Chapter 481 Kill His Way Into the Wind Spirit Pavilion

“I would have thought that you’d want to thank me.” Seeing that Long Chen didn’t say anything after a long time, Shui Wuhen finally broke the silence.

Within the huge plaza, only the two of them were present. The atmosphere was slightly heavy because from the start, Long Chen had only just been staring into the distance silently.

“If someone should be thanking someone, it should be you thanking me, right?” Long Chen smiled slightly.

“Oh? Why is that?”

“If I tell the truth, will I end up being killed to keep me quiet?” Long Chen looked at Shui Wuhen.

Although in terms of age, Shui Wuhen was old enough to be his grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother, her youthful appearance made others forget her age.

If it weren’t for a certain look in her eyes that said she had experienced all the vicissitudes of life, others might really think she was a simple and pure maiden.

“You can speak. I’m not so intolerant.” Shui Wuhen smiled ever so slightly. She had a strange feeling when she looked at Long Chen, as the intelligence he had displayed did not match up to his age.

If she hadn’t sensed that his soul fluctuations matched his spiritual qi fluctuations, she would definitely suspect he had been possessed by some old demon.

“There are two reasons I don’t need to thank you. The first one is that this chaotic situation with the first monastery was all caused by you.

“Previously, I didn’t really understand what was going on here. But from how furiously Zhou Qingyu was clenching her teeth when she left, I can tell she ended up falling for your trap.

“During all these years, you intentionally let her and her son work together, allowing them to turn the supermonastery into a state of turmoil and chaos. As for yourself, you just kept yourself in seclusion and paid no heed.

“But in truth, you were just waiting for a chance, a chance to catch them in a mistake, a chance to defeat Zhou Qingyu in a single move.

“Although I don’t know what relationship you have with Zhou Qingyu, I can guess both of you come from two separate large powers that compete with each other secretly.

“Most likely, she came to the supermonastery to keep watch over you, while you were always looking for a way to get rid of her. You feigned weakness, intentionally giving all the authority to her, all to find a chance to crush her.

“In order to get rid of her, you let her turn the supermonastery into its current state. I wonder just how many people ended up becoming sacrifices because of this little game of yours. And so I don’t need to thank you.

“As for myself, although I wasn’t a direct part of your game, due to what happened, I ended up affected indirectly. It could even be said I have a right to hate you, as I was just a single chess piece in your hand,” said Long Chen, looking at Shui Wuhen expressionlessly.

Shui Wuhen was silent for a long while. In the end, she sighed, “I really wouldn’t have thought you’d be so perceptive at this age. Then let me ask you, do you hate me?”

Long Chen shook his head. “I don’t hate you. I also don’t need to hate you. Hate is the feeling of the weak.

“This matter can’t be blamed on you, because even if someone else was in your position, the result would probably be roughly the same. It would just be a different method.

“At the very least, your current position is extremely beneficial to me. And in truth, there is at least one thing that I have to thank you for. You didn’t wait until Zhou Qingyu killed all of us before appearing.

“Originally, in order for you to get the most profit, you should have waited until she had trapped herself into a corner before taking action. That way, she would definitely be given the death penalty.

“But today, although you managed to get rid of her for now, her crimes aren’t necessarily enough to warrant her death. So that means you still have a bit of benevolence at the bottom of your heart.”

Looking at this youth, Shui Wuhen was filled with shock. Long Chen was really too terrifying. With just a few clues, he had managed to deduce the rough situation, and his deduction was quite accurate.

That was especially true when he had said she should have waited until he and everyone else had been killed.

She truly had been thinking like that at the beginning. But in the end, she hadn’t been able to bear doing that and had gone out prematurely.

She sighed. “You’re right. I really was unable to just watch so many top geniuses be killed so young.”

Shui Wuhen had to admit, when it came to being ruthless, she was greatly lacking compared to Zhou Qingyu. Otherwise, she could have long since gotten rid of her.

“So I’ll still need to thank you for this,” said Long Chen.

“There’s no need for you to thank me. I saved you because you were all my supermonastery’s disciples. Only once you all grow up can you be useful to me.

“Currently, I’ve given the first monastery to you. As for how you plan on growing, that’ll be up to you. Originally, once you reached the Bone Forging realm, you should have been sent to the supermonastery to be raised.

“However, now you have the first monastery’s resources, which is enough for you to grow. Only the lower ranking monasteries have to send their disciples to the supermonastery. As for how you split up the resources, I won’t interfere.

“Right now, the monastery competition no longer has any meaning. Thanks to you, the supermonastery’s core strength has been greatly damaged. I can only place my hopes on the few of you.” When she said these last few sentences, Shui Wuhen’s expression became a bit odd.

Long Chen also felt slightly embarrassed. But that had been unavoidable. Who had asked them to try and take his life?

“As for the Yin family, you don’t need to be afraid of them. I can help you keep them at bay, and they won’t dare do anything to you as long as you are within the monastery. However, you also can’t be careless. It seems you’ve caused that girl to suffer quite miserably. Each time her poison flares up, she feels enough pain as to want to die. During those times, she ends up tearing at Han Tianyu with her teeth. Apparently, Han Tianyu ends up beaten black and blue each time,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Han Tianyu also went to the Yin family?”

