Chapter 471 Miraculous Primal Chaos Bead

“No way!”

What Long Chen had noticed was a withered vine that had come from his spatial ring. It was a medicinal ingredient, but it was already completely dead.

However, after landing on the ground, it had begun to thrum with life force again. Its cracked skin split apart, and a soft shoot was currently growing out of the ground. Its leaves waved ever so slightly, seeming to be breathing.

“It can allow living things to grow and withered things to revive, transforming garbage into something miraculous…” Long Chen was simply stunned as if he looked at the little shoot.

“Hahahaha…!” Then he suddenly laughed uproariously. This discovery made him practically go crazy with joy.

He hastily found some more dead medicinal ingredients and planted them. In just a short time, those withered ingredients began to recover, becoming green again.

In less than an incense stick’s time, he personally saw a medicinal ingredient go from dead to thriving. If he hadn’t seen it personally, he wouldn’t have dared to believe it.

Whether it was a seed or a withered herb, Long Chen would be able to grow any medicinal ingredient in his primal chaos space.

That made him think of a certain way to get rich. If he bought a medicinal herb that had almost gone extinct in the outside world, placed it in his primal chaos space, and then sold the medicinal herbs that were born from it, then his profit would be in the hundreds or thousands of times.

Long Chen had his Pill Sovereign memories, but he had never managed to obtain that many medicinal ingredients to refine. This primal chaos space was practically tailor-made for him.

“Hmm… it seems this primal chaos space is something I can control slightly.” Long Chen suddenly thought of how the FengFu Battle Armor he had summoned in the previous fight had been slightly different than usual.

He began to slowly circulate the FengFu Star and Alioth Star. Previously, their energy would directly pour into his body.

But this time, it was different. Their energy was pouring into the primal chaos bead, and the primal chaos bead began to slowly revolve now. Primal chaos energy poured into his body, causing him to feel full of power.

“So that’s how it is. My Dantian was empty, and this primal chaos bead has now taken the place of my Dantian. Then does that mean this was all foreordained?”

Someone with a Dantian was unable to cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, while those without a Dantian were incapable of cultivation.

Even Wilde had a Dantian, but he didn’t have other people’s complicated meridians. He only had five meridians, one for each of his limbs and another for his head.

As for Long Chen’s Dantian, it was something that had been destroyed after he was born. Long Chen thought of his Pill Sovereign memories, the scenes that had appeared in his mind previously, as well as the primal chaos bead in his Dantian now.

That couldn’t possibly be coincidence. Coincidences couldn’t occur over and over like this. But if it wasn’t coincidence, what was it?

“Whatever. In any case, I’m the one who benefits.”

Long Chen let his imagination run wild for a while, but he couldn’t come up with anything plausible. Rather than just stupidly wasting time on that, he focused on the changes in the primal chaos bead.

He noticed that the output of his FengFu Star and Alioth Stars directly affected how quickly the primal chaos bead rotated and how much power it released.

Suddenly, the primal chaos bead stopped revolving, causing Long Chen to jump in shock. But then he laughed involuntarily. It wasn’t a problem with the primal chaos bead, but because his spiritual qi had run out. His FengFu Star and Alioth Star had also stopped circulating.

His previous struggle with Luo Bing had almost used up his spiritual qi. Then his spiritual qi had completely run out when fighting against the Earth Flame, and then again when he had been feeding it his Pill Flame.

Now that little bit of spiritual qi he had recovered had been used to circulate his two stars. It was no wonder his spiritual qi was exhausted.

After figuring out the principles of the primal chaos bead, Long Chen’s attention once more focused on the primal chaos space. This space was something he could only enter with his Spiritual Strength.

Now that he was inside, he was startled to find that quite a few of those medicinal ingredients he had planted had already bloomed.

Furthermore, the hardest thing to believe was that the Qilin Fruit Tree now had seven more flowers, and its immature Qilin Fruits had already become completely ripe.

“I really struck gold!” Long Chen couldn’t help clenching his teeth. If he didn’t clench his teeth, he wouldn’t be able to express his emotions.

The primal chaos bead was actually able to increase the growth of plants by such an extent. It had to be known that the Qilin Fruits matured extremely slowly. These unripe Qilin Fruits would have required many months, and perhaps even years to fully develop.

However, now, years of growth had been condensed into just two incense sticks’ worth of time. How could that not make Long Chen go wild with joy? With enough Qilin Fruits, he could bring the Alioth Star to its fully condensed state and summon the true Two Star Battle Armor.

Currently, he was able to summon the Two Star Battle Armor, but one of the stars that appeared in his eyes was extremely faint. It wasn’t the true Two Star Battle Armor, and he was sure that once both stars were fully condensed, its power would be incomparable.

