Chapter 4731 Surrounding the Prey (Teaser)

Long Chen sent the divine emissary flying with a slap in the face, dumbfounding all the experts present. The next instant, the hall master of the Soul Assassination Hall shouted, “He’s not one of us! He’s a spy!”

When Long Chen attacked, he naturally used the power of his physical body, which naturally triggered his Blood Qi.

Evilmoon was helping him disguise his aura, but the hall master was still a Sage King. His depth of experience and keen perception far surpassed that of Qi Yufeng, Qian Feng, and the others. Even the slightest fluctuation in Blood Qi was sufficient for him to discern that Long Chen wasn’t from the Lifehunter race.

“Kill him!”

The Lifehunter experts present instantly...

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