“Yes. He has a few smarts. When Yin Wushuang was sent back to the Yin family, he knelt on the ground and swore in the face of all those Yin family members that he wished to marry Yin Wushuang, promising to look after her for a lifetime. Back then, he ended up moving quite a few of them, and so they permitted him to stay within the Yin family.

“But for some unknown reason, each time Yin Wushuang’s poison flares up, she’ll torment him as if her life depends on it. That puzzles her family members,” said Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen sneered inside, “Isn’t the reason simple? It was all deliberately set up by yours truly. Han Tianyu wanted me to kill Yin Wushuang, and Yin Wushuang wasn’t stupid enough to not see that. She saw through that immediately. How could she not hate him?”

In truth, that Thousand Heart Snow Lotus would only cause Yin Wushuang’s constant pain to become bursts of pain.

Each time the poison flared up, she would feel enough pain as to want to kill herself. And when she felt that pain, she would naturally find Han Tianyu displeasing and torment him.

With the Yin family’s arrogance, they wouldn’t help Han Tianyu avoid her. If Yin Wushuang wanted to torment him, then she could do as she pleased. The Yin family always looked down upon outsiders who married into their family.

Originally, Long Chen had been a bit worried about the two of them. Now hearing the two were so blessed, he was much more at ease.

“Long Chen, just what did you feed her? Why are countless pill cultivators completely helpless?”

“It was a mixture containing several hundred different poisons that complement each other. Based on the combination, there are thousands of different possible formulas that could be the antidote. But only one of them is right. If they give her the wrong one, she will immediately die, so they don’t dare take the risk,” explained Long Chen.

“You really are ruthless. You might be fine within the monastery, but when you go outside, you have to be careful. Ancient families are known for being hard to deal with,” warned Shui Wuhen.

“Yes,” nodded Long Chen.

“As for the Pill Tower, you don’t need to be worried. This time, they ended up committing a grave crime, drawing the Righteous path’s displeasure. Due to being in the wrong, they won’t be making any movements for now.”

Huo Wufang had gone too far this time. To publicly use the name of the Pill Tower to call the Righteous and Corrupt disciples to attack Long Chen, he had completely infuriated the Righteous path.

Thinking of Huo Wufang, Long Chen smiled coldly. Long Chen had fed him a poison that would adhere to his bones.

That poison had seeped into Huo Wufang’s bones, and soon as someone tried to heal them, it would immediately trigger the poison, filling him with pain.

Even if they didn’t try to heal his bones, that poison would still feel like countless knives stabbing his bones.

Furthermore, the Pill Tower would definitely give him some medicinal pills in an attempt to stop that pain. Those medicinal pills truly could stop Huo Wufang’s pain. That was because the poison would treat those medicinal pills as nourishment and focus on devouring them instead of Huo Wufang.

Once the pain-relieving pills were devoured, the poison would once more begin to gnaw on his bones; the poison would become even stronger after having consumed those pills, making him feel even more pain.

“Reporting to monastery head, there’s someone looking for boss Long Chen who says she’s from the Wind Spirit Pavilion!” Guo Ran hastily ran over.

Long Chen’s expression changed, and he was just about to say something when Shui Wuhen said, “You can go.”

“I’m truly sorry.” Long Chen cupped his fists and hastily followed Guo Ran down the mountain. Arriving at the gate, he saw a round-faced maiden pacing quickly back and forth.

Long Chen immediately recognized her to be the one from the secret realm who had asked Meng Qi to come back to them.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, please come and save senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi! She…” The maiden collapsed into tears.

Long Chen’s expression completely changed and he hastily asked, “What happened to Meng Qi?”

“Feng Xiao-zi’s death infuriated the pavilion master, and he had senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi imprisoned, as well as crippled her soul root. He wants her married off to Feng Xiao-zi’s little brother…”

From that maiden, they learned that from the start, the pavilion master had placed his sights on Meng Qi’s soul root, and thus prepared to have her married to Feng Xiao-zi. With their powerful soul energy, their children would definitely be peerless geniuses.

Originally, he had been planning on waiting until the two of them had reached the Xiantian realm before carrying that out. But he had never expected Feng Xiao-zi to die within the secret realm.

Furthermore, Meng Qi had betrayed the Wind Spirit Pavilion to side with Long Chen. That had completely infuriated him, and he had almost directly killed Meng Qi.

However, killing her was too wasteful. He would have his other son take the place of Feng Xiao-zi to marry Meng Qi. He would turn Meng Qi into a tool to birth his progeny.

Hearing this, Long Chen’s hair stood on end with fury. He asked for a map of the location of the Wind Spirit Pavilion from the maiden and was just about to kill his way into the Wind Spirit Pavilion.

“Boss, I’ll go gather our people,” said Guo Ran.

“There’s no need to go to that much trouble. I’ll go with you.”

Suddenly, Shui Wuhen appeared in front of Long Chen. Grabbing him with one hand, the two of them disappeared from their original location.

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