Chapter 4823 Devil Fall City (Teaser)

“You graverobbing bastard, I’ll cut off your dog head today!”

An exceptionally tall and muscular bald man roared the moment he saw Mo Nian. Despite looking human, he possessed intense flame fluctuations, and his Blood Qi fluctuations were also different. Long Chen deduced that he was not human. 

The way this bald man gazed at Mo Nian was filled with deep-seated animosity, as though Mo Nian were the one killing his father. With a battle-ax in his hand, his Doyen power erupted, showing that he was a powerful nine star Heavenly Doyen.

He immediately attacked with his full power, clearly hating Mo Nian to the bone. However, he also knew how powerful Mo Nian was, so he was vigilant.

Tch, with your power, you aren’t qualified to fight me. If I use a single...

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