Chapter 468 Chased Down Desperately

The previous plan was for everyone to cover Long Chen, and when they were far away enough, they were to split up to confuse the others.

But that plan hadn’t succeeded. They had barely gotten anywhere before Sun Jianxiong had caught up.

Long Chen no longer needed to have any more misgivings, and he directly summoned out Little Snow to run as fast as possible.

“Bastards, don’t think I don’t dare kill you!” Sun Jianxiong furiously roared. Song Mingyuan and the others were risking their lives to hold him back.

The most infuriating one would have to be Guo Ran. He had wrapped his arms around Sun Jianxiong’s waist and no matter what he did, Guo Ran refused to let go.

Finally, Sun Jianxiong furiously slammed his palm on Guo Ran’s shoulder, and his terrifying Xiantian power completely broke apart Guo Ran’s arm.

“Scram!” With a final roar, Sun Jianxiong erupted with his full power, sending Song Mingyuan and all the others flying. They vomited blood and then fainted.

When he finally turned to follow Long Chen, he saw that Long Chen had long since disappeared. Little Snow was too fast, and when Sun Jianxiong went past the next mountain, he saw a vast river on the other side, and Long Chen’s tracks had disappeared.

Atop Little Snow, Long Chen was tightly clutching his fur, his eyes surging with icy killing intent. He was clenching his teeth so tightly that he was bleeding.

“Sha Qitian, Sun Jianxiong, just wait!”

“Haha, there’s no need to wait, because your life is mine.” Suddenly, a woman’s voice rang out from behind him.

Long Chen hastily looked back with shock, seeing a woman smiling at him sinisterly.

“Luo Bing!”

The one following him was Luo Bing, the one who had brought her thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples to provoke the 108th monastery, only to leave dejectedly in failure.

Luo Bing was currently filled with killing intent. Despite fleeing as fast as he could, Long Chen could not throw her off.

“Long Chen, you really do have quite the abilities to be able to escape from Sun Jianxiong. Hehe, did you think you were already safe?

“Haha, as soon as you left, I was secretly following you, all to make sure you didn’t escape. Looks like a woman’s intuition is really the best, as you really did manage to escape.

“Unfortunately, no matter how far you run, you won’t be able to escape me. Today, I’ll return the humiliation you gave me by ten times- no, a hundred times! Hahaha…” laughed Luo Bing.

Long Chen’s heart sank. He hadn’t expected this woman to have secretly followed him like this. Now it was truly troublesome.

“Do you know why I went through this trouble? It’s because I’m very curious just what thing you have that allows you to grow this fast. Hehe, the heavens really haven’t let me down. They gave me a chance to get all the benefits for myself, hahaha! Don’t be afraid, I will definitely take care of you properly.” Luo Bing’s voice was full of excitement.

“Hmph, you ugly, old bitch, you look like some shoehorn that transformed and took human form. Don’t spout your bile for others,” insulted Long Chen.

But although that was what he said, he was racking his brain for ways to escape. Even if Luo Bing was trash as a person, she was still a Xiantian expert, and he was definitely not a match for her.

The only possible way for him to escape was to come up with some scheme. But Long Chen had truly exhausted all his abilities, and his head was empty.

“You still want to run? You want to use words to infuriate me and give you a quick death? Stop dreaming. I won’t let you die so happily. I will make you feel endless despair as your life slowly trickles away from you.” Luo Bing clenched her teeth.

As Little Snow crazily raced along, he let out a loud roar, communicating with Long Chen.

Little Snow was thinking of using their combined attack again. However, Long Chen shook his head.

Currently, perhaps he might have enough spiritual qi for that, but his Pill Flame had only recovered to twenty percent. With only that level of power, their combination attack wouldn’t be able to cause any effective injuries to a Xiantian expert.

Xiantian experts had already surpassed the category of ordinary Houtian cultivators. They could control natural energy, and the Battle Skills used by Houtian cultivators were usually unable to menace them.

In the cultivation world, there were some geniuses who could fight across realms. However, the gap between Xiantian and Houtian was not one so easily crossed. And so there was a saying in the cultivation world that the cultivators below the Xiantian realm were less than ants.

When you reached the Xiantian realm, your Houtian spiritual qi would transform into Xiantian spiritual qi.

But that was not all. Entering the Xiantian realm caused a complete transformation in the body, and a person’s longevity would increase to a thousand years.

Furthermore, the strength of a Xiantian expert’s spiritual qi was a completely different concept compared to Houtian spiritual qi, and there was simply no comparison.

So even though Long Chen was powerful, he wasn’t delusional enough to think he could use his own power to defeat Luo Bing.

Let alone a Tendon Transformation rookie, even a genius Meridian Opening expert would find it impossible to defeat a mediocre Xiantian expert.

“Hahaha, I really like your current expression. Keep struggling, keep trying to think of ways to save yourself. I like it.” Luo Bing laughed and simply followed Little Snow, not getting any closer or falling behind.

