Chapter 4865 Gamble (Teaser)

“Do you really have a method?” Xing Wujiang stared at Mo Nian in disbelief.

At this moment, Long Chen perked up. Although Mo Nian was normally flaky, he was definitely reliable when it came to important matters.

“To tell the truth, I’m after the devil corpse in Heaven Screen Mountain. As long as I obtain the corpse, the Square Heaven Seal won’t be able to absorb it. Wouldn’t the problem be solved then?” said Mo Nian.

“But can you take the corpse before the Square Heaven Seal does?” asked Xing Wujiang.

“You said it yourself. The Square Heaven Seal has to exhaust its power to open Heaven Screen Mountain. When it enters a weakened state, it won’t be able to immediately take it. I’m confident I can get to the corpse...

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