Chapter 487 Lightning Python

Once everyone else was killed, the tribulation clouds began to churn intensely, and countless bolts of lightning gathered.

“What?! That was just a warm up? Now it’s serious?!” Long Chen’s expression involuntarily changed.

Originally, he had thought he had gotten a lucky break and would pass this tribulation easily. But now he realized just how excessively wrong he had been.

Those thunderbolts had just been the prelude before the tempest. This was the real lightning tribulation. Long Chen had an urge to curse over and over again.

That previous intensity had been able to annihilate Xiantian experts. Just how powerful did his lightning tribulation have to be?

What he didn’t realize right now was that soul cultivators’ physical bodies were just too weak. Their own tribulation lightning was the weakest of all tribulations. If their own tribulations were on the same level as other cultivators, then this world wouldn’t have any soul cultivators.

Life was fair. Soul cultivators possessed abnormal Spiritual Strength, but their weak physical bodies were their fatal weak point.

The Heavenly Daos had taken into consideration that soul cultivators’ tribulation lightning couldn't be very strong. But that weak lightning tribulation, which had just been a warm up, had still been something they hadn’t been able to bear.

Long Chen had even been celebrating, thinking he had ended up benefiting because of the pavilion master. The tribulation lightning had been adjusted to his level.

But as soon as he was killed, the tribulation lightning changed, going from a kitten to a fierce tiger.

“Fuck, fine! Come at me! I just knew you would try to make life difficult for me! I’m already used to it.” Long Chen roared up to the sky.

This was already his third tribulation. Each time, his tribulation was filled with endless destructive will. That was completely different from other people’s tribulations.

For other people, the tribulation was just a trial. But Long Chen’s tribulation only had one goal, and that was using its full strength to kill him.


A thick bolt of lightning descended from the nine heavens. This thick bolt of lightning enveloped Long Chen and dozens of meters around him.

His clothes burst apart, and a berserk energy spread in all directions, with Long Chen at the center.


The ground seemed like water, and a huge ripple spread because of the terrifying energy.

Where that ripple passed, whether it was mountains or buildings, they were instantly destroyed. That berserk energy truly leveled the Wind Spirit Pavilion.

Any remnants that had survived Long Chen’s combination attack with Little Snow were now instantly destroyed.

As for Long Chen, within that thick bolt of lightning, his skin was splitting apart, blood pouring out. Even with his physical body, he wasn’t able to endure this fierce attack. Just the first attack was enough to injure him.

“Fuck, just keep coming! You goddamn bastard heavens, if you think I’m displeasing, then come smite me!” roared Long Chen crazily.

The pain had stepped on his nerves, causing his fury to soar. There are so many bad people in this world, but you don’t smite them. Instead you come to target me. When did I ever provoke you?!

Although heavenly tribulation didn’t have any emotions, Long Chen could sense its will. It wanted to completely annihilate him, refusing to allow him to exist in this world.

That was a kind of Heavenly Dao, a kind of law. It was a will that could not be defied. It wanted Long Chen dead, so he shouldn’t even think about living in this world. That infuriated Long Chen.


As if it had been provoked, the lightning crashed down even harder. The entire world trembled. The might of the heavens could not be opposed.

Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood. His injuries had reached the point that it was almost possible to see his bones, but Long Chen still clenched his teeth and laughed crazily.

“Keep coming! You idiot heavens, you blind ass heavens, you-!”


The thunderforce made Long Chen cough up even more blood. However, he wasn’t afraid. He was focused entirely on using his own thunderforce to devour the thunderforce invading his body.

Long Chen possessed his own thunderforce, thunderforce that had also come from tribulation lightning. However, there was a qualitative difference between it and the current thunderforce attacking him. The power difference was immense.

He needed to devour this attacking thunderforce bit by bit, gradually increasing the strength of his own thunderforce.

It was like a tiger cub trying to devour an elephant ten times its size. It was extremely difficult.

But he was gratified to find his original thunderforce was extremely voracious. No matter how much he fed it, it still didn’t get full. Furthermore, as he fed it, it continuously grew larger.

Within Long Chen’s blood, countless violet runes were beginning to grow. Those were his core thunderforce runes, and as he devoured more and more thunderforce, they also continuously grew stronger.

Now, Long Chen didn’t need to deliberately feed them. They would just automatically devour the thunderforce that invaded his body.

