Chapter 4858 Yu Luo’s Divine Might (Teaser)

No one had expected Long Chen to simply charge over and attack Gao Jianli. After all, the latter was the sect master of the Violet Palace Sect.

Even Gao Jianli was taken aback by Long Chen’s bold move, realizing he had underestimated Long Chen's guts. Even in the presence of numerous Heaven Saints encircling him, Long Chen didn’t hesitate at all.

Before Gao Jianli could fully react, Evilmoon was already upon him. While he didn’t dare to treat Long Chen lightly, he had no time to take out his weapon. Hence, in a swift response, he simply raised his hand, and a blood-colored divine light materialized on his palm, forming a shield. Unable to retrieve a weapon in time, he relied on the power of his essence blood to create...

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