Chapter 485 Thousand Star Devouring Soul

Long Chen hastily ran back to Meng Qi’s room. Meng Qi was sitting on her bed, a faint black qi appearing on her face. Ling Yunzi had a hand on her back, spiritual qi curling around him, his head covered with sweat.

“Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er seemed to have found hope and hastily explained, “Sister Meng Qi was sleeping fine at first, but out of nowhere, her body began to spasm. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“She’s been poisoned. I’m using my spiritual qi to suppress the poison, not letting it invade her soul, but her body is too weak. It’s extremely taxing for me,” explained Ling Yunzi.

If it was an ordinary person, Ling Yunzi wouldn’t find it so difficult to suppress the poison. But Meng Qi’s body was too weak, and the slightest mistake might cause her body to explode.

Not to mention, the poison was too fierce, constantly attacking Ling Yunzi’s suppression, making it very hard on him.

Long Chen hastily went over and peeled back Meng Qi’s eyelids. There were countless little specks in her pupils.

He quickly pressed onto the YuZhen acupuncture point at the back of her head and poured in his powerful Spiritual Strength.

“You can’t!” Ling Yunzi cried out. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was bypassing his blockade to charge at the poison.

“It’s fine. This is the Thousand Star Devouring Soul Poison. Now it will focus on devouring my soul energy instead of attacking Meng Qi,” explained Long Chen.

Now Ling Yunzi saw that as soon as the poison encountered Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, it was like a hungry wolf that had encountered meat and was crazily devouring it.

“Sect leader, help me guard her YuZhen point. I’ll expel the poison.” Long Chen increased his soul energy.

His Spiritual Strength was like a python swimming in Meng Qi’s meridians. As for the poison, as soon as it saw the Spiritual Strength, it crazily pounced on it, biting down and refusing to let go.

Long Chen’s originally transparent Spiritual Strength quickly turned black as ink because of the poison.

He then took out a knife and cut a small opening on Meng Qi’s palm. Instantly, pitch-black blood flowed out of the opening, emitting a disgusting stench.

“Everyone, get out. Close the door and get further away from the room.”

At this time, there were many people that had heard something had happened with Meng Qi and had gathered here. Now they hastily left.

This was a spiritual poison and extremely troublesome. When Tang Wan-er and the others saw that black blood, they all felt a chill.

Long Chen poured in his Spiritual Strength three times, finally drawing out all the poison in Meng Qi’s body. He finally sighed a breath of relief.

He summoned a blue flame and incinerated the black blood. The entire room was filled with the disgusting stench.

Holding Meng Qi, he and Ling Yunzi also left the room. After a moment of hesitation, Long Chen waved his hand and summoned a ball of flames that instantly burned the room to ash.

This poison was too intense. Worried about the remnants, he decided the room wasn’t worth it. This way was safer.

“What happened Long Chen?” asked Ling Yunzi.

“It was the Wind Spirit Pavilion.” Killing intent surfaced within Long Chen’s eyes. When they had handed Meng Qi over back then, they had also poisoned her.

If Ling Yunzi hadn’t rushed over here fast enough to suppress the poison from reaching her soul, the results would have been too horrible to think of.

“That goddamn Wind Spirit Pavilion, let’s go overturn their bastard lair!” raged Guo Ran. Everyone was completely infuriated now. Even though Meng Qi had already been crippled and half-alive, they still hadn’t let her off. They were definitely worse than beasts.

“Let’s go, Long Chen. I’ll accompany you to the Wind Spirit Pavilion,” said Ling Yunzi, patting Long Chen’s shoulder. He was also furious.

“Let’s cut them down!”

Gu Yang and the others roared furiously. The Wind Spirit Pavilion was truly too hateful.

“All of you calm down. Right now, we’ve only just settled in, and it’s not suitable for us to make any large moves. Don’t always think about slaughter and fighting, as that’s not beneficial to you. We should use kindness to subdue our opponents. We’ll talk it out reasonably.”Long Chen smiled.

“What? No way. Are you alright, boss?” exclaimed Guo Ran.

“Alright, that’s enough. Everyone should disperse.”

Long Chen waved his hand at everyone. With Tang Wan-er, he set up Meng Qi in another room. He also gave her a medicinal pill to help recover her physical energy.

Then, he stealthily left on his own. Changing his clothes, he went down the mountain. But before he got a mile away, he saw Guo Ran and the others had long since been waiting for him.

“What are you all doing?” Being caught red-handed, Long Chen couldn’t help being a bit infuriated.

“Hehe, I was right, wasn’t I? Boss, you wanted to go on your own,” laughed Guo Ran.

Gu Yang said, “Boss, how could you want to leave us behind? You don’t think we’re brothers?”

“Brother Long, for you to go fight without me, does it mean you don’t want me any longer?” asked Wilde, hurt.

“Fuck, what does that have to do with anything?” Long Chen was speechless. “This time, I’m not going to fight.”

“Not going to fight? Then what are you doing? To talk about your feelings? Who would believe you?” asked Guo Ran.

“I’m going to get revenge.”

“Then how is that not going to fight?”

“That’s not the same. This time, the scale is going to be rather large, and if you went, you wouldn’t be able to help. Instead, you’d hold me back,” said Long Chen.

