Chapter 473 Contemptible Mother and Son

Atop a high mountain, there was a palace that covered the entire mountaintop.

This was the number one Xuantian Monastery. The mountain range of tens of thousands of miles was enveloped by a spirit gathering formation to increase the density of the spiritual qi here.

At the central plaza, there were countless experts that had gathered. This plaza, which was a hundred miles wide, was filled with people.

However, not everyone here was from the monasteries. There were many experts from the various Righteous sects, all of whom were furious. Their killing intent was focused on the people who had been bound to a pillar at the heart of the plaza.

Cang Ming and Ling Yunzi had four large needles stabbing into their shoulders and legs. Runes flickered coldly from those needles.

Those were Heaven Locking Needles used for Xiantian experts. Their runes were designed to seal a person’s Xiantian power.

At this time, Cang Ming and Ling Yunzi were both bound to the pillar, their Xiantian power locked away, and yet, neither of them felt any fear. Instead, their expressions seemed to be of ridicule.

“Little Yun-zi, I really didn’t misjudge you. You’re a real man. But your uncle-master is old now and only managed to cripple two of them. I didn’t even manage to kill a single one,” sighed Cang Ming.

“It’s not that you’re old, but that your opponents were too strong. As for my side, all I had were some cowards afraid of death. So killing them was easier.” Ling Yunzi smiled.

“Haha, little fellow, even now you know to console your uncle-master. Looks like all that love I gave you back then wasn’t wasted,” laughed Cang Ming.

“Hmph, even when you’re about to die, you can still laugh? Well, I suppose you should do it some more. Soon, you won’t have a chance to ever laugh again.” The thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader Luo Feng sneered.

“Fuck off. The only reason you’re still alive is because you weren’t fighting me. Otherwise, I’d kill a little brat like you with a single smash of my hammer,” raged Cang Ming.

“Uncle-master, you still have the same temper.” Ling Yunzi smiled.

The two of them were unable to move, but they were still acting nonchalantly. The two of them had long since seen through what life and death were, and they no longer held any fear towards their deaths. 

Luo Feng simply sneered and didn’t reply. He had been appointed as the executioner. In a bit, he would be personally cutting off their heads.

“It’s too bad about the kids though.” Cang Ming couldn’t help but sigh when he looked at Wilde and the others.

Ling Yunzi nodded. He hadn’t expected this matter to develop to this point. Sha Qitian truly was difficult to deal with. He even managed to suppress the truth from the public.

Furthermore, sitting on a large stage was an icy woman who looked to be in her thirties. She had sword-like eyebrows and was wearing magnificent robes. She was one of the Xuantian Supermonastery’s assistant monastery heads.

The other assistant monastery head was the old man who had opened the passage into the Jiuli secret realm for everyone. As for this assistant monastery head, she was someone with a special relationship to Sha Qitian. She was his mother.

Sha Qitian’s mother icily looked over Cang Ming and Ling Yunzi and then whispered to Sha Qitian, “You’re certain that Luo Bing went after Long Chen and will bring back his head?”

“Mom, you-”

“Call me assistant monastery head.”

“Assistant monastery head, don’t worry. Luo Bing is a Xiantian expert, and there definitely won’t be any problems for her to chase down a Tendon Transformation brat. Luo Feng has also used his own head to guarantee nothing will go wrong,” whispered Sha Qitian.

“You have to be absolutely certain about this. If Long Chen is dead, this matter will conclude here. But if he’s still alive, then he can still make this matter public in the future. If that ends up disturbing the monastery head, then even I will be implicated. You understand?”

“Don’t worry. I definitely won’t harm my own mother. I couldn’t handle this on my own, so I had to ask for your help.

“Furthermore, you don’t need to be afraid. The various sect leaders have all had their disciples killed by Long Chen. They came to testify against him.

“Even if the monastery head does investigate later, you can just push the responsibility onto them. Say that you were forced due to their pressure and had no choice but to kill them to placate their anger.

“Plus, I already showed you all that evidence. That’s enough to prove Long Chen is a villain, and that it’s because of his sins that he drew the wrath of both the Righteous and Corrupt paths.

“Plus, the sect leaders who have come here are all my friends. If the monastery head does start asking questions in the future, then with a single word from me, they will come out to testify for you.

“There’s a certain phrase: the law fails when punishing too many people. All the possibilities have already been handled by me. It definitely won’t bring any trouble for you,” said Sha Qitian.

His mother nodded. “The first monastery’s position during these years has been extremely stable. I didn’t even help you out that much. You really have done good work.”

“Many thanks.”

“What about the Yin family’s girl?”

“She’s been sent back. Long Chen truly is vicious. We don’t know what he fed Yin Wushuang. Our alchemists and wood cultivators were powerless against his poison. We had no choice but to send her back and have the Yin family think of a solution.”

“Didn’t you say the Yin family’s people would come here? Where are they?” Sha Qitian’s mother frowned.

“Uhh… I don’t know. These ancient families are all so arrogant, so I can’t be sure whether or not they’ll really come,” said Sha Qitian somewhat helplessly.

