Chapter 477 Experts Appear One After Another

“Ten Thousand Wood Overgrowth!”


A huge shield formed of wooden stakes appeared in front of the attackers, stopping all of them.

At the same time, the chains binding Ling Yunzi and the others broke apart, and they were wrapped up in the wooden stakes and sent to Long Chen’s side.

Furthermore, the Heaven Locking Chains in Ling Yunzi and Cang Ming’s bodies were removed, and their injuries rapidly healed. Other than their spiritual qi, which couldn’t be rapidly recovered, all their injuries were healed.

This sudden change caught everyone off guard. By the time they clearly saw what was happening, Ling Yunzi and the others had already escaped their bindings.

“Sect leader!” Tu Fang and the 108th monastery’s disciples all cheered upon seeing Ling Yunzi escape.

“Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er threw herself into Long Chen’s embrace, sobbing. “I really thought I would never get to see you again.”

Long Chen tightly held Tang Wan-er, not saying anything. He simply let her sob.

Guo Ran, Wilde, and the others were also quickly healed. They hadn’t been tortured, and each of them wore a delighted expression from escaping death.

“Li Qiuyue, you dare interfere with my Xiantian Supermonastery’s private matters?” raged Zhou Qingyu as she looked up at a figure in the sky.

Up in the sky, atop a Violet Phoenix Sparrow, there were two women standing. One was Chu Yao, while the other was an extremely young and beautiful woman. Her graceful manners made people feel comfortable just by looking at her.

This person was Chu Yao’s master, the Skywood Palace master Li Qiuyue. She merely smiled in the face of Zhou Qingyu’s cursing. “Assistant monastery head Zhou’s words really are grave. All I did was come here to act as a mediator since my apprentice begged me. I hope everyone can peacefully resolve this matter. No matter how you put it, Long Chen is a genius of our Righteous path. I, Li Qiuyue, as a member of the Righteous path, cannot bear to watch such a heavenly genius die to some sinister schemes.”

Li Qiuyue’s words were very calm without the slightest bit of anger, sounding as if she were just stating some simple facts. But there was a needle behind her silk words. She was cursing Sha Qitian for being envious of others and trying to kill geniuses, and at the same time, she was ridiculing Zhou Qingyu for siding with her son and not being impartial.

“Li Qiuyue, don’t try cursing anyone indirectly. This is a matter of the Xuantian Supermonastery, and a little girl like you does not have the qualifications to interfere!” shouted Zhou Qingyu.

Li Qiuyue might be the palace head of the Skywood Palace, but her cultivation base had only reached the peak of the Xiantian realm. Zhou Qingyu’s meaning was obvious: someone at her level did not qualify to even speak to her.

At this time, Li Qiuyue and Chu Yao had also arrived beside Long Chen and the others. Chu Yao exchanged a glance with Long Chen and then gently pulled away Tang Wan-er. Now was not the time to talk.

Li Qiuyue gave Mo Yunshan a simple greeting and then glanced at Long Chen with praise. She merely smiled in response to Zhou Qingyu’s words.

“Many thanks for your reminder, senior. When it comes to qualifications, I really am a bit lacking. But as a member of the Righteous path, I have to protect the Righteous path’s talents from any vicious attacks from crafty villains. That’s the duty of every expert of the Righteous path.

“So, although I don’t have the same qualifications as your distinguished self, for the future of the Righteous path, I had no choice but to come here.”

“You…! Who is the crafty villain?! Long Chen clearly slaughtered countless Righteous disciples, and his sins are unforgivable-” raged Zhou Qingyu.

“Senior, you’ve misunderstood. The crafty villains I was referring to were those people from the Corrupt path. Those people are all contemptible and shameless, wicked and treacherous, and they all like to use schemes against people they are jealous of.

“They don’t have the ability to handle the Righteous path’s experts, and so they end up bringing harm to their own geniuses. Most hateful of all, some of those ancient seniors even like to discriminate towards their own children, deliberately inverting right and wrong, misrepresenting the truth.

“Such villains really are the most hateful. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume those villains were purposely sent there by the Corrupt path to act as inside agents used to harm their own geniuses. Don’t you agree with me, senior Zhou?” smiled Li Qiuyue.

Long Chen and the others all felt incredibly satisfied inside. Li Qiuyue truly was amazing. Her way with words had reached the realm of perfection. She cursed people without a single obscenity.

She was clearly pointing a finger at Zhou Qingyu’s nose and cursing, but she didn’t reveal the slightest anger. She made it so Zhou Qingyu wanted to explode with anger but couldn’t in order to keep up her pretense. That had practically reached the level of a divine ability.

Zhou Qingyu was ashen right now, killing intent exploding from her. Li Qiuyue’s words had ruthlessly torn apart her hypocritical mask, completely humiliating and infuriating her.

But she didn’t retort, as when it came to eloquence, she couldn’t even compare to her. Quibbling would just cause her to lose even more face.

“It’s just a girl. Since she dared come here to harbor murderers, then we’ll just kill them together,” said Yin Qing icily.

A peak Xiantian expert was nothing in her eyes. She had come here in order to kill. Only then could she display her prestige.

Ancient families were unable to accept their disciples being treated so ruthlessly by others. They had to kill the offenders. Only then could they maintain the dignity of an ancient family.

