Chapter 469 Terrifying Earth Flame

Long Chen was filled with ecstasy as he rushed towards that hill.

Luo Bing shot off in hot pursuit. She had sensed the change in Long Chen’s mood. A sinister smile crept onto her face when she saw Long Chen rush towards that hill.

That was not actually a hill, but a round boulder three hundred meters wide. It was simply that it had been eroded by the wind all year round, so it looked like a mound of earth.

It had been over a year since Long Chen had seen that hill, but he recognized the marks he had left behind with just a glance. He sent a fist crashing into the hill.

The rock door exploded, revealing the entrance. Long Chen rushed in without even thinking about it.

“You ran like this to find yourself a burial mound?” Luo Bing entered right behind Long Chen. Seeing this round mound, she smiled mockingly.

However, she was extremely crafty. She stood at the cave entrance and stared at Long Chen. This was where he would die. He couldn’t possibly run out of this cave with her blocking the entrance. She wanted to see just what trick Long Chen was playing.

Entering the cave, Long Chen saw some broken eggshells to the side. Those were Little Snow’s masterpiece.

At the center of the cave was a thirty-meter pool of lava. The surging lava emitted a terrifying heat. Long Chen stood at the edge of the lava.

“You’re right, this place really is the burial ground I chose for myself. I really want to know, if I jump, what will happen?” Long Chen lightly looked at Luo Bing with an icy smile.

Luo Bing’s expression suddenly changed. If Long Chen jumped into this lava, his corpse would disappear. Then all the treasures and secrets he had on him would also disappear forever.

“I don’t believe that you’ll dare jump in.” Luo Bing put on a brave face.

“Are you an idiot? I already know that I’ll die, and if I land in your hands, I really won’t have a good death. Why wouldn’t I dare jump?” sneered Long Chen.

“Listen to me, Long Chen-”


Long Chen shouted. “Don’t get any closer. You want to use some secret technique to capture me? Keep dreaming. If you take another step closer, I’ll immediately jump into the lava, and you won’t obtain anything.”

Long Chen could easily see through Luo Bing’s intentions. At this moment, Luo Bing was less than thirty meters away. That was an extremely dangerous distance.

“Fine, fine! I won’t move. Let’s just discuss this. If you hand over your cultivation technique and Battle Skills, I promise I won’t kill you.” Luo Bing raised her hand and swore.

However, she was sneering inside. She wouldn’t kill Long Chen, but she could crush all his bones and then seal him inside this cave. Then he would still definitely die, while it still wouldn’t count as breaking her promise.

Staring at Luo Bing, was it possible for Long Chen to not realize this? Such methods were things Long Chen had grown tired of playing with ages ago. He saw through her thoughts in an instant.

However, his eyes seemed to light up, and with a hesitating voice, he asked, “You promise you won’t kill me?”

“I, Luo Bing, swear I will definitely not kill you. If I betray this oath, may flames burn my soul and turn me to dust.” Luo Bing swore solemnly, but a vicious light shone in the depths of her eyes. That was something that couldn’t possibly escape Long Chen.

Ah, why have you still not come out yet? Big bro Earth Flame, hurry up and come out. I’m just waiting for you to save my life! Long Chen prayed inside.

This was the cave Long Chen had noticed back on his journey to the Xuantian Monastery. Back then, Long Chen had been chased by the Giant Desert Scorpions. He had noticed light coming from here and rushed over. After killing the Flame Salamander, he had noticed this Earth Flame.

Now after being chased into this area, Long Chen had thought of its existence again, and he had placed his hopes on it.

But right now, the lava was constantly surging, and the Earth Flame refused to reveal itself. That made Long Chen feel slightly panicked.

“Let me think about it a bit. But don’t get any closer! Your character is too rotten for me to trust you just like that. Give me some time,” warned Long Chen.

Luo Bing’s expression sank. Long Chen’s words were no different than a slap in her face. Killing intent surged out of her eyes, but she controlled herself and icily said, “Fine, I will give you an incense stick’s worth of time to consider it.”

Long Chen wanted to say an incense stick’s worth of time was too short and ask for a few hours, but that would definitely draw Luo Bing’s suspicions. He decided not to say anything and acted as if he were contemplating. In truth, all his focus was on the lava pool behind him.

“Alright, it’s been an incense stick’s worth of time. Have you considered it?” said Luo Bing icily.

“What nonsense! It’s only been a single breath’s time so far! How was this an incense stick’s worth of time?! Who do you think you’re trying to scare? Tch, do you even have any sincerity? Has your head turned to crap? How about I just throw myself into the lava right now?!” raged Long Chen as he took a jumping posture.

In truth, it really had been an incense stick’s worth of time. But Long Chen refused to acknowledge that, continuing to act furious.

“No! Don’t jump! You’re just too nervous and can’t feel the flow of time. I’ll give you another incense stick’s worth of time.” Luo Bing hastily stopped him.

