Chapter 474 Incomparably Domineering

“If you dare kill my brother, I will make all of you accompany him.”

An icy voice resounded throughout the entire monastery. The killing intent within that voice could make the nine heavens shiver and the river of stars flicker.

This was a kind of undefeatable will, something unrelated to cultivation base. Every expert present felt their hearts sink.

The midday sun was glaring down on the ground. A figure slowly walked forward, a blood-colored saber on his shoulder, blood still dripping down the blade.

His black robes and long hair fluttered in the wind. His eyes were like two stars, making him appear extremely handsome. But the killing intent on his face could overturn the Yellow Springs of Hell.

One man. One saber. Disdainfully looking down on all. Even in the face of hundreds of Xiantian experts, he still advanced bravely, looking at them as if they were beneath him.

“Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er let out a soft cry, and tears streamed down her face. She wasn’t afraid of death. But she had been afraid of never seeing Long Chen again, of never hearing his candid laughter again, of never seeing that face with that wicked smile.

“Boss!” Guo Ran and the others were also filled with excitement. No matter at what time, Long Chen’s voice was always able to inspire them.

Ling Yunzi and Cang Ming’s expressions sank. In their eyes, Long Chen was acting extremely foolish. He was clearly sending himself to his death. But saying anything right now was already too late.

“How did you get here?” shouted one of the first monastery’s Elders.

“I killed my way here,” said Long Chen indifferently as he continued slowly walking forward.

They were very simple words, but seeing that blood dripping off Long Chen’s saber, it caused people’s hearts to tremble.

That was especially true of the first monastery’s experts. They were astonished. From the bottom of the mountain to here, there were over a dozen layers of blockades, and the path was a hundred miles long. But Long Chen had managed to force his way through without setting off any alarms.

The only possibility was that those people in his way hadn’t even had a chance to set off an alarm before being cut down by Long Chen. Thinking of that made them feel numb. That was a bit too brazen, wasn’t it?

“He is Long Chen?” Sha Qitian’s mother icily stared at him.

“Yes, that’s him!” replied Sha Qitian.

“This person is extremely strong. The aura of primal chaos surrounds his body, isolating him from inspection. If it isn’t because of some top treasure protecting him, then it must have to do with his cultivation base. Unfortunately, such a person is our enemy, and so he can only be exterminated. Someone with only strength but no head isn’t worth being afraid of. Kill him!” ordered Sha Qitian’s mother.

Sha Qitian nodded and cast a gaze at one of the first monastery’s Elders. That was a Meridian Opening expert, and his position in the first monastery was very high. He was extremely strong amongst Elders.

He immediately shouted, “Brazen traitor, how dare you commit such violent crimes in the first monastery! Lay down your weapon and beg for forgiveness!”

The Elder charged towards Long Chen. Golden lines appeared on his palm as he smashed it towards Long Chen, and a terrifying pressure caused space to twist around him.

“Die.” Long Chen suddenly shouted, and his divine ring appeared behind him. What was different from before was that now, his divine ring was two colors: red and orange.

The red light was on the inside, while the orange light was on the outside. One color circulated clockwise, while the other circulated counterclockwise. A powerful pressure began to spread from it.

While everyone was still shocked, wondering what this technique was, Long Chen’s blood-colored saber emitted a scarlet light that slashed at the Elder.

In front of everyone’s horrified eyes, blood splashed. That Meridian Opening Elder had been cut in half by a single stroke of Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen swung his saber to get rid of the blood and then once more rested it on his shoulder, continuing to walk forward.

A single slash of his saber exterminated an expert. It had been filled with a courageous imposingness, as well as a determination that said either you die, or I die.

Even those Xiantian experts didn’t have Long Chen’s courageous will. Whether you ascended your way into the heavens or dug your way into the earth, that saber would still cut you down.

That single saber slash had seemed to say that he could smile while throwing away his own life. He didn’t need his life. All he needed was to be domineering.

Step… step… step…

The entire monastery was silent. Only the sound of Long Chen’s feet touching the ground continued to resound like thunder in people’s hearts.

“I understand. I was wrong.” Ling Yunzi sighed.

Ling Yunzi was seeing something from Long Chen that no one else was seeing. He saw Long Chen’s will, his determination, but the thing he saw clearest of all was Long Chen’s Dao.

When he saw that Dao, he finally understood his own Dao. Previously, he had managed to regain his own confidence because of Long Chen. He had found his old self and once more stepped onto his cultivation path. He had regained his cultivation heart.

But this time, Long Chen was fully revealing his domineeringness. He had the attitude and determination that said he could die, but he could not lower his head. Even the will of the heavens was not something that could subdue him, let alone life and death.

One man and one saber, imposing as the sea, forever grand, domineering enough to shake the heavens. This was Long Chen’s first time displaying the essence of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art for all to see, and it was absolutely shocking.

The current Long Chen had completely transformed. He was no longer a sheathed sword. Now he was displaying his sharpness for the world to see.

