Chapter 480 Settling Accounts

“Now it’s time for us to properly settle our accounts.”

Shui Wuhen’s words caused quite a few people’s hearts to jump. Those people were the lackeys of the first monastery.

Sha Qitian, their strongest support, had been killed. They immediately had a bad feeling.

“You can all go to the law enforcement hall on your own and report your crimes. I’d advise you not to try and hide anything, as that will just send you to your deaths,” said Shui Wuhen.

Those people immediately turned ashen. This time they really might be doomed. The monastery head was planning on using them to display her power and to completely transform the supermonastery’s atmosphere.

Most importantly, of the people present, there wasn’t a single one that was completely free of sin. Over these years, they had committed quite a few crimes while following the first monastery.

However, there was one thing that let them stay calm: they could just push the blame to Sha Qitian. It was Sha Qitian who had forced them to do everything, and they had been helpless.

In any case, Sha Qitian was already dead, and the dead could not testify. By doing this, at the very least, they should be able to keep their lives. At the same time, they understood Shui Wuhen’s intentions.

She didn’t necessarily want their lives. Instead, she wanted them to pile all the guilt on Sha Qitian. That could count as a favor to them. Otherwise, if this was investigated carefully, then once all their vile crimes were uncovered, they wouldn’t be able to escape the death penalty.

Thinking of that relieved many of them. They bowed towards Shui Wuhen and then began traveling towards the supermonastery to report to the law enforcement hall.

“Hey, you old guys from the first monastery, wait a second!”

Guo Ran suddenly interrupted when he saw the three Xiantian experts of the first monastery were about to leave. “You old codgers, hand back my spatial ring!”

Guo Ran and the others’ spatial rings had been taken away by the first monastery when they had been captured. Just thinking of that enraged him. That spatial ring contained the treasures he had obtained in the secret realm, and most importantly, the thing he needed for his livelihood was in there as well.

“Uh… they were already all taken to the storehouse by sect leader Sha,” explained one of the Elders. “How about I go get them now?”

“No need,” said Shui Wuhen.

“But monastery head…!” Guo Ran became panicked upon hearing this. His forging table was his life.

Before he could say anymore, Long Chen pulled on him. He wanted to hear what Shui Wuhen was going to say. At the very least, she had always been slightly biased towards them. She probably wouldn’t try to keep their treasures selfishly.

“Gather all your first monastery’s disciples. First, tell them not to touch anything within the monastery, and that people who do will be killed without exception.

“Then leave and go to the 108th monastery. As I see it, you’ve all stayed here for too long and have gotten too used to it. Changing your environment will definitely benefit your mental and physical health. At the very least, it should get rid of some of your hot temper.

“As for the 108th monastery’s disciples, well, it seems quite a few of you have already come. Since you’ve come, there’s no need to leave. This place will be your new territory,” said Shui Wuhen.

Every person was astonished. The first monastery and the 108th monastery were being switched? She was treating this too lightly, wasn’t she?

“Monastery head, this is a bit inappropriate. The rankings are always decided on the strength of the disciples. This is too unfair,” said Zhao Yongchang.

He had long since set his sights on the first monastery’s position. Now that Sha Qitian had died, only the second monastery had the qualifications to take the place of the first monastery.

“Oh, is that so? Then it’s very simple. Pick out any disciples from any monastery and have them challenge Long Chen. If they win, the first monastery’s position will be yours,” said Shui Wuhen.

Zhao Yongchang turned green. Find a disciple to challenge Long Chen? That was definitely a joke. Even two Xiantian sect leaders had been killed by Long Chen. Who would dare challenge him?

Zhao Yongchang had an urge to slap himself. However, he was quite the sly fellow, and he smiled and cupped his fists at Ling Yunzi. “Then congratulations, brother Ling. You’ve become the youngest sect leader of the first monastery.”

“Brother Zhao, you’re too courteous. Unfortunately, our sect leader is injured right now and can’t reply, so let this junior brother take his place. Brother Zhao, you really are an amazing person and a great ally! You’re actually the first to come congratulate us!” Guo Ran walked up and cupped his fists to Zhao Yongchang.

Zhao Yongchang went from green to black. He, a grand sect leader, was being called a brother by a disciple. That was absolutely humiliating.

Furthermore, when Guo Ran had called him an ‘ally’, he had raised his voice extra loud, filling it with disdain and contempt, pointing toward how he had fled as soon as it had become dangerous but had come to suck up as soon as it was beneficial.

Looking at Zhao Yongchang who was holding back a stomach full of anger, Shui Wuhen couldn’t help but find it funny. At the same time, she truly found that Long Chen’s group was very interesting. They were definitely all marvels unafraid of anything.

Ignoring everything else, just the fact that they had dared take out their weapons against that mysterious woman was enough to impress her immensely. Even she had been completely suppressed by her aura. It really must be nice to be young.

“You can all disperse now. The first monastery still has other guests they have to receive, so don’t create more trouble here,” said Shui Wuhen.

Now, the masters of the first monastery had changed. As for the old members of the first monastery, they had no choice but to go to their new home. But thinking of this new home made them feel as terrible as if their parents had just died.

