Chapter 4866 Divine Sunflower Propagation Heavenly Pill (Teaser)

Long Chen nodded. “If it really is as you say, then I have a solution.”

“What solution? Can you tell me?” asked Xing Wujiang, his voice quivering with emotion.

Xing Wujiang was not afraid of dying. However, there was one matter that pained and even scared him—having no descendants.

As the last member of the Xing family’s main bloodline, if he were to die with no heirs, it would make him a sinner to the Xing family. Even if he were to sacrifice himself to stop the devil from reviving, he wouldn’t have the face to meet his ancestors.

That was why he couldn’t suppress his excitement when he heard that Long Chen had a solution.

Long Chen said, “Big Brother’s Blood Qi is still vigorous, and there are no problems with your essence. If you cannot have a child, it must be due to being cursed.”


Mo Nian and Xing Wujiang were both startled....

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