Chapter 463 I’ll Teach You What Pain Is

“Huo Wufang, hand over your life!” Long Chen sprang forward, charging at Huo Wufang.

Huo Wufang’s expression completely changed. Long Chen was absolutely massacring everyone, and no one had been able to stop him. Right now, Huo Wufang had already changed his clothes and was hiding within the crowd. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to find him with a single glance.

But in truth, it had to be said that Huo Wufang’s method was completely foolish, and just deceiving himself. As a pill cultivator with powerful Spiritual Strength, Long Chen was extremely sensitive to his flame energy.

Now that Long Chen had already locked onto him, Huo Wufang felt as if he had been dropped into an icehouse. Even his bones turned cold, and his hair stood on end.

Now he really did regret it. He had never imagined that the situation would develop to this point. If he had known earlier, then no matter what, he wouldn’t have dared set himself against Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen had already killed three pinnacle experts: Xue Wuya, the mustached man, and Feng Xiao-zi. He was practically possessed by a killing god, completely unblockable. Whoever tried to stop him would die.

Of the pinnacle experts, only he, Han Tianyu, and Yin Luo were still alive. But the three of them could all tell that even if they joined hands, they wouldn’t be able to stop the current Long Chen. So, they were all fleeing.

They all wanted to see just who Long Chen would target. That was a gamble on whoever’s luck was the most lacking. They were all waiting for a certain thing that was on the verge of occurring. Now they were in a race against time.

Seeing Long Chen target him instead of Han Tianyu or Yin Luo, Huo Wufang couldn’t help cursing his bad luck.

But in truth, it seemed he had forgotten. The one who had caused this huge battle had been solely him. If it hadn’t been for him, Long Chen could have simply killed Han Tianyu and Yin Luo, and this matter would have been over.

It was only because Huo Wufang had used his Pill Tower status to interfere that Long Chen had become the enemy of the Righteous and Corrupt paths. If Long Chen didn’t target him, then that really wouldn’t have made sense.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to get away from Long Chen’s phantom-like movement technique. Seeing Long Chen come straight for him, he erupted with his greatest possible power.

“Blazing Dragon Kill!” All his Pill Flame gathered in his two hands, forming two huge flame dragons.

Countless runes flickered atop those huge dragons. Those were his core runes, something that could push his attack power to its peak.

In fact, this one attack contained over half his core runes. Once this attack was over, it would require at least a year for him to recover from the loss. During that year, he wouldn’t even be able to cultivate. Furthermore, at his age, this was his golden period for cultivation, and to waste a year was an irrecoverable loss.

However, there was no way around it. In order to keep himself alive, he could only use up everything he had. He knew that Long Chen’s Pill Flame energy had been used up, and so this attack should have an eighty percent chance of heavily injuring him.

As long as he heavily injured him, he knew that Han Tianyu and Yin Luo would immediately come kill him. 

“Split the Heavens!”

Suddenly, Long Chen shouted, and a saber-image soared into the sky, seeming like a heavenly blade as it slashed down on those two flame dragons.


Huo Wufang was horrified to see that even after sacrificing over half his core runes to power his strongest attack, his dragons were instantly crushed.

Furthermore, those flame dragons were connected to his mind, and when they were destroyed, he vomited blood, intense pain wracking his soul.

When he recovered, he realized Long Chen was already standing in front of him. The two were less than a foot apart.

Huo Wufang was horrified. It felt as if he was staring the Grim Reaper in the face. He instinctively punched out.

Long Chen caught his fist with a single palm. Huo Wufang tried to pull it back, but he was powerless. He hastily kicked his leg at Long Chen’s abdomen. That was normally an extremely practical attack.

However, he only got his kick halfway when he let out a mournful scream. The arm that Long Chen had caught had been torn off at his shoulder. Blood splattered, appearing extremely frightening.


Furthermore, his kick was stopped by Long Chen’s foot. With some light pressure, Huo Wufang’s knee broke and his leg bent at an odd angle.


Compared to the pain of his lost arm, Long Chen’s kick had caused him much more pain. Long Chen’s foot had contained some bizarre energy that was crazily targeting his pain nerves.

Huo Wufang was in so much pain that the veins on his head bulged, looking like they might explode at any moment. He rolled back and forth on the ground.

“Does it hurt? No, this can’t count as pain. True pain is something an idiot like you cannot comprehend. It seems I can only help teach you what level of pain you’ve caused others.” Sorrow flashed in Long Chen’s eyes, and his foot stamped down on Huo Wufang’s body.




Long Chen’s foot came down dozens of times on different joints. In the beginning, Huo Wufang’s screams were exceptionally mournful, but afterward, he became silent.

That was because it was already too painful for him to scream. He had to use all his strength just to resist the pain. That wasn’t even voluntary, but an instinctual reaction of his body. 

According to his current level of pain, Huo Wufang’s body should have immediately shut down and allowed him to pass out.

