Chapter 484 Big Business

Within a private room, Long Chen, Zheng Wenlong, and that Elder from the Huayun Sect were sitting and drinking tea. From Zheng Wenlong’s introduction, Long Chen learned that the Elder’s name was Old Qian.[1]

After a simple introduction, Long Chen got straight to the point. “Within the secret realm and also now in the monastery, the only reason I was able to avoid disaster was because of brother Zheng’s assistance. I will definitely remember this favor.” 

“You’re too courteous, Long Chen. In truth, we were simply extras. Even if we hadn’t been present, with monastery head Shui, you would have been fine.” Zheng Wenlong shook his head.

Zheng Wenlong was also a magnanimous person. This time, he had truly been just an extra. Everything had been within Shui Wuhen’s control.

“No matter what, I still owe you. After all, the Huayun Sect sacrificed quite a few disciples. That truly makes me ashamed,” said Long Chen apologetically.

Within the secret realm, dozens of Huayun Sect disciples had been killed. That made Long Chen deeply apologetic, as death always brought pain with it.

Old Qian, who hadn’t said anything up to this point, finally opened his mouth. “To do business is to risk danger. Within this world, there is no business that is risk-free. You don’t need to feel ashamed. Under little Wenlong’s arrangements, the families of those disciples that died will all be looked after. They’ll never go cold or hungry.”

Hearing that, Long Chen felt great reverence for the Huayun Sect. Perhaps they were the sect that valued emotions the most.

In other sects, when people died, not only was there no compensation, but even their remains might not necessarily be sent back to their families. 

The worst thing was that when some disciples died, if their families were too weak, their wealth would be directly snatched by others. In fact, sometimes they would even be killed for their treasures.

Compared to those sects, the members of Huayun Sect, who only ever spoke of business, were practically saints.

“Then since you’re both businessmen, I won’t argue. Let’s talk about cooperating. I have some medicinal sprouts I want to get rid of. At the same time, I need to buy a large quantity of medicinal ingredients. I’ll need brother Zheng’s help.” said Long Chen.

As soon as the conversation moved to business, Zheng Wenlong and Old Qian’s eyes both lit up. Sitting up straight, Zheng Wenlong asked, “How many types of medicinal sprouts do you have? And what quality and quantity of each?”

“I have a lot. As for the lower tier or common medicinal ingredients, there’s no need to include them, as there’s little profit. In terms of the more precious medicinal sprouts I have, or ones that have nearly gone extinct in the world, I have over a hundred. I should be able to offer you a hundred of each of them,” said Long Chen.

“That many?” Both Zheng Wenlong and Old Qian were shocked.

Medicinal sprouts were not the same as medicinal ingredients. That term signified that the medicinal ingredients he was referring to were alive. That made them over a thousand times more valuable than regular medicinal ingredients.

Furthermore, he said he had over a hundred kinds of them and could offer a hundred of each. That was too shocking. Even they, who commonly did big business, were stunned.

“You don’t need to find it curious. These medicinal ingredients mostly came from plundering.” Long Chen laughed.

Long Chen was entirely right. Within the secret realm, he had killed countless people. Even just the spatial rings of the top experts made his rewards shocking.

Those peak experts were all much prouder, and they didn’t keep ordinary items in their spatial rings. Everything they had was the best, and so the medicinal ingredients they had were the best. After those withered ingredients were planted in the primal chaos space, they could be turned into medicinal sprouts.

“Brother Zheng, you have a life ring, right?”

“Yes.” As a businessman, he naturally was prepared.

“Good. Then I will take out the medicinal ingredients one by one for you to register.” Saying this, Long Chen began to take out items from his life ring.

In truth, that was false. Long Chen was directly summoning them from his primal chaos space. He had no choice but to be careful, as its abilities were too heaven-defying, and he couldn’t allow others to learn about it.

“Amazing. Sevenstar Grass, Southern Sky Flower, Nine Leaf Lotus…” Old Qian’s eyes shone as he watched Long Chen take out precious medicines one after another.

These were mostly fifth tier precious medicines used for refining fifth tier medicinal pills. Furthermore, just as Long Chen had said, these were all mostly extinct in the outside world. Let alone living ones, just dried up versions were incredibly difficult to find.

Long Chen had taken out a total of one hundred and seven medicinal ingredients. Ninety-three of them had been fifth tier ingredients, while fourteen of them had been sixth tier ingredients. Those were used to refine medicinal pills used by Xiantian experts! They were absolutely priceless.

Some of them were even medicinal ingredients that Old Qian didn’t recognize. It was Long Chen who told them what they were, and he would have to go through some ancient records once he got back before selling them.

“Hahaha, big business, definitely big business!” laughed Old Qian. Even those wrinkles on his face lessened greatly, making him appear a decade younger.

Zheng Wenlong was also ecstatic. “Brother Long, if you sell all these medicinal sprouts, you would definitely have enough resources to create your own first-rate power.”