He was covered in blood, but he didn’t stop cursing. In fact, he began to curse even louder. Since he wasn’t able to reach and hit the heavens, the best thing was to get some satisfaction from his mouth.

However, he was actually cheering inside. His thunderforce was growing stronger and stronger, something he urgently wished for.

Thunderforce was very rare and was capable of blocking Spiritual Strength. It was his greatest trump card when he ran into soul cultivators.

After all, soul items were external forces, and it was much more reliable to use his own strength. So thunderforce was something he urgently needed.

Unfortunately, he was always too busy and had no time to use his spiritual qi to nourish his thunderforce. So this lightning tribulation was also an opportunity for him.

Although he rarely used thunderforce, that was only because he didn’t have any high class Battle Skills that could control thunderforce. As for the Lightning Finger he had come up with, it was only useful against some experts.

But against supreme experts, it was useless. The time it took to activate was too long, and true experts would see through that opening in a glance. 

So although he didn’t use his thunderforce often, it didn’t mean that thunderforce was useless. It was simply that he didn’t have any good ways of using it.

However, Long Chen still wanted to raise it. After all, there were still many chances for him to obtain higher class Battle Skills in the future, but chances to increase his thunderforce were rare.

In order to not waste this chance, he could only bitterly endure this pain, not using his spiritual qi to block.

Another benefit of doing this was that it would temper his physical body. However, this method was extremely crazy and cruel.

It was a good thing for him that he had been able to continuously use his old thunderforce to temper his body.

Because his thunderforce runes existed in his blood, even if he didn’t deliberately activate them, they would help strengthen his body gradually, expelling impurities from his body. Otherwise, he wouldn’t possess such a strong physical body now.

Unfortunately, Long Chen hadn’t had any time to deliberately temper his body, and so there were still many impurities in his body. Those impurities couldn’t be expelled by his passive thunderforce tempering. They would have required Long Chen to circulate his thunderforce to its full strength to be expelled.

Although Long Chen appeared in a terrible plight right now, he was actually borrowing this berserk thunderforce to expel the impurities in his body.

This tribulation lightning was of great help to him. However, that didn’t mean the lightning tribulation had good intentions towards him. These results were because of Long Chen’s own hard work.

If he hadn’t found a way to nourish thunderforce in his own body, then he probably would have long since died to tribulation lightning.


Long Chen once more coughed up a mouthful of blood. The bones in his shoulder were now visible.

Furthermore, the tribulation clouds in the sky suddenly shrank into a ball. The tribulation clouds of ten thousand miles shrank to less than a hundred miles.

Once the tribulation clouds gathered together, the world immediately became quiet. Heaven and earth were deathly silent. It was as if time had frozen.

Long Chen suddenly felt all his hair stand on end. An intense sensation of death enveloped him.

“I just knew it wouldn’t be this easy.” Long Chen viciously spat on the ground. His two stars circulated, and from his primal chaos space, a pure life energy poured into his body.

His horrifying wounds healed in just a breath’s time. However, the price was that the forest of trees in his primal chaos space withered.

Long Chen had already planted a forest in his primal chaos space, which he used as storage for life energy. They were what he relied on to heal himself.

But he hadn’t expected that in order to completely recover, the entire forest would die. All their life energy had been used up.

What he didn’t know was just what terrifying realm his physical body had reached. Even a small cut on his body required a huge amount of life energy to heal.

As for just now, his entire body had been covered in wounds. He had been fortunate he had planted enough trees, or he wouldn’t have even been able to fully recover.

This was not within his expectations. Other than the medicinal field, he had filled the entire primal chaos space with trees. He had thought that with that many trees, he would be able to instantly recover several times. But now, he had run out after just one healing.

But he also couldn’t care about that too much at this time. He looked up at the lightning clouds in the sky. A terrifying pressure was locking onto him.


The tribulation clouds were constantly trembling, as flickering lightning lit up the world.

Suddenly, two huge lightning pythons shot out of the clouds. Those lightning pythons seemed to be living creatures. They were three thousand meters long, and a terrifying pressure came from their bodies. 

They let out fierce roars as they charged at Long Chen.

“Fuck, what kind of monsters are these?!”

Long Chen’s heart trembled. He sensed immense pressure from these lightning pythons. The lightning had somehow transformed.

A huge lightning blade appeared in his hand as he closely stared at the two lightning pythons.

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