Chapter 466 Confrontation Between Sect Leaders

“Hua Biluo!”

Quite a few sect leaders cried out in shock upon seeing the second monastery’s top disciple.

As soon as she appeared, she walked directly to Long Chen’s side and icily told the surrounding sect leaders, “I am allied with Long Chen, and whoever makes an enemy of Long Chen will become enemies with my Hua family.”

Hua Biluo’s words contained unquestionable resolve. Compared to before, she was like a completely different person, filled with insufferable arrogance and imposingness.

This was not the Jiuli secret realm. This place belonged to the Righteous path, and as someone who came from an ancient family, she had an illustrious status. That was the power of disciples from powerful families. Even in the face of Xiantian experts, they could still be completely confident.

Seeing Hua Biluo stand by Long Chen’s side, many people were stunned. Hua Biluo had always been the second monastery’s secret weapon.

But after entering the secret realm, Hua Biluo had shown her grandeur, shaking all the monasteries. Her background was no longer any secret.

That made countless monasteries incredibly envious of the first and second monasteries. They both had ancient family disciples who had gone there for tempering.

However, they didn’t feel there was anything wrong with that. After all, the first and second monasteries definitely had that level of power, or the ancient families wouldn’t have sent their disciples to waste their time there.

The second monastery’s sect leader was a bit startled, but he stood out and lightly said, “Naturally, my monastery’s disciple can’t be bullied by outsiders.” He came to Hua Biluo’s side and called out, “Brother Wang, brother Li, brother Dongfang, you should also come over.”

Over ten Xiantian experts immediately walked over. Those people were all allied with the second monastery.

This time, the second monastery had truly decided to set themselves against the first monastery. Now, their full power was brought out.

“Zhao Yongchang, are you sure you want to go against me?” The first monastery’s sect leader’s expression sank.

“Sha Qitian, aren’t you just wasting your breath? Your character is something everyone in the monasteries knows.

“It’s no wonder even the junior generation looks down on you. Now I’m looking down on you. This isn’t the first time you’ve abused your power.

“But you normally at least try to keep it secret. Did you think we were blind all these years? Or did you really think your methods were so amazing that no one could see any clues?

“Everyone in the monasteries is well aware of you targeting Long Chen. The fact that Long Chen could survive under your sinister schemes means he definitely has both power and wisdom.

“Such a person is a blessing to our entire supermonastery. But for a little selfish gain, you wanted to viciously kill this genius. Sometimes, I suspect you’re a double agent from the Corrupt path,” said Zhao Yongchang, the second monastery’s sect leader.

His words were extremely sharp, and each word contained righteous indignation, causing every person here to be filled with praise inside.

The first monastery had suppressed everyone and controlled things in the dark for so long. When it came to the top geniuses from other monasteries, either they had to be drawn to their side or stealthily ‘removed’. However, although those monasteries in the lower rankings might be angry, they didn’t dare say anything.

Now that Zhao Yongchang had exposed this, many of them were cheering with delight.

However, that kind of emotion could only be kept on the inside. These Xiantian experts were all wily old foxes, and before a winner was decided, they definitely wouldn’t pick a side.

The first monastery and second monastery were now using Long Chen as an excuse to face off. As for who would be laughing at the end, it was still unknown. On the surface, it seemed the first monastery still had an absolute advantage. However, no one could predict the final result.

On the side of the first monastery were twenty-three Xiantian experts, while on the second monastery’s side, even with Ling Yunzi and Cang Ming, they only had fifteen. There was a clear power disparity.

Most of the monasteries, whose relationship with the first and second monasteries were somewhat vague, now decided to be silent, not taking any side. They couldn’t tell just which side was truly stronger.

Each side had an ancient family supporting them. If they joined one side, that would offend the other. That was a difficult decision, and so they decided to just watch. 

As for those disciples that had managed to come out alive from the Jiuli secret realm, they looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression, not saying anything.

They had personally witnessed Long Chen’s unrivaled power. However, his enemies were now Xiantian experts. No matter how strong he was, he would only be slaughtered here.

This time, the disciples who had managed to live were different from previous years. Previously, those monasteries ranked higher had more disciples who survived. While this time, every monastery in the top fifty had suffered calamitous losses. Some had even been completely eradicated.

As for those ranked below one hundred, other than some that had died at the beginning in the secret realm, they had all lived to survive the battle at Two World Mountain.

In all of history, the final Righteous and Corrupt battle was always the most desperate. Furthermore, those who died were always those weaker disciples. They were nothing more than prey for the strong.

But this time, that final battle had become a battle to kill Long Chen. However, Long Chen hadn’t been killed, and instead, it was those top experts from the Righteous and Corrupt paths who had been slaughtered.

The ones who had suffered the greatest losses were the Corrupt path. They had almost been completely eradicated. That was because the Righteous disciples had been comparatively ‘smarter’, and once they saw the situation was not as they had expected, many of them had laid down on the ground and pretended to be dead.