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Then I’ll let brother Zheng handle these things.”

“Don’t worry, brother Long, there definitely won’t be any problem.” Zheng Wenlong patted himself on the chest, also feeling moved inside.

Long Chen was handing this much wealth to him, expressing that he had absolute confidence in him.

“Speaking of which, we conduct business through spirit stones, so after gradually selling these medicinal ingredients off and deducting the normal service charge, we can send you a large amount of spirit stones,” said Zheng Wenlong.

That was because in accordance with the Business Dao, only rare things had value. If they took out these many medicinal sprouts and sold them all at once, their profits would shrink.

They would definitely have to split them up and auction them over time. Furthermore, small auctions didn’t have the ability to auction off such precious medicinal sprouts, as there was limited purchasing power there. So they definitely needed to come up with a plan first.

“You don’t need to send them here. Keep the money with yourself. Other than that, here’s a list. Help me buy the medicinal ingredients on it. You can just directly subtract the cost from the profit of the medicinal sprouts. Once you find them, you can directly send them over,” said Long Chen, handing over a list.

On that list were many medicinal ingredients. Many of those were ones Zheng Wenlong and Old Qian had never heard of.

As for the ones they did recognize, they caused them to suck in a cold gasp of air. Many of those were items that basically only existed in legends. Very, very few people had ever even seen them.

Such things were all astronomically expensive. It was no wonder Long Chen said there was no need to send him spirit stones.

As for why Long Chen wanted these medicinal ingredients, they didn’t ask. In any case, whether Long Chen was selling or buying, the Huayun Sect would still get profit.

Furthermore, considering what level of buying and selling Long Chen was planning, their profit would definitely be exceedingly bountiful. That made Zheng Wenlong ecstatic.

He had never imagined Long Chen would bring him so much profit this quickly. This way, he was no longer under so much pressure, and he could quickly get a large sum of money to give financial support to the families of the disciples who had died.

On the other hand, a large portion of that profit would be his own, and he could use it to buy medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, and various other treasures that would increase his own strength.

In the Huayun Sect, there was a certain saying: the amount of wealth you had, determined how far you could walk on the cultivation path. 

“The cooperation this time is just the beginning. In the future, there will be many things I’ll need brother Zheng’s help with. This is just a small gift for you. You can consider it a bribe.” Long Chen laughed, handing Zheng Wenlong a jade case.

“Brother Long, you’re too courteous, there’s no need… what?!” Zheng Wenlong opened the case and couldn’t help letting out a startled cry.

“Qilin Fruit!” Even Old Qian cried out in shock. 

The two of them were both businessmen, and their strongest point was their eyesight, the ability to appraise the value of various treasures.

The Qilin Fruit was a heaven-defying treasure capable of upgrading a person’s Spirit Root. It was something they had only seen in ancient records.

“Brother Long, this is too precious!” Zheng Wenlong didn’t know what to do. This was something cultivators would dream of obtaining. It was effective on anyone within the Xiantian realm.

“Don’t decline, brother Zheng. Didn’t you say the greatest investment a person could make was an emotional investment? Well then, this can be considered my investment in our relationship. This cooperation will also bring me great assistance, and so this is just a symbol of my sincerity,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, then I’ll accept it.” Zheng Wenlong gratefully and very carefully put away the Qilin Fruit.

This was a treasure that money could not buy. Once he returned to his sect, he could invite a master alchemist to refine it into a medicinal pill. That would bring him endless benefit.

After talking a bit longer with the two of them, Zheng Wenlong left behind his address and left with Old Qian.

Time was precious to businessmen. Each breath they took was money. It could be said Zheng Wenlong was in a race against time. The Jiuli secret realm had just closed, and many treasures were circulating around now. However, some sects didn’t dare reveal their treasures so quickly, afraid others would place their intentions on them.

In the past, it was always years before they gradually began to reveal the treasures they had obtained from the secret realm. But this time wasn’t the same. The large sects had all suffered immense casualties and were on the verge of going berserk.

As for the smaller sects, they had obtained treasures, but they didn’t dare reveal them. If Zheng Wenlong didn’t use this time properly, he wouldn’t get any profit. But then if he didn’t know how to use the medicinal sprouts Long Chen had just provided him, he really wouldn’t be Zheng Wenlong.

However, when he returned, there were many things he needed to set up. For the large enough auctions, they needed a great deal of promotion first in order to draw enough people.

These medicinal sprouts would mostly be sold to sects, and those sects all had their own medicinal fields. That was why they would be willing to spend such a large amount on medicinal sprouts.

No matter how much they spent, they would get that profit back in a few decades. Then with continual breeding, it would be a continuous flow of profit.

After sending them off, a disciple ran over with an extremely grave expression. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, something’s happened to senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi!”

[1] Qian as in the character for money.

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