Chapter 470 Primal Chaos Bead Displays Its Power

Just as Luo Bing escaped the Earth Flame’s bindings and she relaxed ever so slightly, a green light flew over and pierced through her neck.

Before Luo Bing even understood what was happening, she felt as if her field of view was changing. She also saw a familiar body that no longer had a head.

She also saw a palm-sized, green scale fly back into Long Chen’s hand. Right now, Long Chen didn’t even look at her. He was fervently staring at the Earth Flame.

“I died? I died to a Tendon Transformation brat?”

That was Luo Bing’s last thought before she descended into endless darkness. She wasn’t a soul cultivator, and her Spiritual Strength was even slightly weaker than average. Now that her neck was severed, her soul quickly dissipated.

“At important times, you really are reliable.” Long Chen properly put away the dragon scale. Its sharpness was not at all lacking in comparison to the golden page, and in terms of offensive strength, it was incomparably greater.

But unfortunately, this dragon scale had existed for who knew how long. Much of its spirituality had been lost. Thus, Long Chen needed to nourish it with his mind in order to let it recover.

However, before it could recover, it had ended up losing even more of its core energy due to Long Chen using it repeatedly in battle. That made him feel extremely guilty.

He swore that he would avoid using the dragon scale as much as possible so that it could recover.

Now his attention was completely focused on the Earth Flame. At this time, the Earth Flame had shrunk to the size of a foot, looking like a translucent little dragon curiously looking at Long Chen.

“Hey, little friend, do you want to come play with big bro?” Long Chen’s voice was full of temptation.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that the Earth Flame actually did come over to him. However, it was extremely fierce, instantly erupting and enveloping him.

“Fuck, this is not what I wanted!”

Long Chen hastily circulated his Pill Flame to defend. But his Pill Flame was actually rapidly declining.

As Long Chen’s Pill Flame decreased, the Earth Flame seemed to excitedly surge.

“It’s treating my Pill Flame as food?” Long Chen was startled and furious. His Pill Flame was rapidly running out, and in less than a breath’s time, it had all been devoured by the Earth Flame.

Realizing there was no more Pill Flame to consume, the Earth Flame became furious, and a terrifying heat attacked Long Chen.

“Damnit!” Long Chen felt despair. At the same time, he had an urge to slap himself to death. Did he have to be so greedy?

Just as Long Chen thought he was dead, his Dantian suddenly shook and emitted a rumbling sound.

The fierce Earth Flame immediately stopped attacking and released Long Chen. It seemed to be shivering, and it immediately turned to flee back into the lava pool.


Suddenly, space trembled, and the Earth Flame involuntarily flew back to Long Chen. Although it was struggling as hard as it could, it was useless.

Long Chen also had no idea what was going on. All he saw was that despite the Earth Flame struggling all-out, it still flew over, touched his abdomen, and then silently disappeared.

He was dumbfounded, but when he thought of a certain possibility, he hastily looked inside himself and finally saw that bead in his Dantian.

His jaw dropped. Back when he had first merged with the primal chaos bead, a large amount of information had flooded his mind.

At that time, he had been filled with inconsolable grief due to Ye Zhiqiu’s death, and he hadn’t had time to examine the changes that had occurred in his body.

Now that he looked at the primal chaos bead again, he clapped himself in the head. He really was screwed. When the primal chaos bead had merged with him, some information had appeared in his head, but he hadn’t looked through it.

Now, that information had disappeared. Other than the fact that it was called the primal chaos bead, he knew nothing else about it at all.

But the fact that that information had disappeared was also something he had no way of fixing. His mind entered the primal chaos bead, and he let out a startled cry.

He felt as if he had entered a small world. This was a space of three miles, and the ground was completely barren. It was just a flat land with nothing on it.

At the center of the space was a ball of flames. Currently, the Earth Flame seemed to be suppressed by something, and it was terrified.

Long Chen also had no idea what this bead’s abilities were for it to be able to suppress an Earth Flame. But he felt that it seemed just like a spatial ring. The only difference was that his soul was able to enter this world.

“Since you’re called a primal chaos bead, then I’ll call this the primal chaos space.”

Long Chen sized up his surroundings. This place was completely empty. However, it did possess a primal chaos aura that made him feel extremely comfortable.

Suddenly, he let out a startled cry as he remembered something. Back when he had first entered the secret realm, he had been completely stuck at the peak of Blood Condensation. Breaking through had been impossible.

But after entering the secret realm, he had almost immediately broken through. In other words, this world was lacking something that he needed in order to advance.