But unfortunately, such a blessing never came to him. The first thing Long Chen had done was sever certain nerves to make sure he couldn’t faint. Now, Huo Wufang could only silently endure that hell-like pain.

However, no matter how much pain he was in, it was just physical pain. Could it even compare to the pain Long Chen felt inside?

Seeing a spatial ring on his finger, Long Chen just directly took it away.

Then after hesitating for a moment, he took out a medicinal pill and stuffed it down Huo Wufang’s mouth. He used a slap in the face to help him swallow it.

Only after doing that did Long Chen nod with satisfaction. Such a person had to suffer endless pain for the rest of his life. Killing him like this was letting him off too easy.

After finishing this, Long Chen saw that Mo Nian and the others were crazily slaughtering their enemies as they fled. Now was the time for revenge.

Then turning around, he saw the distant Han Tianyu and Yin Luo. The two of them were a hundred miles from each other and were fleeing in two different directions. After hesitating for just a moment, Long Chen went straight for Yin Luo.


He had only just moved when heaven and earth began to shake. A huge ripple appeared in the air, and a vast spatial door slowly appeared.

“Haha, time’s up!”

Yin Luo, Han Tianyu, and all the others celebrated. They hastily activated the tablets on their waists. The spatial door shot out lights that enveloped them.

“Boss, first kill that bitch Yin Wushuang! She’s about to run!” Guo Ran called out when he saw Yin Wushuang was already enveloped by light.

Everyone already hated Yin Wushuang to the core. If they let her run, they would be so depressed that they might just kill themselves.

Long Chen heard Guo Ran, but he still went straight for Yin Luo. To teleport away required a certain amount of time. He wanted to cut down Yin Luo as soon as possible.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you aren’t able to kill me!” Yin Luo suddenly laughed loudly.

A tortoise shell appeared in front of him. It was jade-like and crystalline. Runes covered it densely, and it completely protected Yin Luo.

“Crystal bone!”

Long Chen’s pupils shrunk. He really hadn’t imagined that Yin Luo would have also found a crystal bone. Furthermore, it was a defensive crystal bone. He had actually been hiding such a powerful life-preserving trump card.

His expression became a bit ugly. He was well aware of a crystal bone’s power. As a defensive crystal bone, its defensive prowess was incredible.

Although Yin Luo’s cultivation base was limited and he was unable to use its full power, it would be enough to block at least one of his full power attacks.

All Yin Luo needed was to block that one attack. That would be enough for him to leave the Jiuli secret realm.

“Yin Luo, you should stay behind!”

Mo Nian’s voice rang out. At this time, a pitch-black arrow was nocked on his bow. It emitted a powerful pressure, seeming like the tongue of a poisonous viper that might take a person’s life at any moment.

Furthermore, all Mo Nian’s spiritual qi was pouring into this bone arrow. Its runes lit up, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

“Piercing Cloud Arrow!”

The black arrow was like a bolt of black lightning shooting toward Yin Luo. As it flew, the runes on top of it grew even brighter. As it pierced through heaven and earth, it was as if it was capable of piercing straight through this world.


A heaven-shaking explosion occurred when that arrow collided with the armor. The tortoise shell and bone arrow exploded together.

“Die!” Long Chen shouted, his saber slashing down on a shocked and infuriated Yin Luo. But Yin Luo suddenly felt a powerful pulling force as the teleportation activated.

Long Chen’s saber fell. Yin Luo’s body disappeared. But this time, he had been cut straight down from the shoulder, leaving behind an arm and a leg, as well as some ribs.

“Little Snow, get over here!”

Placing Little Snow in his spiritual space, Long Chen activated his tablet as well. Han Tianyu and Yin Wushuang had already left. He had to chase after them.

There were two reasons why Long Chen hadn’t first killed Yin Wushuang. One was that he would be teleported to the same exit as her. He could still kill her once they both left. That was not the case with Yin Luo. Once he left, there was no way to avenge this enmity.

The second reason was that Long Chen didn’t want to kill Yin Wushuang with one attack. That would be letting her off far too lightly.


Long Chen’s body faded in front of everyone.

“Brother Zheng, brother Mo, you should get your subordinates to quickly clean up the battlefield. We’ll go help boss.” After saying that, Guo Ran also quickly activated his tablet.

The other disciples from the 108th monastery also activated their tablets, disappearing from the secret realm.

“Everyone, hurry up and clean up the battlefield! There’s not much time. You only need to get the spatial rings of Chosen. Eh, where’s Huo Wufang?” asked Mo Nian.

“Someone helped him activate his tablet. He’s already gone,” replied a Mo Gate disciple.

“Ah, whatever. Everyone, hurry up!”

Hua Biluo, Zheng Wenlong, and Mo Nian’s subordinates quickly went through the battlefield. There wasn’t much time before the spatial door closed.

Mo Nian was extremely pleased. He picked up Yin Luo’s body parts and put them in a spatial ring. Now he finally had a full set.

“Aiya, isn’t Long Chen done for?!” Mo Nian’s expression suddenly changed.

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