Chapter 475 Contemptuously Looking Down on Experts

A translucent blue spear pierced straight through Sun Jianxiong’s chest. A terrifying heat instantly burned his organs to nothing.

Long Chen smiled icily. “Sun Jianxiong, I already said that I would definitely kill you. Now I’ve fulfilled my promise.”

This blue spear was a spirit weapon he had condensed from the Earth Flame. After being nourished by Long Chen’s mind, the Earth Flame was extremely friendly with him, and he could use it as he wished.

But even though Long Chen possessed an Earth Flame, that didn’t mean he possessed the power to kill Sun Jianxiong who had reached the late Xiantian realm. After all, his Earth Flame was still immature.

So Long Chen’s only chance had been to catch him off guard. He had seemingly only sent forward a simple palm, but then he had already prepared the Earth Flame in secret. He had instantly released it when his palm had touched Sun Jianxiong.

By the time Sun Jianxiong had sensed the danger, it had been too late for him. This spirit weapon condensed from the Earth Flame had burned away all his organs, and a berserk energy was flowing through his meridians, crazily destroying his body.

Sun Jianxiong was horrified. All his spiritual qi had been burned away now, and he didn’t have any defensive ability.

If the Earth Flame had attacked him from the outside, then he would have been able to block it. But the Earth Flame was attacking him from inside his body, and there was no way for him to defend.

“Get going. In your next life, remember to have a brain and not listen to an idiot’s orders, or you’ll just lose your life again.” After saying that, the blue spear in his hand emitted a fierce light.


In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, Sun Jianxiong’s body exploded. Terrifying blue flames roared into the sky, igniting even the void.

Cang Ming, Ling Yunzi, Guo Ran, and the others were all dumbfounded. Those were Xiantian experts, those on the same level as sect leaders. They were supreme existences to them. But Long Chen had now killed two of them in a row, and one had even been in the late Xiantian realm. That was completely unbelievable.

“Earth Flame, it has to be an Earth Flame. Otherwise, there’s no way it could be so powerful.”

Some people managed to see through some clues. In this world, only an Earth Flame could possibly so easily break through a Xiantian expert’s defenses.

For a Xiantian expert, even if they didn’t circulate their qi to defend themselves and only relied on their physical bodies as defense, not just anything could hurt them.

Looking at that blue spear in Long Chen’s hands, many people felt some greed. That was an Earth Flame, a priceless treasure.

Furthermore, the fact that Long Chen could subdue an Earth Flame meant it was still in its infancy. As long as they killed Long Chen, they should be able to control that Earth Flame for themselves.

Everyone’s eyes turned green from greed as they stared at that spear, and they gulped their saliva.

“Long Chen, hand back my beloved disciples’ lives!”

Suddenly, a sect leader from a Righteous sect roared and erupted with his full aura, charging at Long Chen.

It wasn’t just him. Dozens of sect leaders immediately charged over with green eyes, all of them wanting to snatch the Earth Flame.

Just as those sect leaders began to move, a terrifying pressure spread, and a cry shook their eardrums.

“This isn’t something you should stick your hands into.”

Those sect leaders were all blown back by a terrifying wave of qi. Sha Qitian’s mother had now walked forward, fervently gazing at Long Chen’s Earth Flame.

Even as an assistant monastery head, she had never had a chance to interact with any Earth Flames. If she could obtain it, then that would be immensely beneficial to her cultivation, and it could help her break through. She had to obtain it.

“This is a matter of the monasteries. Others shouldn’t interfere,” she said.

Those sect leaders’ expressions immediately became ugly. She had clearly decided to keep this Earth Flame for herself.

They were all unwilling, but they didn’t have any ability to resist Sha Qitian’s mother. They could only helplessly withdraw.

She turned to Long Chen and smiled slightly. “Long Chen, I really wouldn’t have expected you to have had such a heaven-defying opportunity. Since you’ve brought an Earth Flame for the supermonastery, it can count as a great service, so I can spare your life. Cripple your cultivation base, lock yourself behind the mountains, and never come out again. I can only do so much for you.”


Long Chen suddenly raised his head and laughed; his laughter filled with disdain and contempt.

“Presumptuous! What are you laughing for? Sparing your life is already an immense grace from the assistant monastery head. Hurry up and kneel in thanks,” roared Sha Qitian.

“I’m laughing because you greedy idiots think I’m as stupid as you are. Did you think I’d just charge in like this without any trump cards?”

Suddenly, a huge crystal appeared beside Long Chen. As soon as that crystal appeared, berserk gales spread in all directions.

The closest buildings were actually torn apart by those wild gales, causing everyone’s expressions to change. The distant disciples from the first monastery who had been spectating all let out startled screams. Many of them were blown into the air. It was unknown just where they flew off to.

“Wind Spirit Crystal?”

Sha Qitian’s mother let out a startled cry. No one had expected Long Chen to have such a treasure. That both startled and delighted her.

“Idiot, even now you don’t get it.” Long Chen sneered and placed a palm on the Wind Spirit Crystal. Glancing at everyone, he lightly asked, “If I use the Earth Flame to detonate this Wind Spirit Crystal, the result will be quite spectacular, don’t you think?”