But now that he had this primal chaos bead, he wouldn’t need to go to any secret realms like that to advance.

He walked up to the Earth Flame that was quivering in fear.

“Come with me. I’ll make it worth your while.” Although he didn’t know how the primal chaos bead had suppressed the Earth Flame, Long Chen could sense that within the primal chaos space, he was the ruler. He could control everything here. It was an extremely strange feeling.

So he didn’t feel any more fear towards the Earth Flame. That was a feeling that came with having absolute control.

As he attempted to communicate with the Earth Flame, it was still constantly quivering. Long Chen could sense that the only thing it was feeling was terror.

That made him feel slightly helpless. But he had to find a way to make use of such a powerful weapon. Long Chen forcefully squeezed out another ball of his exhausted Pill Flame for the Earth Flame.

The Earth Flame immediately transformed to become a small serpent that swallowed his Pill Flame with a single gulp. Now, Long Chen could sense a feeling of joy coming from it.

“There’s hope!” Long Chen hastily circulated his spiritual qi to recover his Pill Flame. Feeding it ball by ball to the Earth Flame, after a few dozen feedings, he clearly sensed the Earth Flame was feeling a bit friendlier towards him.

Earth Flames were things born from the world, and they had their own spirituality. However, this Earth Flame was still in its infancy and needed to be guided.

Long Chen constantly fed it his Pill Flame. When he had fed it over a thousand balls, the little fellow finally stopped being terrified of him and became friendly, transforming into a blue serpent that coiled around his arm. It actually began to ask for more Pill Flame from him.

Long Chen smiled. It was said that after an Earth Flame grew up, its intelligence wouldn’t be any lower than a human’s. However, when Earth Flames matured, they would become even more berserk, and it was even harder to subdue them.

So, if you wanted to subdue an Earth Flame, you needed to do it before it completely matured.

Long Chen had truly benefited. Once this Earth Flame matured, it would become an extremely powerful killing tool for him. Most importantly, he could even use the Earth Flame for alchemy, which would allow him to refine even higher tier medicinal pills.

Long Chen pushed out his Pill Flame as fast as possible for three straight days. He didn’t even know how much of his Pill Flame had been fed to the Earth Flame during this time, but it finally completely calmed down.

Now, it merged its way into Long Chen’s arm, and a blue serpent tattoo appeared there. The tattoo was three inches long and remarkably lifelike.

That meant the Earth Flame had already accepted Long Chen as its master. In the future, he would be able to use its flame energy for attacks.

However, for now, the Earth Flame had descended into slumber, and Long Chen didn’t want to wake it. Instead, he decided to experiment. Looking at the vast and empty primal chaos space, a certain possibility shook his heart.

He took out a medicinal ingredient from his life ring. Although this life ring could keep herbs alive, their vitality would still be impacted, and they would become listless.

After a moment’s thought, Long Chen dug a hole and planted the herb. He was shocked to find that as soon as he planted the herb, it gradually recovered from its listless state, and in just a few breaths’ time, it began to thrum with vitality.

“This place can be used as a life ring, and it has a much better effect!”

Realizing that, Long Chen hastily dug a larger hole and planted the Qilin Fruit Tree. As expected, it also quickly recovered.

But the most exciting thing to him was that it was actually growing! He saw that the blossoms on the tree that had yet to bear fruit had clearly grown slightly in just a few breaths’ time.

“It can increase the rate of growth as well?!” That made Long Chen ecstatic. He hastily began to crazily plant all the medicinal ingredients from his life ring into the primal chaos space. Under his rapid planting, a large medicinal field appeared in the primal chaos space, and the entire area became filled with a dense spiritual qi.

Within this three-mile space, this medicinal field only took up a small portion, which made Long Chen feel like it was a waste. After pondering it for a moment, he decided to set a certain region for spatial rings he had picked up and whatever was inside them.

Spatial rings were not very safe since they could easily break, and once they broke, everything inside them was doomed.

He took out all the comparatively precious things in his spatial ring to a certain region on the edge of the space.

The primal chaos space was connected to his mind. Placing and withdrawing items from it was even more convenient than using a spatial ring, and it was safer and faster.

He also threw in the spatial rings he had gathered from battle. However, he didn’t bother going through them. There were just too many of them, and he was too lazy to classify them. He decided to leave that work to Tang Wan-er and the others. He trusted them to handle it.

He was in the midst of tidying things up when he saw a certain something at his feet that made him turn expressionless.

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