Thinking of that, Long Chen did his best to calm himself down. He felt a bit dizzy from the primal chaos bead’s heaven-defying abilities.

“Wait… if the primal chaos bead can revive dead plants, then does it have an effect on humans as well?” A brazen idea suddenly popped into Long Chen’s head.

He gathered Luo Bing’s corpse into the primal chaos space. Throwing her spatial ring to the side, he planted her onto a specific batch of earth at the center of the space.

Within the primal chaos space, all the soil was yellow. Only at the center was there a three-meter wide patch of black soil.

“Black soil should be more fertile than yellow soil. Let’s try it.”

Previously, Long Chen had already noticed that patch of black soil, but whenever he looked at it, he felt it was a bit frightening. So he hadn’t planted his medicinal ingredients there.

Despite being the master of the primal chaos space, Long Chen still felt intimidated by this black soil. He decided to use Luo Bing’s body to test it.

He dug a hole in the black earth and stuck her in feet first, planting just half of her. If the earth was a precious resource, then this really was an excellent method. This way, he saved on space and on the cost of a tombstone.

After burying her, Long Chen closely observed her neck. If Luo Bing really did grow out a new head, then he would immediately summon the Earth Flame to kill her.

On the extremely off chance she revived, then he really was afraid he might not be able to handle her. But after several breaths’ time, nothing changed with Luo Bing’s headless corpse.

“It has no effect on humans?”

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. If it really had been able to revive the dead, then he could revive Ye Zhiqiu and Lu Fang-er.

But then suddenly, Luo Bing, who had been motionless this entire time, suddenly moved, causing Long Chen to jump in fright. He was just about to summon the Earth Flame when he noticed that Luo Bing hadn’t grown a new head, but had instead sunk deeper into the earth.

Long Chen’s jaw dropped. The black soil was like a monster’s mouth, slowly devouring Luo Bing’s corpse.

In less than an incense stick’s time, Luo Bing’s corpse disappeared beneath the ground. At the same time, vast life energy filled the primal chaos space, and the herbs he had planted began to grow even faster, almost singing with vitality.

“Oh? Devouring flesh can invigorate this space?” Long Chen gulped. What a terrifying ability.

Even Long Chen’s heart was pounding at this shocking ability. Furthermore, he found that his injuries were now quickly recovering.

Suddenly, Long Chen became nauseous. Just now, he had essentially absorbed Luo Bing’s corpse in order to heal himself.

“How nauseating.”

Long Chen spat on the ground. However, he didn’t feel too terrible. If a bad person died, he wouldn’t feel any burden on his heart.

However, he decided that in the future, he definitely wouldn’t bury people in this black soil again. If he had to bury something, he’d use Magical Beasts.

Other than healing him, some of that life energy was being sent to the medicinal ingredients. Furthermore, once the medicinal ingredients were planted in the primal chaos space, they formed a special connection, and Long Chen could draw out their life energy to heal himself.

“Unfortunately, the amount of life energy in these medicinal ingredients is too low. I’ll need to find some huge trees to store life energy. But this space is also too small and can’t store that much.

Looking at this three-mile primal chaos space, all kinds of ideas of how to use this treasure popped into Long Chen’s mind.

However, those ideas were for later. Right now, he cleaned up the remains of this battlefield, and after summoning Little Snow, he left the region.

Right now, he had to act extremely carefully. He erased all traces of his passage. The wind in this desert was powerful, so his tracks were already being covered naturally. Now, even if further pursuers came, it would be as if he had disappeared into thin air.

Within the next two days, Long Chen had found a secluded place deep within the mountains. There, he summoned his divine ring and circulated his two stars. All the medicinal ingredients in his primal chaos space rapidly grew. 

During these days, he had researched the rules of the primal chaos bead. Within the primal chaos space, medicinal ingredients grew ten times as fast as the outside world.

However, when he poured in his energy to speed up the primal chaos bead, that growth rate would multiply by thousands. Over a year’s growth could be collapsed to two hours. 

Unfortunately, that was extremely exhausting work. Long Chen could only maintain that top growth rate for six hours before running out of spiritual qi. He would then rest for two hours and start again.

He didn’t care that much about the medicinal ingredients other than the Qilin Fruit. Three days later, after working laboriously, over forty fully matured Qilin Fruits had landed in his hands.

Furthermore, the Qilin Fruit Tree had also grown larger, going from being three feet tall to three meters tall, and there were almost a hundred Qilin Fruits hanging on its branches. However, those had yet to mature.

When Long Chen looked at the matured Qilin Fruits, his heart involuntarily pounded. The Qilin Fruits that had matured in the primal chaos space were magnificent and much better than the ones that had matured in the outside world.

Now that he had Qilin Fruits, he secluded himself, aiming to fully condense the Alioth Star.

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