Chapter 476 Domineering Mo Yunshan

“Long Chen, don’t do anything stupid! I, Mo Nian, have arrived!” A frantic cry rang out. A group of figures appeared in the plaza.

The person at the front was Mo Nian. Behind Mo Nian was a middle-aged man with a square face and a button nose. 

He possessed a mighty and lofty bearing, and he emitted a powerful pressure that caused these hundreds of Xiantian experts to shiver.

Behind that man were over ten Xiantian experts. Without saying a word, they just followed him, walking to the core of the plaza, not even glancing at the surrounding experts.

Originally, Long Chen really had been planning on detonating the Wind Spirit Crystal. If everyone else died, then living on his own didn’t have any more meaning.

But Mo Nian’s arrival gave him a thread of hope. From that domineering man behind him, Long Chen sensed a similar pressure to the one Sha Qitian’s mother gave him. That meant the two of them should be on the same level.

“Mo Yunshan, are you trying to interfere with the matters of the Xuantian Supermonastery?! Your Mo Gate’s hands have really stretched far.” Sha Qitian’s mother icily stared at that middle-aged man. Obviously, the two of them knew each other.

That middle-aged man curled his lip and disdainfully said, “Even if you begged me to come to this corrupt and worthless place, I still wouldn’t have come. However, if my son’s brother has difficulties, then as the family head, I should at least come out to show his prestige, right? What do you say, Zhou Qingyu? Are you going to give face to me?”

Sha Qitian’s mother’s name was Zhou Qingyu. Of everyone present, no one else had known that except Sha Qitian.

“Face? Hehe, perhaps you, Mo Yunshan, do not possess enough face for that,” sneered Zhou Qingyu.

Mo Yunshan didn’t get angry at that. Instead, he smiled slightly. “I knew you would reply like that. But my old man told me to at least try diplomacy before force.

“I knew that was making things too complicated, but there was no way around it, and so I asked. Now, diplomacy is over. Time to use force.

“Since you disagree with me, then we’ll use strength to decide everything. Brothers, prepare to fight!”

“You dare?!” raged Zhou Qingyu.

“You’re right, I really do dare. Why don’t you ask around about our Mo family’s conduct? We never have any taboos about anything. Let alone fighting over a few people, even if it was razing down the first monastery and cutting off your head, it isn’t anything difficult,” said Mo Yunshan disdainfully.

As soon as Mo Yunshan arrived, he crushed everyone in terms of pressure. The Xiantian experts didn’t even dare take a large breath with him present.

Qing Prefecture’s hegemon, the Mo family. Few people didn’t know about that powerful existence. Now, Mo Yunshan’s arrival, his domineeringness, and the way he spoke to Zhou Qingyu shook everyone.

He even dared say he wouldn’t mind killing the assistant monastery head. That was definitely crazy. In fact, according to the stories, everyone from the Mo family was crazy. They couldn’t be judged according to common sense. Now, they found those stories really were true.

“Domineering dad!” Mo Nian stood by Mo Yunshan and gave him two thumbs-up.

“Fuck off. You little brat, if you had half your old man’s daring, I would have to burn incense in thanks. Honestly, how did I give birth to such a coward? You don’t even dare do the smallest things. If you weren’t my child, I would have long since slapped you to death,” cursed Mo Yunshan.

After cursing Mo Nian, he then turned to Long Chen. He completely ignored Mo Nian’s fury and instead gave Long Chen a thumbs-up. “It’s Long Chen, right? Good work. This is how a man should be.”

Back when Mo Nian had first left the secret realm, he had immediately called out his father, who had been in seclusion. He told him that no matter what, he had to help him out with a certain matter.

That had greatly startled Mo Yunshan. He understood his son. Although Mo Nian was a bit too conceited, he conducted himself cautiously. He never caused any trouble.

In fact, it was precisely because he acted that way that Mo Yunshan was so dissatisfied. A man should be unafraid of heaven or earth. How could a child that didn’t know how to cause trouble ever manage to mature into someone amazing? Well, that was what his father had taught him in any case.

But this time, Mo Nian had begged him for help, which was extremely startling. From Mo Nian, he heard a rough explanation of what had happened. Apparently, this son of his had finally gained a brother. That made Mo Yunshan very excited.

Without saying another word, he had gathered some of Mo Gate’s experts and rushed directly to the first monastery. On the way, Mo Nian had told him about Long Chen’s temperament, and as a result, Mo Nian had been given a harsh tongue-lashing. Mo Yunshan had said that compared to Long Chen, Mo Nian was a spineless coward, which had enraged him so much that Mo Nian had almost coughed up blood.

“Long Chen greets uncle Mo. Please forgive me for lacking manners at the moment,” said Long Chen, his hand still tightly pressed onto the Wind Spirit Crystal.

“Junior brother, there’s no need to be courteous. Men don’t need to care so much about such trifling things” laughed Mo Yunshan.

“Tch, you’re lacking seniority. He’s my brother, not yours,” said Mo Nian.

“You really talk too much.” Mo Yunshan blushed and glared at Mo Nian before looking back at Long Chen. “Child, you can put that thing away now. Don’t worry, with your uncle Mo here, no one will dare touch a single hair on your head. I came here just to help you out.”

Mo Yunshan’s words were filled with confidence. It seemed he didn’t even place Zhou Qingyu in his eyes. In fact, it seemed he didn’t place any one of these people in his eyes.