Ancient families were all incredibly arrogant, and they were most arrogant about their bloodlines. Their bloodlines foreordained them to walk further than ordinary geniuses.

So the ordinary cultivation sects were treated as tempering grounds for them. To create relations with them was extremely difficult.

“Then what about that Hua family girl? How did you handle her?” asked Sha Qitian’s mother.

“She’s still recovering.”

“Hmm, good work. Ah, a child from an ancient family who ended up terrified… it really is best for her to sleep a bit longer. It’s fine as long as she wakes up undamaged.” Sha Qitian’s mother nodded, extremely satisfied with his methods for handling matters.

“Tian-er, I really am gratified that you managed to handle everything so carefully and rigorously. However, there are no absolutes in this world. There’s no need to handle every matter so perfectly. As long as something has a chance of success, you can still risk it. It’s precisely because you’ve been handling things too carefully and that you’re lacking enough guts that others have placed their sights on your position. You understand?” asked Sha Qitian’s mother.

“Thank you for the warning, mother. Your son understands.”

“A man must have guts, and they must strike like lightning. Terrify others without fighting, subdue others without attacking. This is what it means when they say a great man must be ruthless.

“In truth, I really am a bit disappointed with how you handled Long Chen. If you hadn’t cared so much about prestige and acted so carefully, he would have been dead long ago.

“Since you were sure he was going to be a disaster, you should have had him killed with your full strength. You should never have given him enough time to grow. When a tiger hunts a rabbit, they hunt with their full strength.

“You don’t need to care about what others think about you. In this world, strength is everything. Your strength decides how much power your words have. If you’re strong, others have to listen to what you say. If they don’t want to listen, then you can just make them shut up. Understand?” said Sha Qitian’s mother.

“Yes, your child will remember your teachings.”

“It’s almost time. Go finish your preparations. We’ll begin the execution.”

Sha Qitian nodded and stood up, looking over everyone present. He had used the name of the assistant monastery head to gather all the monastery sect leaders.

He was going to use this matter to display his power for all to see, especially Zhao Yongchang. Did he really think that just because he managed to obtain an ancient family disciple that he could fight with him over his position?

Now he would let him see what true power was, what having a foundation was. He would use this execution to overawe everyone. They wanted to compete with him? Then they could try it as long as they weren’t afraid of death.

Other than the monastery sect leaders, there were various Righteous sect leaders who were allied with the first monastery. It was precisely because they were allied with the first monastery that they had suffered such heavy losses this time. Today, they had come to cheer for the first monastery, as well as to get some compensation. Sha Qitian had already promised them that he wouldn’t let them suffer losses for nothing.

“Ling Yunzi, do you have anything to say before you die?” shouted Sha Qitian. Everyone else immediately shut their mouths, their hearts shaking. The execution was about to begin.

“Hahaha, there’s nothing to say. Ever since stepping on the cultivation path, I never expected to have some good ending. However, I really am surprised that instead of dying on the battlefield, I would die to those from the same sect as me.

“However, that’s also fine. Do you really think just because you have your mother’s support, you can control everything?

“Hahah, just wait. When Long Chen returns, he’ll send you down below to see us again. We’ll be waiting for you.” Ling Yunzi laughed grandly, not at all caring about death.

“Long Chen? Keep dreaming. Luo Bing has already personally gone after him. I know my sister well. The fact that she hasn’t returned yet is because she’s probably looking after Long Chen with every single torment she knows. Perhaps he is already waiting for you down below.” Luo Feng laughed sinisterly.

“Your sister? Don’t make me laugh to death. She doesn’t have the qualifications to kill Long Chen. None of you know just how terrifying he is.”

Ling Yunzi laughed and then turned to Wilde and the others. “Children, don’t be afraid. Long Chen will get revenge for us. For us to all die together, we’ll be able to talk and laugh on our way. Even in the otherworld, we’ll still be domineering heroes. We’ll be far better than these sanctimonious idiots.”

“Sect leader, master, I’m not afraid,” said Wilde bravely.

Cang Ming’s heart turned sour. He wasn’t afraid of his own death, but he really was unable to accept having his own apprentice die.

“Luo Feng, start the execution!” ordered Sha Qitian.

A sinister light shined in Luo Feng’s eyes. He swept his gaze over them all. He had the authority to choose who would die first. His gaze suddenly fell on the only woman.

“Little lady, I’ll send you off first, haha.” Luo Feng’s first target was Tang Wan-er. Once Tang Wan-er died, the others’ hearts would definitely crumble. That was exactly the result he wanted.

“Wait! I have something I want to say.” Suddenly, Guo Ran opened his mouth and shouted.

Luo Feng glanced at Sha Qitian. Sha Qitian smiled. “Let him speak.” Finally, there was someone afraid of death. He eagerly anticipated the sound of him begging.

“Sect leader Sha, I just have one thing to say before I die. Your mom’s really ugly.” Guo Ran’s voice rang out throughout the entire plaza.

“Kill him!” roared a furious Sha Qitian.

Luo Feng raised his blade. He was just about to kill Guo Ran when an icy voice resounded throughout the entire monastery.

“If you dare kill my brother, I will make all of you accompany him.”

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