First place had immediately become last. That result was hard to accept for them. Some of them even noiselessly sobbed.

The first monastery obtained all the best resources. But as for the 108th monastery… Well, that truly was like falling from being emperors to being beggars.

As some people cried silent tears, others were filled with excitement. Guo Ran and the others were all cheering loudly.

“I want a whole region to myself!” roared Guo Ran.

The first monastery had had a hundred thousand disciples. But the 108th monastery’s disciples were numbered in the hundreds. It truly was possible for one person to take a large region for themselves.

As the 108th monastery’s disciples cheered, even Ling Yunzi was extremely moved. Master, can you see this? We’re number one now.

That had been Ling Yunzi’s mission this entire time. Although it wasn’t him who had accomplished it, Long Chen was still his disciple. This accomplishment was still his. A pressure that had been resting on his heart had finally been lifted.

“Aiya.” Mo Yunshan suddenly sighed, surprising people.

Shui Wuhen asked, “For you to sigh, do you feel there was some flaw with how I handled this matter?”

Mo Yunshan shook his head. “It’s not that there are flaws, but that it was really too perfect. So perfect that I can’t find anything to nitpick about. It’s because it was so perfect that I have to sigh.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you handled this so perfectly, there’s no way for me to bring Long Chen back to Mo Gate. Originally, my old man wanted me to bring this little fellow back with me. He said he really wanted to know what kind of person his grandson’s first friend was like. This time, it seems I’ll end up being scolded by the old man,” sighed Mo Yunshan. Thinking of his father’s temperament, he felt a headache coming.

That old man’s temperament was legendary. All he cared about was the result, and if he didn’t like the result, he would always curse you first before even asking for the reasons.

“Sigh, I even brought my old man’s clone jade tablet.” Mo Yunshan revealed a jade tablet in his hand.

“Hahaha, then let me thank old man Mo for his care of my disciples. In terms of age, old man Mo is even my senior, so please bring my regards back to him.” Shui Wuhen laughed.

“Ah, that’s enough. I didn’t even get to have a fight. Let’s go back. Little fellow, do you want to play around for a few days first, or do you want to come with me?” Mo Yunshan asked Mo Nian.

Mo Nian truly did want to stay for a few days. But when he looked at Long Chen, he shook his head. “It’s fine. Let’s go. I want to learn our family’s ancestral Battle Skills. Long Chen is really too abnormal. If I don’t work harder, I’ll be thrown off by him.”

When he had first arrived here, he had seen two lumps of flesh under Long Chen’s feet. The pressure coming from that flesh clearly marked them as Xiantian experts. That had given Mo Nian a huge impact. Long Chen’s growth rate was too abnormal.

Previously, it had always been he who threw others far behind him. Now, he was in danger of Long Chen doing the same to him. That gave him a sensation of crisis. He definitely didn’t want to have to be protected by others.

“Not bad. Could it be that you've finally learned to be hardworking? Long Chen, your uncle Mo is leaving now. When you have time, come to Mo Gate. No matter at what time, Mo Gate will always be a second home to you.” Mo Yunshan patted Long Chen on the shoulder, his expression earnest.

“I’ll definitely come.” Long Chen nodded. From the bottom of his heart, Long Chen felt extremely close to Mo Nian and his father. They truly felt like a family to him.

“Yao-er, we should also go. Once we get back, I’ll impart the first volume of the Skywood Sacred Canon to you. With your talent, you’ll definitely soar like a shooting star. Say goodbye to your boyfriend,” smiled Li Qiuyue.

At this point, Li Qiuyue seemed like a benevolent mother, gently caressing Chu Yao’s cheeks dotingly.

“Then I’ll be going now, Long Chen.” Chu Yao held Long Chen’s hand, reluctant to part.

Long Chen also didn’t want to part. But in the end, he still had to watch as Chu Yao left. He couldn’t help feeling somewhat sour inside. Separating was always an extremely painful choice.

“Brother Long, should we leave or…?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“Brother Zheng, you and your senior shouldn’t rush off so soon. In a bit, I’ll definitely have some things to discuss with you. If it’s alright, please stay for a few days,” said Long Chen. He truly did have some things to discuss.

However, Shui Wuhen had continued waiting around all this time. It was obvious she still had things to say. However, the fact she hadn’t said them yet meant it was inconvenient for her to say them in this situation.

Mo Yunshan and Li Qiuyue had both noticed that, which was why they had directly said their goodbyes. Zheng Wenlong nodded and supported the old man away, finding a place for them to rest.

Tu Fang now sent some disciples back to inform the people who had remained in the 108th monastery. It was time to move homes, and there was plenty of work to do. The first monastery was too huge, and just making an inventory of what was here would require a while. 

“Monastery head, uncle-master and I are a bit unwell and need to find a place to rest.” Ling Yunzi and Cang Ming were already fully recovered thanks to Li Qiuyue. This was just an excuse to leave.

At the same time, Guo Ran, Tang Wan-er and the others also exchanged glances and left. The only ones left were Long Chen and Shui Wuhen.

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