Chapter 4859 Dejected (Teaser)

The Brahma Pill Valley’s experts had surrounded this place, but they were only watching apathetically. Even Gao Jianli’s furious roar didn’t trigger an emotional reaction out of them.

Hearing his loud complaint, Jiang Yiban casually answered, “We are tasked with capturing Long Chen, but we’re in no rush. It was hard for us to rush over from such a distance, and a marvelous fight just so happens to be a relaxing sight after such a weary journey. You can ignore us.”

Jiang Yiban even gestured to Gao Jianli to keep going, which enraged the latter. He had informed the Brahma Pill Valley with good intentions, so how could they just watch as he was humiliated?

“How can you do this?! Does the Brahma Pill Valley treat all their supporters this way?!” roared Gao Jianl...

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