Chapter 4770 Heaven Overseer (Teaser)

At this moment, Guo Ran raised his crossbow, but Long Chen gestured for him to stop and simply smiled. 

“No need to rush. A bloody battle is unavoidable today. If they want to play, let’s make it big.”

“Boss, do you want to bait more people into attacking us?” Guo Ran instantly understood.

For the Celestial race to target Long Chen, it seemed that their intentions extended beyond mere assassination. Perhaps they wanted to use him to draw out everyone’s wrath, dragging even the Heavenly Desolation Long clan into the fray.

From their tone, it was clear that neither the Celestial race nor the Long clan were simple existences. Once this battle started, perhaps even more factions would be forced to get into conflict.

With a small voice, Long Chen said. “If...

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