Chapter 483 Soul Seed

Once Shui Wuhen brought Long Chen and Meng Qi to the first monastery, she gave Long Chen a few warnings before leaving.

Meng Qi’s soul root had been destroyed. That was something even she had no way to fix, as Shui Wuhen was not a soul cultivator. Seeing that Long Chen seemed to have many things to do, she let Long Chen decide what he wanted to do about this.

When Long Chen arrived in front of everyone, carrying Meng Qi on his back, they all clenched their teeth. Meng Qi, who had been like an immortal fairy, had now been tormented into her current state. Despite the fact that she was a young woman, the Wind Spirit Pavilion had not held back at all in terms of viciousness.

Long Chen set up a residence for Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er also came to help. Once they were set up, she deliberately left to give the two of them time to be alone.

“Long Chen, I’m already a cripple. Will you not want me anymore?” Meng Qi leaned against Long Chen, hugging him closely.

“Do you think that’s possible? You’re my fiancée, and I’ll look after you for a lifetime.” Long Chen was filled with tenderness as he embraced her soft waist.

Meng Qi smiled, her smile like a flower blossoming, and her eyes filled with happiness. She caressed Long Chen’s cheek. “Do you really not hate me even a bit for what I did to you in the Phoenix Cry Empire?”

She was referring to how she had gone to withdraw from their marriage agreement. Meng Qi had always been brooding about that matter.

Even just saying that, Meng Qi began to cry. Perhaps it was due to losing her cultivation base, but Meng Qi’s heart had become even weaker now, and her emotions affected her more than usual.

“Fang-er already explained to me that you were helpless about that. You had no choice,” said Long Chen.

“That’s not entirely true. In the beginning, I really did feel a bit of aversion towards this marriage agreement. I had never seen you before, and I really didn’t want to marry a stranger.

“But then when I joined the Wind Spirit Pavilion, when they learned I had a fiancé, they actually wanted to kill you. At that time, I felt you were completely innocent and didn’t want you to be implicated. So before they did anything, I took the initiative to find you.

“However, then when I saw how difficult your circumstances were in the Phoenix Cry capital, I really didn’t know how I was supposed to say anything.

“In the end, on Sunset Mountain, I finally heartlessly withdrew from our marriage agreement. But instead of hating me, you actually looked after me, consoling me. Long Chen, why are you such a fool? I hurt you, but you treat me so well.” Meng Qi tightly clung to Long Chen, bursting into tears.

Long Chen also tightly held her, involuntarily feeling a bit proud. Back then, he really had been too brilliant. He had managed to capture Meng Qi’s heart.

When Long Chen did things, he always relied on his feelings. Back when he had first seen Meng Qi, he had felt that Meng Qi was an extremely kindhearted woman, and so his methods back then really had been effective.

Holding this beautiful woman in his arms, Long Chen was filled with emotion. He didn’t feel that his methods had been vile. If you loved a person, then you should love them with your entire being, and you should be willing to do anything for them. Who cared about a bit of infamy?

“You don’t need to be worried, Meng Qi. Although your soul root was destroyed, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no way for you to cultivate,” consoled Long Chen, rubbing her back.

Meng Qi straightened her body, looking at Long Chen. “You want me to walk the ordinary cultivation path?”

Long Chen shook his head. “Of course not. Your body isn’t suited to any other cultivation path other than soul cultivation. Even if you tried, your accomplishments would be extremely limited. What I was talking about was to help you rebuild a soul root, reactivating your Spiritual Strength, and then you can continue being a grand Beast Tamer.”

“But that’s impossible.” 

“There’s nothing in this world that’s impossible. Close your eyes.” Long Chen touched his forehead to Meng Qi’s forehead.

His Spiritual Strength gently circulated and entered her mind-sea. The two of their Spiritual Strengths connected.

Within Meng Qi’s mind-sea, the ball of core source qi in her body had already scattered. It had been personally destroyed by the Wind Spirit Pavilion master.

Once this source qi was destroyed, her mind-sea was like a human that had lost consciousness. She lost control over her Spiritual Strength.

As Long Chen poured in his Spiritual Strength, their minds connected, and through his Spiritual Strength, Meng Qi was able to glance into Long Chen’s mind-sea.

“You… your mind-sea, how is it so enormous?!” Meng Qi couldn’t help being astonished.

For ordinary soul cultivators, their mind-seas would not be greater than three hundred meters wide at the Bone Forging realm. Six hundred meters would mark them as a genius.

Meng Qi was exceptionally talented, and her mind-sea was three thousand meters wide. That was even larger than geniuses like Feng Xiao-zi and Feng Xiaoyun, whose mind-seas had been vastly improved with greater resources than her.

It was precisely because the Wind Spirit Pavilion master had taken note of Meng Qi’s talent that he had kept her alive.

But Meng Qi was astonished to find that Long Chen’s mind-sea truly was like an ocean and practically boundless. It had to be measured in the hundreds of miles. In comparison, her own mind-sea was truly too minute.