“Don’t treat me like someone who doesn’t know how to count. How could an incense stick’s worth of time have passed so quickly? You clearly are just forcing me and have no sincerity.”

Long Chen angered Luo Bing so much that she turned purple. She tightly clenched her sword, wishing to directly cut Long Chen in half. But for Long Chen’s secrets, she endured.

Suddenly, the lava pool emitted a faint rumble. Long Chen hastily pointed at Luo Bing and cursed, “You idiot woman, did you really think I’d hand my secrets over to you? If I were someone as ugly and disgusting as you, I’d have long since killed myself. You want my secrets? Just keep dreaming. A trash woman like you, an idiot to the peak-”

“Die!” Luo Bing had already been trembling on the verge of exploding. Now that Long Chen once more insulted her, she finally lost control and slashed a ray of Sword Qi at Long Chen.

However, Long Chen had long since been waiting for that and dodged to the side. Her attack ended up going past Long Chen.

Just at that moment, waves of lava exploded as a foot-high blue flame floated out, its body semi-transparent.

As soon as it appeared, a terrifyingly high temperature filled the air. Luo Bing’s Sword Qi descended down upon it.

“Earth Flame?!” Luo Bing let out a shrill shriek.


She had reacted too late. The instant her sword slashed down on the Earth Flame, it caused a massive explosion that blew apart the cave.

Long Chen was also sent flying by that terrifying power.

A terrifying pressure descended upon the world. It was as if heaven and earth had become enraged. A blue light enveloped an area of several miles, and the terrifying heat caused even the sand to melt.

“AHH!” Luo Bing shrieked miserably. Her entire body was covered by the blue Earth Flame. She quickly took out a bell that released a light that forced the Earth Flame away from her body.

But that Earth Flame seemed to have been provoked, and it coiled around her like a blue flame dragon. Her little bell was growing dimmer by the second.

As for Long Chen, despite being protected by his Pill Flame, he felt as if his entire body was about to burn to ash.

Earth Flames were born from mother earth. It was said their power was capable of burning the heavens, vaporizing the seas, and refining the mountains. This particular Earth Flame was one that had only just been born, and it had still not reached its full power.

But even just its present power was truly too terrifying, so terrifying that Long Chen should have immediately turned and fled. However, his disease had recurred. He felt like his legs were locked in place, and he was unable to move.

“If I manage to take it, then even against Xiantian experts, I should have some ability to fight…” Long Chen’s heart pounded fervently.

“Blood Essence Grand Art!”

Luo Bing suddenly shouted and her Blood Qi erupted. By using a secret technique to ignite her Blood Qi, she crazily resisted the Earth Flame.

Considering how strong Earth Flames were, they would be able to instantly kill a Xiantian expert without the slightest effort. But this Earth Flame had only just been born. It was still in an infantile state, so its power was limited.

The other reason it wasn’t capable of killing Luo Bing instantly was because its intelligence was very low. It didn’t know how to attack. It only knew how to wrap around Luo Bing. That was the only reason she was able to resist it.

However, this Blood Essence Grand Art used up too much of her Xiantian essence blood. If she used up too much of that, she would descend from Xiantian to Houtian, and she would never be able to reach the Xiantian realm again.

But considering the situation, she couldn’t care too much about that. She could only resist the Earth Flame as best as she could.

The Earth Flame looked like a translucent blue flame dragon as it coiled around her body, refusing to let go of this person who had just attacked it.


Luo Bing pushed her power to the peak. The ground was constantly collapsing, and powerful qi waves made it hard for Long Chen to breathe. He felt like a mountain was crushing him.

“The Xiantian realm really is terrifying. Although Luo Bing is only in the early Xiantian realm, she could easily crush me.”

Now Long Chen was absolutely certain that if Luo Bing had wanted him dead, he would have long since departed from this world. The only reason he was still alive was because she had been greedy for his secrets.

That made Long Chen sweat. The difference was truly too great.

“Crap! The Earth Flame is getting weaker too!” Long Chen jumped in fright. The Earth Flame was no longer acting as fierce as before. Luo Bing had also sensed that, which filled her with delight and hope.

However, although the Earth Flame was weakening, it wasn’t a sudden decline, but gradual. If Luo Bing wanted to throw it off, it would exhaust a great deal of her power as well.

Furthermore, as Luo Bing ignited her Xiantian essence blood, her own power was weakening. She was horrified to find that if this continued, then perhaps she really might end up exhausted first.

Most terrifying of all, there was still Long Chen to the side. Thinking of how ruthless Long Chen was, her blood turned cold.

“Scram!” Luo Bing suddenly erupted with a burst of power, charging her way out of the Earth Flame’s entanglement.

Just as she struggled free and her nerves relaxed ever so slightly, a green light flew over and cut through her neck. A head flew into the sky.

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