for those three hundred-plus life and death brothers of his.

He had refined over three hundred Bone Connecting Pills so that they could all undergo complete tempering. It had to be known that the Bone Forging realm was the most important of the five Houtian realms. You were essentially building a foundation twice. Undergoing complete tempering could make a person completely transform.

Right now, Long Chen definitely didn’t have enough Bone Tempering Pills for over three hundred people. But with a heaven-defying treasure like the primal chaos bead, it would be fine as long as he had enough time.

Long Chen didn’t care about their talent. Talent could be raised, Spirit Roots could be upgraded. But a person’s inherent nature was extremely difficult to change.

What Long Chen cared about the most was these people’s loyalty. Despite clearly knowing they would definitely die, they had still marched bravely to the first monastery in order to follow Long Chen and the others in life and death. That kind of loyalty was the most valuable thing.

As for those various disciples and Elders who hadn’t come with them for various reasons, Long Chen didn’t feel a grudge towards them, but he also had no obligation to treat them so well.

Other than members of the new generation of disciples, people like senior apprentice-brother Wan had come as well.

Long Chen was planning on washing away their tempered bones and then having them consume the Bone Connecting Pill. He wanted everyone to undergo complete tempering.

If he allowed senior apprentice-brother Wan and the others who had already started on the path of ordinary bone tempering to continue, then after some time, they would be thrown far into the distance. That would definitely be discouraging for them.

They were all life and death brothers, and Long Chen was planning on walking together with them on his cultivation path to compete against the heavenly geniuses of all the various sects, to look down arrogantly upon the whole world.

No matter how strong a single person was, it had no meaning. Only a group’s strength was the greatest. For example, in the secret realm, Long Chen had already reached the pinnacle.

But even though he had been strong, he had still needed everyone’s assistance. If he hadn’t had their help, then even if he wouldn’t have died in the secret realm, he would have died outside.

So this time, Long Chen had made his resolution. He would make a powerful group to face off against the future’s unknown dangers.

Within a plaza at the back of a mountain in the first monastery, there were over three hundred disciples standing gravely. Looking at the figure in front of them, their eyes were filled with admiration and worship.

Within the secret realm, this person had dominated the pinnacle experts of the two paths on his own. His blood-colored saber had cut apart the very world, terrifying countless people.

“Brothers, today I’ve gathered you to tell you one thing. From today onwards, you will all be my life and death brothers,” announced Long Chen as he looked upon those fervent faces.

“Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, hand out the medicinal pills.”

Gu Yang and the others quickly began to distribute the medicinal pills Long Chen gave them. When they saw what those medicinal pills were, they were all shocked.

But then they quickly understood Long Chen’s intentions, causing them to be filled with admiration. The scale at which Long Chen did things was always too shocking.

“Alright, you can swallow the medicinal pills,” said Long Chen.

Seeing them all swallow the medicinal pills without a moment’s hesitation, a warm feeling filled Long Chen. Trust was always the hardest thing to obtain.

“Everyone here, we’re all brothers- wait a moment, no, there are also some sisters.” Long Chen suddenly became a bit embarrassed, as he noticed there were five women amongst them. One of them was someone he was very familiar with, Qing Yu, Tang Wan-er’s maid and good sister.

But they were just wearing ordinary, sexless clothes, so he had made an oversight. “Cough, whether you are brothers or sisters, from today onwards, we are all one family.

“Since you are capable of being unafraid of death, treading through water or fire for me, then I, Long Chen, will also do the same for you.”

Hearing Long Chen’s powerful and resonating words, quite a few disciples’ eyes reddened from emotion. Back then, in the Righteous and Corrupt battle, Long Chen had said the same, and he had then used his conduct to show he was telling the truth.

For everyone’s safety, the opponents Long Chen chose for himself were always the strongest and most ruthless. Whenever there was danger, he was always the first to face it.

Such a heroic figure was someone they admired and worshipped. Now his words caused all their blood to boil.

“Starting today, we will form a group. All of us will now be members of the Dragonblood Legion.

“Dragons are divine beasts from legends that can disdain the nine heavens and look down on all. A dragon’s will is something neither gods nor devils can shake.

“Let our hot blood merge with the will of the dragon. From today onwards, we will be the masters of our own fates. We won’t lower our heads to anyone.

“No matter how poor our origins are, no matter how inferior our bloodline is, no matter how garbage our talent is!