Only when the exit had finally opened did they ‘suddenly come back to life’ and activate their tablets.

On the other hand, the Corrupt disciples had attacked ruthlessly. But when they had run into Long Chen, who was even more ruthless than they were, it was fated for them to have a miserable ending. Their army of tens of thousands had been reduced to less than a thousand survivors.

Of their top experts, it seemed it was only Yin Luo who had managed to escape half-alive. Of course, the other half of him had been left in the secret realm and gathered by Mo Nian. It was unknown whether he could even still survive after such an injury.

In the Righteous path, those disciples unrelated to the first monastery, who were comparatively weaker and smarter, had mostly all survived.

Those people had no relationship to the stronger powers, and they knew that in terms of strength, they were just cannon fodder. A shockwave from an attack could kill them. Furthermore, they knew it was impossible for them to get a favor from Huo Wufang. Only those stronger powers had the qualifications to form a relationship with the Pill Tower.

In the beginning, there had been many disciples in neutral positions when Huo Wufang had called for their help. But then, those top experts had joined hands to target Long Chen’s group, and so those neutral people gradually joined in. In truth, they had only done that as an act. They didn’t even need to do anything as long as they acted imposing and followed the flow. But due to their act, they had ended up throwing their lives away.

Originally, the Righteous path should not have suffered so many losses. When Long Chen had shown how ruthless he was, many of them had retreated. But once he had started to merge with the primal chaos bead, they had immediately seen an opportune chance and charged forward. They could only blame themselves for the slaughter that had then occurred.

It could be said that the reason most of these weaker disciples had managed to get out of the secret realm alive was because of Long Chen.

But seeing Long Chen in danger, they chose to remain silent. They wanted to say what Long Chen had encountered in the secret realm, but they were afraid of offending the first monastery. So, their best option was to keep their mouths shut.

Some of these disciples had even been allowed to clean up the battlefield by Mo Nian and were holding many spatial rings. But even they chose to stay silent.

Seeing that Zhao Yongchang was not giving him any face, Sha Qitian’s fury soared. “Zhao Yongchang, don’t fail to recognize right and wrong. Long Chen willfully slaughtered the innocent in the secret realm. That is an undeniable fact, and there are even photographic jades as evidence. In order to curry favor with the Hua family, you act like you have a conscience? Do you even have a sense of shame? Do you even place the Xuantian Supermonastery in your eyes?”

“Sha Qitian, don’t bother acting so sanctimonious and righteous. I trust my disciple, and since she trusts Long Chen, I also trust Long Chen,” sneered Zhao Yongchang.

“Then there’s nothing more to say. Everyone, you’ve also seen that Long Chen is a vicious murderer, the scum of the Righteous path! Today, we can’t let this traitor escape alive. Let me see just how you plan on protecting a Tendon Transformation traitor!” roared Sha Qitian.

“All of you listen.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out in Long Chen’s mind. That was Ling Yunzi voice. However, Ling Yunzi was still facing the front and hadn’t made any odd movements.

But Long Chen noticed Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others also had jumped ever so slightly, so it seemed they were hearing his voice as well.

This was a spiritual communication, and due to how close they all were, such faint spiritual fluctuations wouldn’t draw other people’s attention.

“Once the battle starts, all of you immediately run. This is a battle of Xiantian experts, and none of us can protect you. A single shockwave can instantly kill you.

“Long Chen, you especially have to run quickly. You’re Sha Qitian’s target. Only by killing you can he cover up his scheme.

“Sha Qitian has a deep relationship with the supermonastery, and if you die, he will be able to easily hide the truth from the public. But as long as you get away, the other disciples should be safe.

“No matter how brazen Sha Qitian is, he wouldn’t dare get rid of so many geniuses.

“In a bit, all of you run. Get as far away from the battlefield as possible, and try to get Long Chen a chance to escape,” said Ling Yunzi.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment and stealthily took out a talisman from his spatial ring. Hiding behind Ling Yunzi, he pressed it into his hand.

“It’s useless. That’s just a Minor Thousand World Talisman. It can only be used within secret realms. Here, the Heavenly Daos’ laws restrict its usage. Make your preparations. They’re about to attack,” said Ling Yunzi.

“Attack!” shouted Sha Qitian.

“Sha Qitian, let me accompany you for a while.” Zhao Yongchang sent a fist smashing at Sha Qitian. Considering this was a face-off in monastery rankings, he had to face Sha Qitian and display his power. Otherwise, how would he compete with the first monastery?


Following Ling Yunzi’s transmission, Long Chen and the others all began to rush away. Each of them wore a heavy cloak so others couldn’t see their faces.

“Hahaha, you want to run? Stay behind!” The seventh monastery’s sect leader sneered and appeared right in front of them.

Suddenly, a cold Sword Qi slashed down from the sky at the seventh monastery’s sect leader.

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