Little Snow’s speed had reached his peak, and just the wind force was something that would make a person’s face hurt. But they were still unable to throw her off.

Long Chen’s expression was grave. He was thinking as fast as he could, but he wasn’t able to come up with any way to throw her off. It was just as he said: in front of absolute strength, all schemes were useless.

But in this case, it was Luo Bing who had the absolute power. She wasn’t in a hurry to do anything. It was only because she allowed it that Long Chen could still continue running while she followed. She was just playing a game of cat and mouse, wanting to play Long Chen to death.

Suddenly, the terrain became very level, and an endless, barren land appeared.

“Hahaha, this is the burial ground you’ve chosen for yourself? The scenery really is not bad. And this place also isn’t that far from your monastery. How surprising, you actually have such feelings toward your monastery and even in death, you want to die nearby,” sneered Luo Bing.

Luo Bing’s words caused a spark to light up in Long Chen’s mind.

He suddenly thought of a certain thing. Perhaps that thing really would be able to save his life. Long Chen had Little Snow act as if he was terrified. That was what Luo Bing wanted to see, and perhaps it could stall her for a bit longer.

At the same time, Long Chen looked carefully at the surroundings, trying to match it up to the map in his head. However, the surroundings were all just a barren land, and there was nothing easily distinguishable.

“Just running like this is a bit boring. It’d be better to play a little game, don’t you think? I’ll first sever one of your legs, and you can continue running.” Luo Bing suddenly got tired of this game and took out a sword. Sword Qi came slashing at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Had she finally run out of patience?

A blood-colored saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands, and a saber-image soared into the sky, ruthlessly slamming into Luo Bing’s sword.


Dust exploded. Long Chen and Little Snow were both sent flying.

They tumbled back several miles before stopping. Long Chen was horrified. Xiantian power was even more terrifyingly powerful than what he had thought.

“Ah, so you actually have a Xiantian weapon. Hehe, even if you don’t have any other treasures, just that saber means I’ll profit a great deal today.” Luo Bing’s eyes lighted upon Blooddrinker.

Little Snow suddenly roared and a sphere of wind blades shot out like lightning at Luo Bing.

Luo Bing was slightly surprised, and green light shot out of her sword.

Long Chen’s heart sank. Little Snow’s full strength attack was split in two by Luo Bing easily. It didn’t pose any threat at all.

It had to be known that after absorbing the Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan, Little Snow’s wind blades had already surpassed the limit of a fourth rank Magical Beast’s attack power, and was on the same level as a fifth rank Magical Beast.

But such a terrifying attack was easily obliterated by Luo Bing.

“Not bad. What a curious Magical Beast. Interesting. I wonder, just how many trump cards do you have? Only like this will the game be interesting.” Luo Bing smiled sinisterly.

“Run!” Long Chen jumped onto Little Snow’s back, and they once more crazily fled. Long Chen needed to find it, or he didn’t have the slightest hope of getting away.

But Luo Bing was too fast. She crossed a dozen miles with a single step and instantly caught up, slashing out again.

This time, Luo Bing had struck with twice as much power as last time, causing Long Chen to vomit a mouthful of blood. Even Little Snow was injured.

Long Chen and Little Snow repeatedly fled, while Luo Bing followed each time, launching five consecutive blows. Each time, she would double her power, causing Long Chen to constantly vomit blood.

But Long Chen bitterly endured. He had to find it. Little Snow wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. His internal organs were already injured, but he still brought Long Chen racing forward as fast as possible.

When Luo Bing attacked again, Long Chen returned Little Snow to his spiritual space. This attack was too terrifying. Long Chen couldn’t act weak any longer, or he would take a heavy injury for this.

“Split the Heavens!”

Two stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and his divine ring shook the heavens, bringing his power to its peak.


A terrifying qi wave exploded out, creating a huge hundred-mile crater in the desert. The world became full of flying sand.

Luo Bing was shocked. She was actually forced back a mile by that power, and when the sand scattered, Long Chen was already a hundred miles away.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Luo Bing roared furiously and chased after him. She was now filled with an even greater desire to know Long Chen’s secrets. She had to obtain them.

This time, Luo Bing was no longer so careful with her attack power. She began to truly use her Xiantian power against Long Chen. She was shocked to find that even after using almost eighty percent of her Xiantian power, Long Chen was still able to receive her attacks.

However, Long Chen was repeatedly coughing up blood, and his hand was bleeding. Against a Xiantian expert, he still had no chance.


Long Chen was once more blown back several miles, repeatedly flipping through the air miserably. Furthermore, after all this intense fighting, his spiritual qi had sharply declined. His divine ring disappeared, and those stars in his eyes faded.

Am I doomed to die here today? Ugh.

Long Chen clenched his teeth. Suddenly, he saw a small hill in the distance, and he was filled with endless hope.

He began to speed toward that hill as fast as he could.

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