Long Chen’s words caused everyone’s expressions to completely change. Some of the sect leaders even began to quiver. Sha Qitian’s mother’s expression became exceedingly ugly.

They were now all afraid. If Long Chen used the Earth Flame to detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal, then not one person here would survive.

In fact, even the entire first monastery would instantly turn to a barren land.

Even Sha Qitian’s mother, whose cultivation base had reached a terrifying level, would not be able to block such a terrifying explosion.

“Hahaha, boss really is boss!” laughed Guo Ran.

“You cowardly idiots, you really like acting so arrogant, right? Just continue acting so high and lofty. Boss, don’t hesitate any longer. Just detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal and have everyone die together. To bring over two hundred Xiantian experts with us, haha, just thinking about it excites me. We’ll have really made a profit.” Guo Ran’s brazen shouting made all those sect leaders turn green.

This bastard was actually encouraging Long Chen to detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal? Were all of them crazy?

“If anyone dares move, I will immediately detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal!” Long Chen suddenly shouted because he had noticed some sect leaders had begun to stealthily withdraw.

“Long Chen, don’t be so impulsive. Everything can be discussed,” advised the second monastery’s sect leader, Zhao Yongchang.

He was also afraid. If Long Chen detonated the Wind Spirit Crystal, then he would die too, and that really would be too unlucky. Considering what had happened before, he felt he had a slightly friendly relationship with Long Chen.

After all, they had once fought on the same side. They could count as allies. Even if Long Chen had to detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal, he could still let them go first before detonating it.

“Shut up.”

Long Chen coldly snorted, “Do you really think we’re friends? Don’t use your childish thinking to judge me.

“The reason you took action that day was to fight over the position of the first monastery as well as to suck up to the Hua family.

“The 108th monastery was just a pretext for you, so don’t even try talking about some friendship or alliance.

“If you really were our ally, you wouldn’t have just watched indifferently as your allies were being killed, not even saying a single word.

“So everyone, listen up. If any of you dare take a single step, I will immediately detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal. Everyone can die together. I always do what I say, and if anyone feels any doubt, then I welcome you to try me.”

Everyone’s hearts dropped. According to Long Chen’s ruthless and decisive nature, no one doubted his resolve.

With a single saber, he had killed his way up to the first monastery then killed two Xiantian experts in front of all of them. What level of craziness was that?

Such a person practically treated life and death as a game, not caring in the slightest. Even Ling Yunzi and the others were able to laugh and talk in the face of death. They definitely all had to be crazy. And crazy people were capable of doing anything.

“Long Chen, what do you want?” Sha Qitian’s mother stared icily at Long Chen.

If she took action, she had a ninety-nine percent assurance in being able to instantly subdue Long Chen and make it so he was unable to detonate the Wind Spirit Crystal.

But she didn’t dare. On the off chance that she failed, then everyone would die. She didn’t dare take this lightly.

“Let everyone go.”

“Impossible.” Sha Qitian’s mother icily snorted. “I can release the disciples, but Ling Yunzi must die. Otherwise, how will I convince the masses?”

Ling Yunzi was just about to tell Long Chen to agree, but Long Chen was already pointing at her face and cursing, “Convince the masses?! You old bitch, for someone like you to have become an assistant monastery head, how the hell did you convince the masses? You are clearly biased towards the first monastery. What caused this whole situation is something everyone knows clearly. For you to side with the first monastery, how are you going to convince the masses?”

“That’s right, you really are an old bitch. For you to treat our 108th monastery like this, none of us are convinced. Do you want to talk about how you could convince the masses?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out. A large mass of people were walking over. Long Chen was shocked to see that Tu Fang was leading a group of hundreds of monastery disciples over.

“Elder Tu Fang!” Long Chen was dumbfounded.

“Haha, good work Long Chen. These idiots have always been targeting us. Now we can finally release our resentment,” laughed Tu Fang.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we wish to follow you in life and death!”

Those 108th monastery disciples behind Tu Fang all raised their hands and shouted; their eyes filled with zealotry. 

Long Chen felt a wave of emotion. He knew these brothers and sisters that had come here didn’t have any thoughts of leaving alive.

He didn’t waste any more words. “Old bitch, are you releasing everyone or not? It’ll be up to you. I’ll give you to the count of three: one.”


After saying one, Long Chen immediately shouted two, not giving Sha Qitian’s mother any chance to think. At the same time, the serpentine-rune on his arm lit up. His Earth Flame’s energy was already beginning to gather into his palm, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

“I won’t compromise. You can go ahead.”

Sha Qitian’s mother suddenly laughed, and she threw a bronze bell covered in runes into the air. That bell instantly grew larger, protecting her and a few dozen other experts behind it. From her posture, it seemed that as soon as Long Chen detonated the Wind Spirit Crystal, she would activate this bronze bell’s defensive abilities.


Long Chen icily laughed, and the Earth Flame energy in his hand moved to touch the Wind Spirit Crystal, causing everyone to turn pale.

“Long Chen, don’t do anything stupid! I, Mo Nian, have arrived!”

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