Chapter 462 Blood Dyes the Jiuli Secret Realm

Long Chen’s expression didn’t contain any emotion. His eyes were completely icy as he raised his blood-colored saber. When he swung it forward, blood-red light exploded.


Astral winds raged, engulfing everyone. Huo Wufang and the others vomited blood and were blown back.

People were appalled to see that other than Yin Luo’s spear, every other person’s weapon had shattered.

“Heavens!” With a single swing of his saber, it seemed as if even heaven and earth could be exterminated. Just how strong was the current Long Chen? Everyone’s hearts pounded wildly with shock.

Long Chen suddenly moved, seeming like a bolt of lightning and disappearing from their sight. When he once more appeared, he was already next to Xue Wuya.

Xue Wuya was currently still in midair from Long Chen’s attack and was in the midst of vomiting blood. That attack had broken all his internal organs.

When he realized another figure had suddenly appeared in front of him, his expression immediately became pale white. That merciless figure raised his saber.


Blood-red light shone. Everyone was horrified to see Xue Wuya was killed with a single blow.

Long Chen’s blood-colored saber seemed to be hiding a volcano. When it had struck Xue Wuya, a terrifying energy had blown his corpse out of existence. Up in the air, the only thing remaining of him was the angry roar he’d made while at death’s door. That scene stunned everyone.

One shot instant kill!

That was a pinnacle expert, but he hadn’t even had the ability to dodge Long Chen’s saber. He had been destroyed just like that.

Although they hadn’t personally experienced it, as experts, practically everyone could guess that it wasn’t that Xue Wuya hadn’t wanted to dodge, but that he wasn’t able to. He had been completely locked down by a terrifying killing intent.

After killing Xue Wuya, Long Chen went directly for the mustached man since he was the closest.

The mustached man was filled with absolute horror. Seeing Long Chen’s saber coming for him, he hastily took out another talisman.

“Torrential Rain Killing Formation!” Crushing the talisman, space trembled intensely as a rain of arrows condensed in the sky.

These were translucent arrows formed from spiritual qi. Each arrow had runes curled around it and emitted a terrifying pressure. This was an offensive talisman with a similar power to the defensive talisman he had used previously.

Long Chen was instantly surrounded by millions of arrows. But he still didn’t have an expression on his face. Raising Blooddrinker, he spun through the air, releasing waves of saber-images.


Each arrow caused a powerful explosion. Waves of qi surged out, crushing apart boulders and causing space to quiver.

Each one of those arrows had contained power equivalent to the attack of a pinnacle expert like Han Tianyu. This powerful rumbling dazzled everyone.

Suddenly, with a final explosion, a saber-image tore through the final arrows and struck the mustached man, making him vomit a mouthful of blood.

Before he could do anything else, an icy saber stabbed straight through his chest.

Long Chen raised his saber, and the mustached man’s feet left the ground as he was suspended in the air. Looking at the saber piercing his chest, his eyes were filled with terror.

“Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die! Please!” The mustached man actually began to beg loudly. In the face of death, no matter how arrogant a person was on the outside, it was unable to conceal their inner heart’s cowardice.

“You don’t want to die?”

Long Chen furiously roared, “You don’t want to die?! Then tell me, who wants to die?! When you massacred us, did you ever think of other people’s feelings? You cowards who only know how to bully the weak, you can all die now!”

His saber shook, and without giving the mustached man any chance to reply, a terrifying force blew him apart. Another peak expert died.


Long Chen suddenly roared. Even after killing those two, his killing intent hadn’t lessened at all. Instead, it increased even further.

Long Chen had been suppressing himself for too long. Now that he finally let himself loose, he had a desire to slaughter every person beneath the heavens.

Previously, Long Chen had always suppressed that desire. That was because he was afraid he would one day truly become a madman who only knew how to slaughter.

But now, he realized he was wrong, and very wrong at that. Only after merging with that bead did Long Chen realize just how excessively wrong he was.

Once that bead had merged with him, the words ‘primal chaos bead’ had appeared in his mind. Obviously, that must be its name.

Many things had appeared in Long Chen’s mind just now. However, he had no time to absorb them, and they were gradually fading. But he had realized a certain mistake of his.

He should never have suppressed his desire for slaughter. That was in direct violation of the true essence of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

The meaning of Hegemon in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art referred to being domineering, to advance in the face of all obstacles, to rather break than bend, to rather die than submit. When you ran into danger, you had to smash it head-on with a single fist.

Long Chen had been raised in the secular world, and he had walked up to his current level step by step. When it came to background, he was far, far too lacking in comparison to his powerful enemies.

That was why he had never wanted to make so many powerful enemies. He had hoped to give himself enough time to peacefully grow. However, this thinking was completely mistaken. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was not trained in that manner. If you wanted to become a supreme hegemon, then you needed to be completely domineering, and to be domineering required you to never lower your head to anyone.

