Chapter 4875 Once More Descending Upon Heaven Screen Mountain (Teaser)

“What? How long has it been?” asked Long Chen, startled. It felt like only a few minutes had passed, so how could hours have gone by?

When Long Chen and Mo Nian walked out, they saw a golden chariot waiting for them, and Xing Wujiang was standing beside it with no one else around. 

Normally, the city lord mansion was bustling with activity, but now it appeared deserted. Long Chen and Mo Nian hurriedly approached, not dwelling on the absence of people. Mo Nian quickly apologized, “Big Brother Wujiang, sorry for making you wait!”

“Long Chen, are you alright?!” Xing Wujiang exclaimed, startled by Long Chen’s pale face. He appeared as if he had just been rescued...

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