“You saw it?” Long Chen smiled slightly. “Your body is too weak right now. But once you recover, I will use my Spiritual Strength to condense a new soul seed for you. Once the soul seed is planted in your mind-sea, it will become your new soul root. At that time, you’ll quickly recover, and furthermore, you’ll reach an even higher level than before.”

In truth, Long Chen’s mind-sea had been around the same size as Meng Qi’s originally. But after merging with the primal chaos bead, his mind-sea had explosively grown, and even Long Chen didn’t know what was going on.

“But that would cause immense damage to your soul.” Meng Qi shook her head.

To use your own Spiritual Strength to condense a soul seed for someone else would come at an immense cost, and there was even danger that your soul root’s quality would permanently decline.

“You’re my woman. I can do anything for you, so you don’t need to decline. Don’t worry, I have a method that will ensure I don’t suffer any harm,” said Long Chen.

Currently, Long Chen had reached an even deeper understanding of the primal chaos bead. With the primal chaos bead, his body, spiritual qi, and soul energy were all being nourished.

That was different from ordinary cultivation. The energy the primal chaos bead offered him could transform into any energy he needed and was capable of benefiting his mind, qi, and soul. So Long Chen didn’t need to worry about his soul degrading.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen with tenderness. Long Chen looked back at her.

The two of them slowly approached. Their lips touched. Both of them shook as if a bolt of lightning was coursing through their bodies. A tender and blessed feeling filled their hearts.

After some unknown time, the two of them finally parted. Meng Qi was deeply asleep, and her mouth still held a happy smile, beautiful beyond compare.

Long Chen slowly rested Meng Qi on the couch and gently covered her with a blanket. He also placed a pillow under her head for her to sleep comfortably.

Seeing that sweet face as it slept, Long Chen was filled with tenderness. Meng Qi really had suffered in the past few days.

Thinking of the Wind Spirit Pavilion, killing intent surged within Long Chen’s eyes. For them to treat a kindhearted woman like this, they really were not even human.

“Don’t let me find a chance, or I’ll exterminate all of you brutes…”

Meng Qi’s external injuries were now healed. But her body had been weakened greatly in the past few days, and she would need to rest.

Those days, she had always been filled with terror and nervousness. Now that she relaxed, she slept deeply. She should be recovered by the time she woke up.

Long Chen quietly left her room. As soon as he stepped outside, he saw Tang Wan-er standing by the entrance, looking at him oddly.

“Do you not know how to be embarrassed?” After saying that, Tang Wan-er blushed, obviously having guessed what Long Chen had done inside.

She had only just finished speaking when an arm wrapped around her waist. She was just about to make a sound, but she didn’t.

Long Chen was firmly kissing her, all the way until she felt like she was about to faint. Only when she began to beat on his chest did he let go.

“Alright, this way no one needs to be embarrassed,” laughed Long Chen.

“Shameless scoundrel.”

Tang Wan-er was as red as an apple, both embarrassed and angry. Seeing Long Chen smiling at her, she had an urge to dig a hole and bury herself.

“I’m ignoring you. I’ll look after sister Meng Qi.” Tang Wan-er couldn’t bear Long Chen’s teasing gaze and quickly went into Meng Qi’s room, locking the door firmly.

“Everyone’s adults, so there’s no need to be so shy. You should learn from me. Look, I’m not embarrassed at all!” teased Long Chen.

The door to the room opened a crack, and Tang Wan-er revealed half her face, clenching her teeth. “You rotten scoundrel, your skin is thicker than a city wall. Just wait, I’ll definitely report that you bullied me to sister Meng Qi.”

“Alright, then I’ll just say some person was feeling jealous and unable to bear seeing me kiss another, so she forced me to kiss her as well.

“Perhaps the angle and strength had some flaws, as a result, being dissatisfied with my technique, she went to someone else to complain. Hey, hey, let’s not fight!”

Long Chen ran away. Thinking of how Tang Wan-er had seemed just like a tigress furiously glaring at him, he laughed.

At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling emotional. This was what life should be. Accompanying his brothers to drink every day, along with teasing some beautiful woman. He wouldn’t trade such days even for the chance to become a god.

Unfortunately, times like these were too rare. He had so much trouble around him. Although Shui Wuhen had said the Pill Tower didn’t have an aboveboard reason to target him, what about targeting him in secret?

Furthermore, he had killed a disciple from the so-called Heaven Splitting Divine Sect. He had no idea whether that matter would reach their ears.

Not to mention, he had also caused the Corrupt path to suffer heavy losses. Their army had almost been entirely annihilated this time. He had no idea what kind of award they were planning on bestowing him.

Thinking of these things, Long Chen had a huge headache. Right now, he urgently needed to increase his strength.

But first, he had a certain matter that he had to deal with no matter what. He went straight towards where Zheng Wenlong was staying.

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