“From today onwards, we will be dragons that can look down on the rest of the world. We will rise, and no one can bar our path!” Long Chen’s voice struck like hammers into the core of people’s hearts, causing all their blood to boil.

“Dragonblood Legion!”

“Dragonblood Legion!”

“Dragonblood Legion!”

Everyone couldn’t help letting out heaven-shaking cheers, their voices coming in waves that resounded throughout the sky.

Within that cheering was boundless excitement. That was an emotion from finally being released after years of suppression.

In their hearts, Long Chen was just like a god. They would never doubt his words.

“From today onwards, you don’t need to be subjected to the monastery’s administration and restrictions. You only have to listen to me.

“I will make you a cultivation plan that will let you quickly advance. This place is reserved for you to cultivate.” Long Chen pointed towards the large building behind them.

This place was something Long Chen had asked for from Tu Fang. No matter what Long Chen said, Tu Fang would support him. He hadn’t even objected when Long Chen wanted to create his own group, something that went against the rules.

Tu Fang was like Ling Yunzi. He had watched Long Chen grow step by step. Now that Long Chen’s sharpness had finally been revealed to all, he would support him no matter what he wanted to do.

This was a region Long Chen had reserved for them. He was planning on secretly training them here. In the future, he hoped to raise them into this world’s most terrifying legion.

Now, this place had become a restricted land. Other than members of the legion, nobody else was allowed to enter, not even Elders.

Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng were now the Dragonblood Legion’s generals.

There were 347 new disciples that were part of the Dragonblood Legion. Then adding on senior apprentice-brother Wan, senior apprentice-brother Chang, and the others, they had a perfect three hundred and sixty members.

The four generals were in command of ninety people each, while there was also a squad leader per group of five. That would make it easier to manage everyone.

After organizing this, Long Chen left, leaving the rest to Gu Yang and the others. He had them tell the others his bone tempering plan.

When they heard the words ‘complete tempering’, all of them were stupefied. Long Chen actually wanted all of them to undergo complete tempering. They felt as if they were dreaming.

Even large sects were not able to afford such an expenditure.

For example, within all of Mo Gate, only Mo Nian had the talent and qualifications for the sect to bring out enough resources for him to undergo complete tempering.

Just who was Mo Nian? He was Mo Gate’s number one disciple, while they were simply ordinary disciples. Whether it was status or talent, they were miles away from reaching Mo Nian’s level.

The first thing they thought of when they heard Long Chen wanted them to undergo complete tempering was the ocean’s worth of resources that needed to be spent. That made all of them extremely grateful to Long Chen, as he truly did show exceptional consideration for them.

After they all calmed down, Gu Yang gave them Long Chen’s instructions, having them absorb the Bone Connecting Pills’ energy to create channels in their bones.

As for senior apprentice-brother Wan and the others who had already begun tempering their bones, Long Chen gave them a medicinal pill that would wash away their tempered bones, allowing them to start over and undergo complete tempering.

These disciples mostly had ordinary talent, and after the year Long Chen had been in the secret realm, the majority of them had reached the peak of the Tendon Transformation realm and were stuck in a bottleneck.

Long Chen gave those people a Bone Barrier Breaking Pill. The medicinal pills Long Chen gave them were all ringed pills with powerful medicinal energy. Those pills allowed them to advance effortlessly into the Bone Forging realm.

Furthermore, even though they relied on a medicinal pill to advance, this medicinal pill allowed them to advance extremely stably, without any danger to their foundations.

However, he had them rest three days after advancing to Bone Forging so they could accustom themselves to their energy first. Only then were they to consume Bone Tempering Pills.

Those Bone Tempering Pills were all ones that had been in the storehouses. The first monastery had saved plenty of Bone Tempering Pills over time.

Long Chen could be considered half the leader of the first monastery, and he took over eighty percent of the Bone Tempering Pills for the Dragonblood Legion.

But even the remaining twenty percent were enough for the monastery to use for many years. This year especially, they simply had too few disciples.

Most importantly, the monastery’s Battle Techniques were given free of charge to the Dragonblood Legion members to study, and the weapons in the weapons repository were also given freely to them.

Right now, Long Chen was going all-out to equip his troops. In any case, they had gained the first monastery’s position and resources for free, and if they didn’t use them, they would just be wasted.

Long Chen’s actions caused quite a few Elders to turn red-eyed, and after they complained to Tu Fang several times, Tu Fang icily replied, “This monastery is something Long Chen conquered, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can conquer your own monastery to play with.”

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