Chapter 490 Ling Yunzi’s Departure

“You’re leaving?” asked a startled Tu Fang. “Where are you going?”

Even Long Chen was astonished. Ling Yunzi said he was leaving. He didn’t say he was leaving for a period of time. In other words…

“This time, I’ve obtained a heaven-defying opportunity that has enlightened me onto another kind of Sword Dao. I want to go out into the world and see whether or not I can bring my Sword Dao to the pinnacle.” Ling Yunzi smiled.

“How long will you be gone?” asked Tu Fang.

“This is what I will be pursuing for the rest of my life. If I cannot reach that level, then this life of mine will have not had any meaning,” said Ling Yunzi solemnly.

He had dedicated the first half of his life to his monastery. Now it was time for him to live for his own Sword Dao. He wanted to be a true sword cultivator, free and unfettered, walking to the ends of the world with just his sword.

“Then what about the monastery? Will senior Cang Ming take on the sect leader position?” asked Tu Fang.

“Uncle-master has already brought his apprentice away. He said that until he manages to completely fill that little fellow’s stomach, he won’t be returning.” Ling Yunzi laughed.

Now Long Chen understood why he hadn’t seen Wilde during these days. He had already been brought away.

Most likely, Cang Ming had also decided to strengthen his resolve and focus completely on raising his apprentice.

Right now, Wilde had become his entire focus. He wanted to raise Wilde into a supreme expert, and as a result, he had even left behind his forge. It could be seen how determined Cang Ming was.

“So now that we’ve left, only you, Tu Fang, can be the sect leader,” said Ling Yunzi.

“Me? How could that be possible?” Tu Fang couldn’t help being startled. He was still only at the peak of the Meridian Opening realm. Without stepping into the Xiantian realm, how could he take a sect leader position, let alone the position of the first monastery’s sect leader?

“Tu Fang, you are straightforward and upright, impartial and incorruptible. With your character, you can definitely take this position.

“Furthermore, you don’t need to feel any pressure. As long as our first monastery has Long Chen, then our position as the first monastery cannot be budged.

“As for in the future when Long Chen leaves, the first monastery will naturally decline, and the position will be taken away. That just means our fate with that position has run out, and there’s no need to fight over it.

“First place can’t always be dominated by one person. The cycle turns continuously; fortunes rise and fall. But that’s what makes life interesting,” said Ling Yunzi profoundly.

“Yes, sect leader. I understand,” said Tu Fang respectfully. Ling Yunzi was telling him the cycle of the Heavenly Daos could not be reversed.

For example, they had constantly been ranked 108th. But as soon as Long Chen joined, everything had changed.

After experiencing countless dangers, after the suppression of both the Righteous and Corrupt paths, Long Chen had still soared, crushing the Righteous and Corrupt paths. The entire way, he had forced his way through a pile of corpses, bringing them to their current position.

Times change. Any of those who had vainly attempted to block Long Chen all ended up in extremely miserable states. Ling Yunzi was using Long Chen as an example to direct Tu Fang.

What is destined to be yours is something no one can snatch away. What is not destined to be yours is something you can’t obtain no matter what, and if you try, it will cost you your life. These were the invisible rules of the Heavenly Daos.

Ling Yunzi cared deeply about Tu Fang, and he didn’t want him making the same mistake he had. He had ended up becoming too obsessed, ending up in an abyss of despair.

“Long Chen, I know this monastery will not be your limit. Perhaps there will be a day when we’ll see each other again. At that time, I trust you’ll be much stronger than you are right now, and much more domineering.” Ling Yunzi patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

The feeling of parting was always a sad one. All Long Chen could say was, “Take care, sect leader.”

Ling Yunzi smiled and then walked away. Long Chen and Tu Fang didn’t move. They both knew Ling Yunzi wouldn’t want anyone to send him off. From today onwards, he would no longer have any shackles. He would be completely free.

The next day, news of Tu Fang succeeding the sect leader position spread throughout the entire supermonastery.

In all of history, only Xiantian experts had had the qualifications to be sect leaders. Tu Fang was merely in the Meridian Opening realm.

But each monastery had the right to appoint their own sect leader. If they felt they didn’t have enough power, they were able to ask the supermonastery for help, and the supermonastery would send them a Xiantian expert to take the sect leader position.

Other than Tu Fang becoming sect leader, news of Ling Yunzi departing the monastery to pursue his Sword Dao also spread.

That dumbfounded countless people. Now, Ling Yunzi had departed, and Cang Ming had brought away his apprentice to travel.

In the entire first monastery, there was not a single Xiantian expert. That caused countless people to feel greed. Many Xiantian experts from the supermonastery made applications to take the first monastery’s sect leader position.

