Chapter 478 Monastery Head

“Monastery head!”

The Xuantian Supermonastery’s sect leaders and Elders all let out startled cries and bowed.

The person who had appeared was an extremely beautiful woman who only looked to be around twenty-five or twenty-six years old. She wore a green dress, and she was so beautiful, her face was like a painting.

However, a powerful pressure came from her, and there were two huge wings on her back. Floating up in the sky, she was truly like an immortal who had descended upon the earth.

As soon as she appeared, the entire world seemed to tremble, as if she was beginning to merge with it.

She was smiling, her smile like a flower in bloom, beautiful beyond compare. But an icy light shone in her eyes.

“Zhou Qingyu, you really are amazing. Are you planning on bringing down the entire first monastery? Oh, I understand. You dislike the look of your son’s monastery and so you want to bring it down to build a bigger one, right?” She might be smiling, but her voice was filled with fury.

“Monastery head, let me explain-”

“There’s no need to explain. Zhou Qingyu, although I was in seclusion all these years, I know everything you’ve been up to.

“I was too lazy to bother with what you were doing since I was at a critical juncture in my seclusion, but I really did underestimate you. For a selfish matter, you actually wanted to kill this many geniuses.

“In truth, I already came out of seclusion half a month ago, so I personally saw everything you’ve done. The reason I didn’t say anything was because I was very curious just how selfish a person could be.

“I never expected you to teach me that a person’s evil desires really are boundless. From you, I see the most shameless and contemptible aspects of the entire Righteous path. Good, very good!” said that woman.

What no one had expected was for the powerful Zhou Qingyu to actually immediately kneel down on the ground and beg, “Monastery head, I was just confused for a while. I was poisoned by my unfilial son, which caused me to make such foolish decisions. Monastery head, please forgive me. My Zhou family will definitely be deeply grateful.”

Now everyone was truly dumbfounded. They had never imagined Zhou Qingyu would kneel and begin weeping bitter tears.

Furthermore, Sha Qitian’s expression completely changed. At this time, his mother had actually pushed all the responsibility onto him, and his heart turned cold.

“Since you are the assistant monastery head, I only have the authority to record your mistakes. As for your punishment, it will be decided by the Dao Sect’s enforcement hall. 

“I’ve already reported everything that has happened here to the enforcement hall. As for what they’ll decide to do, it’ll be up to your luck.” That woman shook her head.

“Shui Wuhen!”

Zhou Qingyu suddenly stood up and glared icily at the monastery head. Clenching her teeth, she raged, “You really schemed deeply this time! Good! This time, I, Zhou Qingyu, admit defeat. But don’t get too pleased. My Zhou family won’t leave it like this.”

Shui Wuhen waved her hand, and a spatial door opened in front of Zhou Qingyu. “Leave. If you have anything to say, say it to the enforcement hall’s Elders. They’ll definitely patiently listen to your story.”

Seeing this spatial door, a bit of despair appeared on Zhou Qingyu’s face, but clenching her teeth, she entered.

Her body disappeared from everyone’s stunned gazes. The spatial gate also faded along with her.

“Sha Qitian, do you know your sins?” After sending off Zhou Qingyu, Shui Wuhen turned to her son.

Sha Qitian turned pale as paper, and he hastily knelt down, “Monastery head, please spare my life.”

Shui Wuhen shook her head and sighed. “I also want to spare your life. Unfortunately, I can’t. A person’s sins will always catch up to them sooner or later.”

With a wave of her hand, a pillar of light slammed into Sha Qitian’s body, and his body immediately exploded.

But what was shocking was that even after his body exploded, there was not the slightest bit of blood remaining. Instead, there was just some water residue.[1]

Long Chen’s heart almost leaped out of his body. This monastery head was truly terrifyingly powerful. That attack had clearly contained the aura of the water attribute. Somehow, when it had struck Sha Qitian, he had turned into water.

That was no longer within the classification of Battle Skills. Such an attack was simply called a magical technique, and it completely surpassed Long Chen’s current understanding.

The entire crowd was silent. No one had thought that this matter would end up alarming the monastery head who had been in seclusion for hundreds of years.

“Monastery head Shui, my Yin family won’t bother with you about your supermonastery’s internal affairs. However, I absolutely have to bring Long Chen away today.” Yin Qing frowned when she saw that Shui Wuhen had appeared, but she still put on a brave act.

“Oh? Why is that?” asked Shui Wuhen.

“Because Long Chen is shameless and contemptible. He poisoned one of my Yin family’s geniuses, and despite trying countless methods, the best my Yin family is capable of doing is keeping her just barely alive.

“Most hateful of all is that this bastard Long Chen actually lied, saying if we found a Thousand Heart Snow Lotus, we would be able to save her life.

“We paid a huge sum in order to obtain a Thousand Heart Snow Lotus, but Yin Wushuang still continues to suffer from the pain of ten thousand ants devouring her heart. It didn’t have any effect,” raged Yin Qing.

