Chapter 464 I Want to Kill Her

“Isn’t Long Chen done for?!”

“What do you mean brother Mo?” Zheng Wenlong hastily asked.

“Long Chen’s not the same as us. As a member of the Xuantian Supermonastery, he has his own exit. The various sect leaders of its 108 monasteries are all waiting at that exit. Once he gets there, won’t he be killed by those sect leaders?” said Mo Nian.

“You don’t need to worry. I’ll immediately go over to help.” Hua Biluo also realized that now. She hastily activated her tablet, disappearing from their sight.

Seeing Hua Biluo disappear, Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong were much more at ease. Hua Biluo was also a disciple from an ancient family, and she possessed a great deal of influence in the supermonastery. With her going over, she would definitely be able to help Long Chen.

Mo Nian looked over the battlefield. The Righteous and Corrupt disciples that had attacked them had already fled in the first moment. How could they have dared to stay? Although there were spatial rings all over, they didn’t have any thoughts of snatching them.

As for those distant spectators, they wanted to come over, but they were still hesitating. After all, they hadn’t been the ones to win those battle spoils.

“What are you just standing there looking for? The spatial door will only be open for an incense stick’s worth of time. You don’t want to clean up the battlefield?” shouted Mo Nian.

This was a huge battlefield, and there were corpses everywhere. On Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong’s side, there were only a few hundred people. It would be impossible for them to completely go through the battlefield without several hours.

Those spectating disciples were mostly from poor backgrounds. Although they hadn’t helped, they also couldn’t count as enemies. They were all Righteous disciples, so there was no need to be so domineering with them.

Those disciples were filled with gratefulness when they heard Mo Nian. They all rushed over the battlefield. However, they knew not to go overboard. They only went through the outer sides of the battlefield. The corpses there were mostly ordinary core disciples and Favored.

As for the center of the battlefield with the Chosen, that was left for Mo Nian and the others. But even so, they managed to gather over a hundred spatial rings each.

They didn’t have time to look through the spatial rings, but they knew that each one of them must contain unimaginable treasures.

Long Chen, Mo Nian, and people like them conducted themselves openly and candidly. In comparison, Huo Wufang and Han Tianyu were trash. They might be powerful, but they lacked the grandness that an expert should possess.

“Brother Zheng, you should direct everyone. I’ll go back first,” said Mo Nian.

“What’s so urgent?” asked Zheng Wenlong, surprised to hear that Mo Nian wasn’t even willing to stay for a quarter hour.

“I feel like Long Chen might really be in trouble this time. He killed too many people, and who knows how many Righteous disciples are included in there.

“There must be many Xiantian experts waiting for him. Even if he grew wings, Long Chen would find it impossible to escape. He’ll definitely be captured, and considering how many people he’s killed, the fact that he comes from the lowest ranking monastery, and that he doesn’t have any connections in the supermonastery, the supermonastery won’t necessarily choose to protect him.

“If the supermonastery wants to appease everyone’s anger, they’ll very likely have Long Chen killed.

“So, I’ll go back right now and alert my old man. Tch, no matter what happens, I’ll protect Long Chen. It was so hard to find a brother to my taste. I can’t let him die.” Mo Nian’s expression was gloomy. He came from a grand background, and he was very familiar with the unwritten rules between sects.

“You’re right. I’ll also report it to my sect Elders.” Zheng Wenlong nodded.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them activated their tablets and disappeared from the Jiuli secret realm, leaving behind their subordinates who were quickly cleaning up the spoils from the final battlefield.

When the spatial door in the air began to tremble, those disciples’ expressions changed, and they immediately activated their tablets.

If they still didn’t activate them now, then it might really be too late. Looking at the piles of corpses on the ground, it was unknown just how many spatial rings were still lying amongst them. They were filled with unwillingness. Unfortunately, staying behind would mean death.

The spatial gate finally faded away. The entire Jiuli secret realm returned to calm. The only ones left on the battlefield were corpses, an endless number of corpses. An icy breeze blew by. It was almost possible to still hear the sound of sobbing.

Spatial fluctuations appeared in front of Long Chen, and his vision suddenly changed. He arrived at the same place where he had entered the secret realm from. At this time, there were many figures present.

The Xuantian Supermonastery’s 108 monastery’s sect leaders and their various Xiantian experts were all gathered here. As soon as he appeared, he heard the sound of a loud argument. One of those voices was very familiar to him. It was the voice of the sharp-tongued senior Cang Ming.

But when Long Chen appeared, the entire crowd became silent. Everyone’s gaze landed on him.

“Long Chen, you evil traitor, you willfully slaughtered the innocent and murdered members of your own sect! Let me see just where you’ll run today!” Yin Wushuang hid behind her first monastery’s sect leader; her eyes filled with rancor and delight. With this many Xiantian experts, Long Chen was doomed.

These sect leaders had already come here a few days ago in preparation for welcoming their disciples back.