Those applications were all immediately rejected. The reason? Long Chen had said the first monastery didn’t need any expert as support because they were already strong enough.

That instantly caused those thoughts to die. Those people thought of how Long Chen had killed two Xiantian experts on his own. That made them all turn silent.

Once that matter passed, Long Chen had Tang Wan-er help guard him and Meng Qi.

Currently, his forehead was pressed against Meng Qi’s forehead. Meng Qi was completely red, as this position was too intimate.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly smile and how his smile was slightly naughty, Meng Qi couldn’t help rebuking, “What are you smiling about?”

He laughed. “For Tang Wan-er to guard us as I take advantage of a jade beauty, it seems a bit strange.”

“What do you mean, take advantage of a jade beauty? How vulgar.” Meng Qi rapped Long Chen on the head, turning even redder.

“Alright, well since you’re no longer so nervous, we can start. Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything.” Long Chen had just been purposely teasing her since he had noticed how worried she was. “I’ll begin now.”

After saying that, within his mind-sea, his Spiritual Strength began to roil, seeming like an angry sea as it rapidly circulated.

He continuously compressed his Spiritual Strength. He needed to condense a spiritual seed. If the Spiritual Strength was a tree, then condensing a spiritual seed was like going through the twigs of that tree. Then he would snap off that twig and transplant it into Meng Qi.

Condensing a spiritual seed was not difficult. However, even after condensing a dozen of them, he still discarded them, as those spiritual seeds weren’t strong enough.

Long Chen wanted the strongest spiritual seed possible for Meng Qi. That would be her future cultivation foundation.

It was extremely easy to tell how strong a spiritual seed was by the strength of its spiritual fluctuations.

An ordinary spiritual seed would take up one thousandth to three thousandths of a person’s Spiritual Strength.

However, the quality of a spiritual seed was based on the skill and soul energy of the person who condensed it. Long Chen had even condensed several spiritual seeds that took up eight thousandths of his Spiritual Strength, but he still discarded them.


Just as Long Chen was starting to get impatient, his Spiritual Strength suddenly surged, and an immense spiritual seed appeared in his mind-sea.

“Long Chen, don’t!” cried Meng Qi.

“Don’t make a fuss. Stay still.”

Just like that, he inserted that huge spiritual seed into Meng Qi’s mind-sea.

“Long Chen!” Meng Qi couldn’t help feeling distressed, and her tears even began to fall. That huge spiritual seed contained a full tenth of his Spiritual Strength.

As that spiritual seed left Long Chen’s mind-sea, he clenched his teeth and held back a pained groan. His veins bulged, and his body twitched intensely.

He was essentially splitting a portion of his soul, and so he had to endure the pain of his soul tearing apart. Even though he had long since been prepared, he still almost couldn’t hold back a scream.

The pain of the soul could make a person go insane. As he did his best to endure that pain, he transplanted that huge spiritual seed into Meng Qi’s mind-sea.

As soon as he finished doing that, he felt as if the world was spinning around him, and he almost collapsed, his body drenched in sweat.

But looking at Meng Qi whose eyes were now tightly closed, a smile appeared on his pale face.

Now that his spiritual seed had entered Meng Qi’s mind-sea, it had become ownerless. All Meng Qi needed to do was use her mind to connect to that seed, and she would become its new master. It would become her new soul root.

To Meng Qi, that was something extremely simple, so he didn’t have any worries. It would just take her a bit of time.

Right now, he was in immense pain from the tearing of his soul, and so he hastily activated the primal chaos bead.

Previously, Long Chen had already circulated his two stars to return the primal chaos space to a flourishing state.

The withered medicinal ingredients and trees had all been revived. Now, he drew on the primal chaos space’s energy to heal the injury to his soul. Those huge trees, which had only just revived, now instantly withered.

However, now he no longer felt as much pain. Unfortunately, it was unable to completely replenish the loss to his soul. But Long Chen decided not to touch the medicinal ingredients this time, as the energy within them was too little compared to the trees.

After advancing to the Bone Forging realm, he had received an enormous surprise. After he had advanced, the primal chaos space had gone from being three miles wide to thirty miles wide.

Now he could plant even more vegetation. If he managed to fill the entire space with huge trees, then his recovery ability would be shocking.

As for the patch of black soil, it had also grown by ten times. That black soil was able to devour flesh and turn it into life energy.

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn’t have any powerful Magical Beast corpses. Otherwise, such an immense life energy would be able to instantly heal his soul.

Long Chen had already decided. After he had handled this matter, he would find some huge trees, the bigger the better, with as much life energy as possible. If he could find some immense trees, then he would have access to practically limitless life energy.

Just as Long Chen was planning on how to use the primal chaos space, Meng Qi slowly opened her eyes.

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