Chapter 492 Fifth Tier Pill Furnace

Now that Tu Fang was the sect leader, he was exceptionally busy, as the first monastery was enormous, and there were too many tasks for him to handle.

The original first monastery’s residents had been ordered by the monastery head to leave with nothing, and she had said that any violators would be killed. Under those circumstances, who would have dared to take anything?

However, that didn’t mean they had to be nice. Although they hadn’t touched anything, they were still able to give Tu Fang some trouble.

For example, the keys to some storehouses had been lost, or a warehouse’s account books might have been destroyed by ‘rats’. These kinds of matters were plentiful.

The new residents already had much less manpower than the original residents. Now Tu Fang was in over his head, but there was no way around that. He could only work all day and night, taking inventory of the storehouses. Otherwise, if he didn’t even know what kind of resources were within his own monastery, that really would be a joke.

There weren’t enough Elders to handle all the work, so some disciples were forced to help.

But there was at least one piece of excellent news. The first monastery’s resources were extremely plentiful, and the pay for the working disciples was over a hundred times what it would have been in the 108th monastery.

There were some people who immediately leaped to go to work as well. But they all knew what kind of person Tu Fang was. If you were going to be paid, you had better work. But if you worked hard, you would definitely be paid generously.

Once Long Chen and the others returned, they also got busy. Guo Ran went to work on the blueprint Long Chen had given him.

As for Meng Qi, she was busy merging with Long Chen’s spiritual seed. Although this seed was now hers, it still had Long Chen’s imprint on it. She needed to work to merge with it until their connection was flawless. Only then could she control her Spiritual Strength perfectly.

But what delighted her was that the spiritual seed was much, much stronger than her expectations. As soon as it began to merge with her, it began to rapidly grow. It was already much stronger than her old soul root.

It was like the seed of a heaven-reaching tree. As long as the earth was fertile enough, it could grow to the peak of the world.

That made Meng Qi incredibly grateful to Long Chen, and she swore to herself that she would work hard cultivating. She would be like Chu Yao and protect Long Chen in the future.

Tang Wan-er was also busy. Long Chen had asked Tu Fang to lend him an immense underground warehouse.

This warehouse was hundreds of meters wide. Long Chen placed the huge Wind Spirit Crystal within it. It was a good thing the first monastery’s warehouses were made of special material and incredibly sturdy, or it would have instantly blown apart by the Wind Spirit Crystal.

Tang Wan-er and Little Snow were sitting in front of the Wind Spirit Crystal, studying the terrifying fluctuations from within it.

Tang Wan-er had already refined an ocean’s worth of wind spirit stones, and she already had a foundation when it came to wind. That was the only reason why Long Chen dared to allow her to study the Wind Spirit Crystal’s energy.

The difference between wind spirit stones and the Wind Spirit Crystal was immense. If a wind spirit stone’s energy was like a puddle, then the Wind Spirit Crystal’s energy was like a raging sea.

Without a certain foundation, it was impossible to comprehend the profound and mysterious fluctuations within the Wind Spirit Crystal.

As for Little Snow, he had consumed the Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan, and his wind energy had become even purer. Most terrifying of all, as a Magical Beast, his wind energy was shockingly forceful.

After the final battle in the secret realm, everyone had been completely exhausted. Only Little Snow had still been filled with energy. It could be seen how terrifying he was.

Long Chen hoped for the two of them to gain insights into some of the wind mysteries within the Wind Spirit Crystal, raising their comprehension.

As for Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng, they had all entered seclusion to cultivate. There was an immense number of Bone Tempering Pills in the first monastery, and Long Chen had them consume those first.

Although those medicinal pills were trash in Long Chen’s eyes, there was no harm in consuming them. It would just be less efficient.

Currently, Long Chen didn’t have time to refine pills for them. So he had them consume those first, and when he finally had time, he would refine more pills for them.

Long Chen went to see Tu Fang, asking him to give him a list of disciples who had come to support him at the risk of their lives.

Seeing Tu Fang was curious, Long Chen said the following: those who could follow him in life and death were his brothers, and he definitely couldn’t mistreat his own brothers. He would raise them with his full ability.

From Tu Fang, he learned there had been a total of 347 disciples who had come with him to the first monastery. He gave Long Chen a list of names.

Looking over that list, Long Chen couldn’t help but smile. At the same time, he was filled with emotion.

He didn’t recognize the majority of the names on that list. But those people had all been hot-blooded enough to abandon their own lives to follow him in life and death. There was only one word to call such people: brothers.

Since they were brothers, they should follow each other in life and death, sharing wealth and happiness. Now that the life and death crisis had passed, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t let them lose out.

Long Chen returned to his residence. Tu Fang had set up that place for him, and it was extremely spacious. There were even disciples guarding the perimeter so that no one would disturb him.