When he thought of that, Long Chen was filled with regret. His conservativeness and cowardice had finally resulted in a painful consequence. Lu Fang-er and Ye Zhiqiu had both died. That was also what had allowed him to see the truth.

Now, Long Chen’s killing intent was surging wildly. A huge saber-image grew out of his saber and attacked the experts around him.

Heads flew and flesh exploded. Anyone within Long Chen’s range was killed. It was incredibly bloody.

“Long Chen!” Chu Yao couldn’t help shedding tears as she watched Long Chen charge into a crowd of enemies on his own, crazily slaughtering.

Chu Yao was the one who understood Long Chen the best. Even though he was slaughtering so many, his fury wasn’t lessening. Instead, he was becoming more and more furious. She couldn’t help worrying that Long Chen might become bedeviled. 

“Work together! We don’t need to be afraid. There’s no way he can keep this up for long!” shouted Huo Wufang.

But his order didn’t have any effect. The current Long Chen was like a bloodthirsty devil king, someone no one could block. Everyone from both the Righteous and Corrupt paths was completely terrified of him. Who would dare go block him?


It was unknown which Righteous disciple decided to let out this terrified screech. But it immediately broke any remaining courage people had, and they all began to flee.

It wasn’t just the Righteous disciples who fled. Even the Corrupt disciples had given up on fighting.

“Brothers, it’s time to get revenge! Our brothers’ blood can’t be spilled for nothing! Kill!” roared Mo Nian. He took the lead, shooting out countless arrows.

Previously, he had been completely entangled with the other experts from Qing Prefecture. Now that they were fleeing in terror, two of them were instantly killed with a single arrow.

“Kill! Get revenge for our dead brothers!” Zheng Wenlong also shouted. The Huayun Sect had also suffered quite a few casualties, and he was filled with fury. This had been extremely different from his expectations, and his killing intent was also soaring. He chased after them with a sword.

“Kill! We have to get revenge for Ye Zhiqiu and Lu Fang-er!” Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er wiped away their tears. Clenching their teeth, they chased after everyone.

Long Chen was killing experts continuously. He suddenly raised his head and saw that Feng Xiao-zi was panicking and had summoned out his crow, preparing to flee.

His killing intent immediately locked onto him. It could be said that the main culprit for their heavy losses was Feng Xiao-zi.

If he hadn’t entangled Meng Qi, then with Meng Qi’s powerful soul energy, many of those experts would have been too intimidated to participate.

It could also be said that he was a main culprit in the deaths of Lu Fang-er and Ye Zhiqiu. Long Chen’s killing intent exploded to unprecedented levels. Seeing Feng Xiao-zi was about to flee, he raised his left hand.

During his previous seclusion time, Long Chen had not just been increasing his cultivation base. He had also solidified his mastery of his Battle Skills.

Other than that combined technique with Little Snow, he had also been experimenting with his thunderforce. His thunderforce was gathered from the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning, and that was this world’s strongest lightning.

However, the Thunderization Art that he cultivated in was too low-grade. It could only control ordinary thunderforce. When it came to controlling tribulation thunderforce, it was far from enough.

Long Chen could only experiment with it on his own to find the most effective way to use his thunderforce. At this moment, Long Chen had raised his left hand and pointed his finger at the crow Feng Xiao-zi was on.

“Lightning Finger.”

A violet bolt of lightning shot out of his finger and almost instantly struck the crow.

Thunder rumbled. The lightning bolt was like a spear, piercing straight through the Magical Beast. Terrifying thunderforce instantly killed it.

Even Feng Xiao-zi was impacted and his body turned numb. He began to fall to the ground with the crow.

Long Chen sprang into action, and he quickly appeared in front of Feng Xiao-zi while he was still in midair. As for Feng Xiao-zi, his entire body was numb, and seeing Long Chen suddenly appear in front of him, his soul almost fled his body in fright.

With a light slash of his saber, Feng Xiao-zi’s body was cut off at his elbows. His cut-up body collapsed on the ground. Feng Xiao-zi let out a cry of despair.

Long Chen’s attack had really been too vicious. He had cut him off at the elbows, meaning he wouldn’t die immediately. Perhaps if a Xiantian expert was present, he might be able to save him.

But there were none present, so Feng Xiao-zi was filled with despair. He could only slowly wait for death to take him. That was a cruel torment. Without his arms, he didn’t even have the ability to kill himself.

Long Chen cut off one of Feng Xiao-zi’s fingers and took off its ring. That ring contained the tiger’s corpse, and within that corpse was the golden page.

With a flick of his hand, that spatial ring flew straight to the distant Meng Qi, who caught it.

After handling Feng Xiao-zi, Long Chen’s gaze swept over the battlefield. He immediately noticed a terrified Huo Wufang who was hiding within the crowd.

“Huo Wufang, hand over your life!”

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