Long Chen snorted, “Idiot, how did I lie? Yin Wushuang only had seven days of life left to her, but she still hasn’t died now. How did I lie? Do you even have a head?”

“Bastard, right now she has to suffer day and night from incredible pain that’s even worse than death! How can that count as saving her life?”

“You’re the bastard! Has your head been trampled by a donkey? You can’t even understand words? My boss said that the Thousand Heart Snow Lotus could save her life. When did he ever say it could relieve the poison? Furthermore, that despicable woman is absolutely vicious and ended up causing many people to die. This is just her retribution. What are you so mad about?!” Guo Ran couldn’t hold back from cursing.

Beside him, Mo Nian clapped in praise towards his brilliant cursing. Guo Ran’s cursing truly was satisfying. 

“You’re courting death!” Yin Qing raged. When would she have ever suffered such humiliation? For a junior generation to curse her in the face like this almost made her explode.

“You’re the one courting death! If you keep being such a bitch and end up irritating uncle Mo, he’ll definitely kill you with a single arrow through the head!” Guo Ran stood behind Mo Yunshan, arrogantly cursing Yin Qing.

Mo Nian’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he raged at Mo Yunshan, “You damn dad, when you talk to me, you barely say a few sentences before just beating me. What, are you ruthless to children but a coward in public?

“You actually wasted this many words to an outsider? Just which one of us is your son? Am I your son? Or is she your son?”

Everyone’s expressions became odd. Were these two really father and son? Was there really a son who would say such things to his father in public?

“What absolute nonsense. Of course, you’re my son, or I’d have long since beaten you to death. Furthermore, are you blind? She’s a woman, and she’s even older than your old man. How am I supposed to give birth to her?” roared Mo Yunshan, giving Mo Nian a slap in the face.

Everyone’s expressions grew even odder. Were they really one family? Was there really a son like this? Was there really a father like this? The pair really were a marvel.

The solemn atmosphere became extremely strange due to their words. However, Yin Qing’s killing intent had boiled to a pinnacle.

But at the same time, she also didn’t dare attack. There were too many experts here, and she would definitely end up losing if she started a battle. She could only endure it for now and contemplate getting revenge later.

“Monastery head Shui! Don’t you feel like you should give my Yin family an explanation?!” demanded Yin Qing.

Shui Wuhen’s faint smile disappeared to be replaced with iciness. “Let me tell you a few things. First, you and I are not on the same level, so when you speak to me, be more respectful.

“Second, I, Shui Wuhen, don’t need to give anyone any explanation about anything, especially not to a little girl like you who has only reached the half-step Sea Expansion realm.

“Third, don’t think that just by using your family’s name you can rampantly run amok. Although I am just a single supermonastery’s monastery head, I am backed by the Xuantian Dao Sect. You ancient families don’t have the qualifications to suppress me, understand?”

Yin Qing’s face went from red to white. In the outside world, she could always do whatever she wanted. She had never received such a humiliation. But she also didn’t dare publicly challenge Shui Wuhen, because she would be able to crush her.

It was just as Shui Wuhen said. Although she was just a monastery head, behind her was the entire Xuantian Dao Sect, one of the cultivation world’s three heavenly sects. A single ancient family truly was nothing in front of such an enormous existence.

Ancient families might be able to be tyrannical in the rest of the cultivation world, but in front of the Xuantian Dao Sect, they still didn’t have the qualifications to be arrogant.

“Go back and tell your family exactly what I’ve said. This matter is a private matter of the Xuantian Dao Sect, and we don’t need them to stick their noses into it.

“Since you sent your disciple here as tempering, then you’ll have to comply with our rules. In other words, I have jurisdiction over everything.

“As for Yin Wushuang’s conduct, I’ve heard of what she has done. So, to settle this matter, I only have one phrase for you: she only has herself to blame.

“In this world, just having a strong background isn’t completely reliable. That is merely something your ancestors gave you, and it can disappear at any time.

“Your disciple committed outrageous sins here. Did she think that her background placed her above the law? Perhaps that would have been true in other sects, but it isn’t here. So, scram back to wherever you came from.” Shui Wuhen’s words were said indifferently, obviously disapproving of the Yin family’s conduct.

Yin Qing was completely enraged. It was clear Shui Wuhen was protecting Long Chen and refused to give the Yin family any recompense for this matter. Now, she would be unable to obtain Long Chen’s secrets, and she had lost all her prestige.

Just as Yin Qing was hesitating on what to do, Guo Ran cursed, “Hey, are you deaf? Our monastery head has already said it clearly, but you still don’t understand? Alright, then let me simplify it even more. Our monastery head’s meaning is this: either scram, or die.”

Yin Qing’s teeth creaked as she clenched them from fury. She really was about to lose control. With a cold snort, she was just about to bring her people away.

“Who is Long Chen?! Hurry up and come out!”

Suddenly, a woman’s cry shook the entire sky, causing people’s eardrums to almost burst. Even Shui Wuhen’s expression changed.

[1] Shui Wuhen 水无痕 Shui=Water, Wuhen=No Traces.

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