There, he took out some medicinal ingredients but then suddenly clapped himself in the head. He had actually forgotten to go get a good pill furnace from the storehouses.

“Wait, I probably won’t have to go there.” Long Chen suddenly thought of something and took out a spatial ring. That was a simple ring, with a sparkling gemstone embedded into it.

That gemstone was sometimes called a storage stone or spatial stone. It had its own space inside it.

Looking at that spatial ring, Long Chen smiled, thinking of Guo Ran.

Guo Ran was like Long Chen and was extremely brazen. He dared attempt all kinds of crazy ideas.

Long Chen was the only one who knew the secret behind Guo Ran’s armor because Guo Ran had once shown off his brilliant idea to him.

He had actually taken the spatial stones within spatial rings and directly embedded them into his meridians.

He had embedded a total of sixteen spatial stones in the meridians all over his body. That way, with just a thought of his Spiritual Strength, the armor within those spatial stones would instantly cover him.

That was also why Guo Ran’s armor seemed like magic, and others were unable to see how he put it on.

He had set up special components on each of the spatial stones so that the armor would instantly assemble. Even Long Chen had been completely astonished by Guo Ran’s intelligence.

Other than the armor, those spatial stones also contained his consumables, and he could replenish them at will.

Shaking his head, Long Chen had no choice but to admit Guo Ran really did come up with quite a few crazy ideas.

However, this spatial ring in front of him was a bit special. There was an exceptionally exquisite flame pattern on it, and within the ring itself was an indentation of a small tower.

That was naturally the Pill Tower’s marking. The owner of this ring had been Huo Wufang.

This was Long Chen’s battle spoils. When he had thought of the pill furnace just now, he had also thought of this spatial ring.

“Oh? There’s still a spiritual imprint? Hehe, so that little fellow hasn’t died yet. Truly worthy of congratulations!”

Spiritual imprint was something that could be left behind on certain objects by people with strong enough Spiritual Strength.

If such an object stayed with its owner for a long period of time, then it would form a kind of resonance, and as long as the owner didn’t die, the spiritual imprint wouldn’t fade.

Furthermore, that spiritual imprint would be like a faithful guard dog. If anyone else tried to open the spatial ring, it would attack them.

Finding out that Huo Wufang hadn’t died made Long Chen smile with gratification. I wonder who is happier, him or Yin Wushuang.

Long Chen snorted, and his Spiritual Strength directly erased Huo Wufang’s spiritual imprint.

Perhaps that spiritual imprint might be able to cause some trouble for others, but Long Chen could erase it with a wave of his hand.

Opening the spatial ring, Long Chen couldn’t help jumping in shock. This spatial ring actually had a subsidiary life space attached to it. In other words, it could be considered a life ring.

But this life ring was far better than the one he had obtained before. It was actually three thousand meters wide and was like its own world.

“He actually built a palace within his spatial ring. What an idiot.” Long Chen sneered upon seeing the world within the spatial ring.

But after looking inside the palace, he understood that Huo Wufang had treated this palace as a treasure house.

There were all kinds of weapons, secret arts, and bottles of treasures piled within it. He hadn’t expected that idiot to be so obsessive. He had actually arranged everything incredibly neatly.

Outside the palace was a medicinal field with many precious herbs. Quite a few of them had new soil beneath them, which indicated Huo Wufang had most likely obtained them within the Jiuli secret realm.

“Hehe, nice, nice. I’ll transplant them into the primal chaos space.” Long Chen was delighted upon seeing the medicinal ingredients. That fellow truly was rich. There were hundreds of rare medicinal ingredients here, many of which he didn’t have.

To pill cultivators, medicinal ingredients were like their lives. No matter how many they had, it wouldn’t be enough. Originally, Long Chen had been planning on waiting a bit and patiently going through what else Huo Wufang had, but he had overestimated his restraint. He ended up directly transplanting all of them first.

That took him quite a few hours. Not only had he transplanted the medicinal ingredients, but he had even moved the palace into his primal chaos space.

Plunk. A certain object rolled out of the palace.

“Pill furnace!” Long Chen cried out with delight.

Originally, this ancient bronze pill furnace had been placed atop a platform in the palace. When he had moved the palace, it had ended up shaking the palace, and the pill furnace had fallen off, rolling out.

“Based on the handles and pinholes, this is actually a peak fifth tier pill furnace!” Long Chen’s eyes reddened.

The pill furnaces he had been using had all been second tier pill furnaces and incredibly rotten. They were so terrible that he didn’t even dare use his full strength when using them. And even so, his pill furnaces were like firecrackers, blowing up one by one.

But with a fifth tier pill furnace, he wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. He could refine pills with his full strength.

A fifth tier pill furnace could refine fifth tier medicinal ingredients without a problem. In fact, it could even refine sixth tier medicinal ingredients.

“Hahaha, time to get to work!” Long Chen laughed and immediately began refining pills.

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