Chapter 4736 Qin Feng Terrifies The Crowd (Teaser)

“What terrifying Sword Qi!” A startled cry echoed through the air as the Sage King's hand dripped with blood, a gaping wound threatening to sever it entirely.

Despite it being a simple Sword Qi, not the actual blade, it had cut through a Sage King’s protective divine light and even injured him. This was no ordinary feat. 

“I know! It was definitely the Dragonblood Legion’s number one sword expert. He was called Yue something… right, Yue Zifeng!” exclaimed someone.

Yue Zifeng, the fourth captain of the Dragonblood Legion, was publicly acclaimed as the strongest sword cultivator. Even in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, Yue Zifeng’s name was well-known.

“How can someone like him be worthy of facing...

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