Long Chen hesitated for a moment and then summoned out Little Snow, who pulled the Wind Spirit Crystal with him into his spiritual space. This Wind Spirit Crystal was too special and couldn’t be placed in the primal chaos space for fear of it blowing the medicinal herbs to death.

Just as Long Chen put away the Wind Spirit Crystal, Zhou Qingyu moved ever so slightly. However, a pitch-black bow was immediately raised and pointed at her, making her turn as stiff as a statue.

Mo Yunshan’s black bow was already fully drawn. All the murderous aura in the surrounding thousands of miles was sucked up without missing a drop. A terrifying energy locked down Zhou Qingyu.

The person closest to her, Sha Qitian, immediately became covered in sweat, his face pale. In the face of that arrow, he felt himself like a rabbit who had been locked onto by a hunter. As long as Mo Yunshan wished it, he would be instantly killed.

This attack wasn’t even targeted at him, but just some fallout filled him with absolute terror.

“Long Chen, go save those friends of yours. Let me see just who dares try to stop you,” said Mo Yunshan.

“Mo Yunshan, do you realize you are committing a grave crime?!” warned Zhou Qingyu.

In the cultivation world, for outsiders to stick their hands into the affairs of sects truly was a grave crime. It would definitely draw public ire. 

“Tch, what grave crime? Go ahead, Long Chen. Your uncle Mo’s bow hasn’t tasted the blood of experts in a long time. I wonder whether it will finally get a taste today,” said Mo Yunshan.

Long Chen was delighted and filled with reverence towards Mo Yunshan. This was what it meant to be domineering. Long Chen was about to move when an icy snort suddenly rang out.

“I don’t think your broken little bow can kill anyone at all.”

Everyone was startled, turning to see a woman in a long dress. She appeared to be in her thirties, and her expression was completely icy and filled with ridicule.

Behind her were over ten experts wearing blood-red robes. They were all Xiantian experts, and the air around them twisted, making them seem extremely terrifying.

Sha Qitian was delighted to see that woman and hastily bowed. “Sha Qitian greets senior Yin Qing.”

“People from the Yin family?”

Long Chen was startled, feeling the situation had taken a turn for the worse. An ancient family was slightly troublesome. Mo Yunshan most likely wouldn’t be able to block both Zhou Qingyu and Yin Qing.

“Hahaha, if we want to know whether my bow can kill anyone or not, it seems we’ll have to test it. There’s always been a certain thing I’ve brooded about. Back when I roamed through the world, I only managed to kill three disciples from ancient families. But everyone knows good things come in pairs. I wonder whether I’ll be able to resolve that regret today?” laughed Mo Yunshan.

Mo Yunshan still didn’t place that woman in his eyes, relieving Long Chen.

“Mo Yunshan, it seems your Mo family no longer wants to have a place in the cultivation world. How dare you say such things?!” Yin Qing icily glared at Mo Yunshan, killing intent surging out of her eyes.

“Let it go. The Mo family is not like you people who rely only on your ancestors. Our foundation is far greater than you can imagine.

“Don’t think just because you have your Ancient Family Alliance that you’re so amazing. Even if you’re allied, it’s just for show. There’s nothing worth being arrogant about.

“Furthermore, you ancient families cannot so easily stick your hands into the matters of the rest of the world. For you to run your way here is already violating the Ancient Family Alliance’s conventions. Your actions won’t bring you any protection from the alliance. Do you have to waste your breath?” said Mo Yunshan disdainfully.

This so-called Ancient Family Alliance was actually an extremely terrifying and enormous existence. Every ancient family was part of it. 

However, this alliance had existed for far too long, and its members were no longer so united. That was because almost everyone knew the position of ancient families and wouldn’t dare provoke them.

Furthermore, with the arrogance of the ancient families, they rarely interacted with ordinary cultivators. They would only occasionally send their disciples out for tempering. That was also a way for them to keep up-to-date on the current situation in the world.

This alliance was in name only. No one knew its true use. The outer world only knew that the ancient families had an alliance, but they knew nothing of the details.

Hearing Mo Yunshan’s words, all these experts felt dizzy. But they knew one thing: this matter was about to blow up to an unprecedented scale.

“Does an insect have the right to speak such big words? I won’t waste any more words on a commoner. Sect leader Sha, why haven’t you executed the criminals yet?” said Yin Qing icily.

“You can also see that the execution was set up a long time ago. But some people interrupted us,” said Sha Qitian.

Yin Qing sneered and then looked around, her gaze lighting on Long Chen.

“You are Long Chen? Good. You really are brazen to be so vicious to one of our ancient families’ disciples. Sha Qitian, first kill all these accomplices, and then I’ll decide how to punish this little fellow! He dared poison one of my disciples? I’ll make him beg for death!”


Following Yin Qing’s orders, those experts behind her all charged forward at Ling Yunzi and the others.

“Whoever comes over will die!” Mo Yunshan’s aura erupted to his peak.

“You should worry about yourself!”

Zhou Qingyu sneered and took out her weapon at the same time as Yin Qing. A powerful aura locked onto Mo Yunshan. As long as he dared make a move, they would both release a killing blow.

“Ten Thousand Wood Overgrowth.”

Suddenly, a cry rang out and the ground split apart. Countless wooden stakes shot out, and a terrifying pressure caused everyone’s expressions to change.

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