After all, those that entered the secret realm were their monasteries’ strongest disciples. Each one of them was important.

Originally, people had been discussing what would happen in the Righteous and Corrupt battle. This time, the Xuantian Supermonastery would definitely stand out. After all, they had geniuses like Han Tianyu, Hua Biluo, Yin Wushuang, and Han Tianfeng. Adding on over a hundred Chosen, they had been confident in winning an unprecedented glory.

But as they were discussing how they would finally get to reverse the tide against the Corrupt path that had suppressed them for so long, Han Tianyu and Yin Wushuang had come out along with their people.

When they had appeared, the sect leaders had jumped in shock. Han Tianyu was pale as paper, and his spiritual qi was practically exhausted. His body was covered with blood, and his right arm was broken.

Yin Wushuang was even more miserable, and her jaw had been broken. A wood attribute expert immediately went to go heal her.

Only then did Yin Wushuang regain the ability to speak. The first thing she said made everyone shocked. Long Chen had gone crazy and had crazily slaughtered the experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths.

Cang Ming had immediately exploded with rage and began to argue with the first monastery’s sect leader. That was the cursing Long Chen had heard when he had appeared.

“Impudent Long Chen, how dare you be so disgraceful? Hurry up and kneel in repentance.” The first monastery’s sect leader furiously roared, sending a fist smashing at Long Chen.

“Fuck off, you shameless, old dog.”

A furious curse rang out, and a huge hammer that was even bigger than a table ruthlessly smashed at the first monastery’s sect leader.

The first monastery’s sect leader had been hoping to capture Long Chen immediately. That was because Yin Wushuang had used a secret method to tell him that their illegal activities had already been exposed. So his top priority was to kill Long Chen. Even if others investigated at that time, a dead man couldn’t testify.

But although he was fast, Cang Ming was faster.

The first monastery’s sect leader was surprised by Cang Ming’s quick reactions, and he hastily turned his fist into a palm, colliding with Cang Ming’s hammer.


A terrifying wave of qi shot out. Long Chen felt like he was about to suffocate. The two of them were both Xiantian experts, and with each wave of their hands, Xiantian power raged.

That was different from Yin Luo’s Xiantian power. His Xiantian power did not come from himself, and in terms of power, it was as different as heaven and earth.

That power was something that could instantly exterminate anyone beneath the Xiantian realm. Long Chen was just about to resist with his full strength when he felt himself being pulled to the side.

“Sect leader!”

Long Chen was delighted to see Ling Yunzi take action now. It was he who blocked the shockwave of their attack for him.

“What happened?” asked Ling Yunzi gravely.

“Sect leader, I need to ask you for one thing. I want to kill Yin Wushuang, and I need you to block the others.” Long Chen took a deep breath.

Ling Yunzi’s heart jumped. Long Chen’s gaze was completely steady, and he was clearly set on killing Yin Wushuang.


Long Chen was surprised that Ling Yunzi actually did not even hesitate. He nodded and engraved this favor in his heart. He then shot out straight toward Yin Wushuang.

“AHH!” Originally, Yin Wushuang had felt completely safe. But now she let out a sharp cry and hastily hid behind another Xiantian expert from the first monastery.

“Brazen traitor, you actually dare publicly commit crimes in front of this many people? You really have fallen onto the devil path. Don’t blame this old man for being ruthless and executing you!”

The first monastery’s sect leader was delighted to see Long Chen attack. Now he would have even more reason to openly kill Long Chen.

“Execute your fucking mom! Why don’t I just execute you too?!” Cang Ming raged, his hammer once more smashing down.

“Courting death!” Being entangled with Cang Ming, the first monastery’s sect leader was completely furious. His aura completely erupted, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

But when his fist smashed into Cang Ming’s hammer, he was completely shocked.

“Late Xiantian realm?!” He finally realized that Cang Ming had always been concealing his cultivation base. Now that he had released his aura, Cang Ming had as well.


While the first monastery’s sect leader was entangled with Cang Ming, Long Chen had already charged over to Yin Wushuang. In front of her was a Xiantian Elder. That Elder roared and sent a palm crashing at Long Chen.

Although this Elder’s words were just to scram, the powerful energy coming from his palm clearly showed this was a killing blow. Even Meridian Opening experts would be unable to receive this blow.

But suddenly, a cold Sword Qi pierced through that person’s palm.

That Elder was absolutely horrified. His hand instantly exploded and he screamed, miserably flying back.

“Ling Yunzi, how brazen!” He let out a furious roar, as that Sword Qi had come from Ling Yunzi.

Ling Yunzi simply returned his sword to his sheath as if nothing had happened. He didn’t even look at that person.

Now, Long Chen arrived right next to Yin Wushuang. Without saying a word, the first thing he did was give her a slap in the face, breaking her just healed jaw.

At the same time, his other hand locked around her throat, and killing intent surged out of his eyes.

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