Other than killing people, her target was also Long Chen. The rumors were that he had merged with a mysterious bead in the secret realm. The Yin family’s higher-ups wanted Long Chen caught and brought to them to see whether or not they could extract that bead.

“Fighting and killing all day isn’t a good thing. Why can’t everyone just sit down and talk about it? After all, amicability can make you rich, and that’s the way of a king.”

At this time, an old man’s voice rang out. One young and one old person appeared in the plaza. No one had sensed their arrival up to now, which shocked everyone.

“Sorry, we’re late.” The young person to appear now was surprisingly Zheng Wenlong. Seeing Long Chen and Mo Nian, he hastily apologized.

“You’re not late at all. In fact, you’re right on time!” Long Chen laughed. He hadn’t expected Zheng Wenlong to also have come to help, and he couldn’t help being moved. At the same time, he began to admire him.

Although Zheng Wenlong always said he was a businessman, he never went back on what he had decided. Although their goals were different, that determination and commitment in their bones was the same.

“Who are you?!” Zhou Qingyu icily glared at the old man. He looked extremely ordinary, seeming so old that he already had one foot in the grave. But he made her feel a powerful pressure that told her he wasn’t as simple as he appeared.

“Me? Hehe, I’m just an old peddler. Sometimes I do some small business.

“But this little fellow really is devoted. He told me there was an excellent business opportunity here for me to get some profit from. And so, here I am.

“For this pitiful old man to still have a chance to make such a huge profit at my age, it really must be a blessing from the wealth god.” The old man leaned on his walking stick and slowly walked up to Long Chen.

Looking at Long Chen, his turbid eyes suddenly began to shine. How was that at all the blurred vision of an old man? Long Chen felt as if this old man was able to see through all his secrets.

“Yes, this will definitely be big business. Ah, Zheng Wenlong, how about you just transfer this client to me? Look, I’m so old and really pitiful…”

“Grandpa Su, please don’t fight with this little one. A hair on your head is probably worth more than everything I own. You’re being unreasonable.” Zheng Wenlong scowled.

“You little fellow, what kind of words are those? Those who pursue the Business Dao pursue profit, and in that process, you have to be willing to do anything. To do business, you need a powerful foundation, and part of that is having a thick skin. What’s so unreasonable about my request? Little fellow, you still need more tempering,” rebuked the old man, acting as if Zheng Wenlong had failed to live up to his expectations.

“That’s enough! I know you must be people from the Huayun Sect. Are you planning on interfering in this matter as well?!” raged Zhou Qingyu.

In this world, only the Huayun Sect’s people repeatedly talked about business like this. They were easily recognizable.

“No, we wouldn’t interfere in your personal matters.” The old man shook his head disdainfully.

“Then what did you come here for?” asked Zhou Qingyu.

“To do business.”

The old man firmly said, “Long Chen is someone my Huayun Sect has invested in. Furthermore, we’ve already invested a large amount of manpower, physical resources, and even lives.

“In other words, Long Chen is a client of my Huayun Sect. In the future, he will bring us a huge amount of profit. To us businessmen, profit is our lives, while our clients are our bread and butter.

“For you to kill Long Chen would be severing our profit. That would waste our investment. Furthermore, those people that died still have families, and they need us to look after them.

“Killing Long Chen would sever their income. Severing our livelihood is equivalent to killing our parents, and since you want to kill our parents, we naturally will go all-out against you.

“Have I explained it clearly enough? If you still don’t understand, let me say it even clearer: we came here to protect our client, and not to interfere with your private matter. Do you understand?”

Zhou Qingyu turned ashen. She hadn’t expected this matter to develop to this point. More and more people were coming to support Long Chen. If she couldn’t have Long Chen killed today, then she really would be doomed.

Right now, she was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off. Previously, the only reason she had agreed to this was because she had felt she had enough assurance.

But if Long Chen didn’t die, the truth would sooner or later be exposed to the public. If it was learned by the monastery head… Just thinking of the consequences made her feel cold.

But now Long Chen had Mo Yunshan as well as that elder from the Huayun Sect. Their strengths were relatively even. If more experts appeared to join Long Chen’s side, then he really would be able to escape.

Zhou Qingyu glanced at Yin Qing and saw she was already eager to fight. She clenched her teeth. Today, no matter the price, she had to kill Long Chen.

“Everyone listen to my orders: kill Long Chen!”

Along with her shout, a powerful aura surged out of her, and the entire first monastery was enveloped by that aura, making it hard for others to breathe.

Yin Qing also released her aura. Her target was Long Chen.

“Hahaha, good. Let’s have a good fight today!” Mo Yunshan’s laughter rang out like thunder, and he raised his bow.

“Aiya, you people. We could have settled this peacefully, benefiting both parties. Why do you people always want to fight? Well, I suppose there’s no choice. It’s been a while since I’ve exercised my bones. I wonder how many moves I still remember?” The old man from the Huayun Sect sighed, but a bright light shone from his eyes, and he no longer seemed doddering and senile.

Everyone was horrified. If these four people fought with their full strength, then the entire first monastery would be razed to the ground.


Just as an immense battle was about to erupt, a powerful spatial fluctuation materialized and a figure gradually appeared in the sky.

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