There were tens of thousands of experts present, and over two hundred of them were Xiantian experts. These people were all just watching as Long Chen walked forward.

They had been completely intimidated. They weren’t intimidated by Long Chen’s cultivation base nor his killing ability. Instead, it was by the domineeringness that came from the depths of his soul.

Even Sha Qitian’s mother’s expression changed. Even someone as strong as her, the assistant monastery head, was still affected by Long Chen’s domineeringness. She had an extremely uneasy feeling.

She had an extremely grand position, but looking at Long Chen, she felt as if she had to look up to see him. That was not a feeling based on their heights.

“Kill him!” she shouted.

At this time, Long Chen had already reached the center of the plaza. On his way, not a single person had dared block him. Right now, he was less than three hundred meters from Guo Ran and the others.

The closest person to him was now Luo Feng. He was about to spring into action when Long Chen suddenly threw over something to him.

“Let me give you a present.” That thing rolled over to him. Shockingly, it was a head.

“It’s Luo Bing!”

The monastery’s sect leaders and Elders were all astonished. Luo Bing, a Xiantian expert, had been beheaded by someone.

“Sister!” Luo Feng picked up the head and let out an aggrieved cry. He had actually had a very good relationship with his sister, or else he wouldn’t have indulged her so much. “Long Chen, I’ll tear you apart!” He pounced on Long Chen like a madman, exploding with his full strength, sending a fist smashing towards him. 

“Two Star Battle Armor!” Two stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and an explosive power surged out of his body.

His blood-colored saber pointed up into the sky, and his primal chaos bead fully activated. Blooddrinker emitted a fierce rumbling, seeming like a devil that was awakening, emitting a terrifying pressure.

“Split the Heavens!”

His saber seemed to split apart heaven and earth as it ruthlessly slashed down on Luo Feng.

“Careful!” Sha Qitian let out a startled cry. He could tell just how terrifying Long Chen’s attack was.


Blooddrinker slashed onto Luo Feng’s fist. Long Chen’s body shook intensely, and his internal organs flipped within him. Vomiting a mouthful of blood, he flew back.

Luo Feng was also blown back. His arm burst into pieces. That had been Long Chen’s strongest attack, and it had also contained his courageous will and that domineeringness that looked down on death.

“What?! How can someone in the Houtian realm injure a Xiantian expert?!”

“He’s only in Tendon Transformation! What the hell is going on?!”

Everyone was stunned. Luo Feng clearly hadn’t been holding back at all. But despite that, his arm had been destroyed.

Even though they could all see that Long Chen’s saber was a Xiantian weapon, they also knew that without Xiantian power, it was impossible to bring out a Xiantian weapon’s true abilities.

The higher a person’s cultivation base, the more stunned they were now. This toppled all their understanding of cultivation.

It was no wonder Long Chen could dominate the Righteous and Corrupt path’s peak experts in the Jiuli secret realm. He killed Chosen like chopping melons, beheading chickens, and slaughtering pigs. He definitely wasn’t human.

Having his arm destroyed, fury clouded Luo Feng’s mind. He was still stunned by everything as he stared at his arm.

“Idiot, dodge!”

Suddenly, a furious cry rang out, causing Luo Feng’s expression to suddenly change.

But before he could move, a blood-colored saber stabbed through his chest and pierced out of his back.


Thunderforce suddenly surged out of Long Chen’s saber and caused Luo Feng’s body to explode.

Everyone was now horrified. As a Xiantian expert, Luo Feng’s body was harder than steel, but he had exploded just like that.

Only once his body exploded did people see that countless violet thunderbolts were racing across Long Chen’s saber. They constantly flickered, emitting a continuous rumbling.

If Long Chen had directly used his thunderforce to attack Luo Feng, then considering how powerful Luo Feng’s physical body was, it wouldn’t be able to cause any effective injuries.

But Long Chen had instead poured in his thunderforce into his body in two waves. The first wave destroyed his internal organs and caused him so much pain that he had been unable to circulate his qi to resist, while the second wave had been the true attack, instantly blowing his body apart.

“What a vicious brat. Die!” Suddenly, another Xiantian expert roared and slashed a saber down on Long Chen. Long Chen hastily resisted with his full strength.

His saber was blown away, and he vomited blood. The only reason he had been able to kill Luo Feng was because of some special circumstances. It didn’t truly signify he had the ability to fight Xiantian experts.

This particular Xiantian expert was precisely Sun Jianxiong, the one who had chased after Long Chen but been blocked by everyone risking their lives. Sun Jianxiong’s body suddenly flickered, and he appeared right in front of Long Chen, a claw reached towards his throat.

But just as his hand was about to reach Long Chen’s throat, Long Chen’s palm had already reached his chest.

“Tch, who do you think you are!” Sun Jianxiong sneered. Long Chen’s power was not even enough to tickle him.


Suddenly, a translucent, blue spear shot out of Long Chen’s palm, piercing straight through Sun Jianxiong’s chest. Sun Jianxiong’s sneer became shock.

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