“Are you telling the truth?” asked Guo Ran suspiciously.

“When have I ever tricked you?”

“Boss, what is going on?” Guo Ran still didn’t understand.

“Don’t ask so many questions. Just hurry up and scram. Just wait for the news. Remember, don’t tell anyone I’m leaving. If anyone asks where I am during this time, just say I’m in seclusion,” said Long Chen.

Hearing how solemn Long Chen was, they knew he was planning something. They hastily nodded.

Once Guo Ran, Wilde, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Gu Yang left, Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. 

Now, Long Chen summoned Little Snow, and taking advantage of the darkness of the night, he rushed directly towards the Wind Spirit Pavilion.

Within the Wind Spirit Pavilion, there were over ten Xiantian Elders standing together, not daring to say a single word. In front of them, the pavilion master’s expression was exceedingly ugly.

“Third Elder, you’re sure you poisoned that slut with the Thousand Star Devouring Soul Poison?” asked the pavilion master icily.

“I’m absolutely sure. And I definitely used enough. There certainly wasn’t any mistake.” The Elder who had gone to bring Meng Qi out of custody spoke, his voice extremely silent from fear.

“Definitely enough? Certainly no mistake? Then tell me, why is that even up to now, Meng Qi’s soul tablet hasn’t broken?!” roared the pavilion master, pointing towards a jade tablet.

The Wind Spirit Pavilion’s disciples were all soul cultivators, and all the stronger disciples were made a soul tablet by the Wind Spirit Pavilion. Once the disciple died, that soul tablet would also break, no matter how far apart they were. It was extremely magical.

Back when Feng Xiao-zi had died in the secret realm, his soul tablet had broken, infuriating the entire Wind Spirit Pavilion. They had moved out in full force to their entrance of the secret realm. As a result, Meng Qi lost any chance of escaping from them when she left the secret realm.

Right now, the Third Elder was clenching his teeth. According to how much poison he had given Meng Qi, she should have already died.

However, this jade tablet was still completely fine. If the Third Elder hadn’t followed him for so long, the pavilion master would definitely suspect he had betrayed him.

“Perhaps Long Chen has some ability to temporarily suppress the poison. But you also know that this poison targets the soul, and there’s no medicine that can cure it,” said the Third Elder.

The pavilion master nodded. He had a great understanding of just how terrifying the Thousand Star Devouring Soul Poison was. It was specialized in targeting soul cultivators. It was a poison that activated slowly. There wasn’t any way to sense it at the beginning when a person was poisoned.

By the time the poison erupted, it would take a person’s life in just a few breaths’ time. It was only because Meng Qi had been lucky that Ling Yunzi had been passing by and had heard Tang Wan-er’s cry, thus saving her from death.

That was also why the pavilion master suspected the Third Elder. The Thousand Star Devouring Soul Poison killed its target almost as soon as the poison activated. There was usually no time to save such a person.

“Hmph, the Xuantian Supermonastery really is intolerable. Their monastery head personally came here. Was it to establish her prestige?

“Our Wind Spirit Pavilion has been standing for thousands of years, and we aren’t so easy to bully. This time, it’ll count as giving them a lesson. My Wind Spirit Pavilion isn’t something anyone can take advantage of,” said the pavilion master through clenched teeth.

Although the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s inheritance didn’t stretch back as far as the Xuantian Supermonastery’s, they were all soul cultivators, making them incredibly powerful. Over these years, there had been practically no one who dared provoke them, causing their desires to inflate boundlessly.

In fact, they even had some intentions of standing on the same level as the supreme sects. They had been thinking of using Meng Qi and Feng Xiao-zi to stand out in the secret realm’s Righteous and Corrupt battle, shocking the seven prefectures, making their Wind Spirit Pavilion’s name resound loudly.

However, their name didn’t resound, and of their two greatest hopes, one had died and one had left, almost driving the pavilion master mad.

That was why he hated Meng Qi to the bone. If he hadn’t cared about her talent, he would have killed her.

But after crippling her soul root, all her soul energy would rest within her mind-sea and would be passed on to the next generation. That had been his extremely malicious thoughts.

But before he could implement this plan, Long Chen had destroyed their Feng family’s ancestral statue, almost cutting down the entire Wind Spirit Pavilion and had almost ended up killing his other son.

The pavilion master had only had two sons. Feng Xiaoyun’s battle strength was just slightly inferior to his big brother’s, making him extremely strong.

However, the Jiuli secret realm was extremely dangerous, and it was possible for anyone to die. The pavilion master hadn’t wanted to place all his eggs in the same basket, as that was dangerous.

It had been precisely because he had been smart that he had managed to protect his Feng family’s bloodline back then. Now, he was just glaring at the jade tablet in front of him, waiting for it to shatter.

They didn’t know that as they all stared at this jade tablet, a death god was stealthily approaching their Wind Spirit Pavilion.

Long Chen looked at the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s buildings from a distance. He suddenly waved a hand, and a huge blue ball appeared.

“Little Snow, prepare yourself. Our target is that plaza in the center. We’ll raze the Wind Spirit Pavilion to the ground.”

Little Snow roared and spat out a huge ball of wind blades. It wrapped around Long Chen’s flame ball. It was like a shooting star as it went flying straight towards the center of the Wind Spirit Pavilion.

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