Chapter 461 The True Meaning of Hegemon

“Fuck off!”

Suddenly, an icy shout rang out like spring thunder. It contained endless killing intent and fury. A single palm viciously slapped across Yin Wushuang’s face, sending her flying.

The unpleasant sound of bones breaking rang out. Her jaw shattered and her teeth flew out, shocking everyone.

“Long Chen!” Everyone was startled to see it was Long Chen who had finally taken action.


The world rumbled. That pearl atop Long Chen’s head disappeared. At this time, Long Chen’s eyes had turned bloody, and he was already on the verge of going berserk.

However, he bitterly held back from that point. Because of his fury, his body was quivering.

As soon as his body had become capable of moving again, he had attacked. But he had still been too late.

He did his best to suppress his rage. If he hadn’t held back just now, then Yin Wushuang would have directly exploded from his power. However, her hand had still been on the dagger that was piercing through Ye Zhiqiu’s chest. If Long Chen hadn’t held back, Ye Zhiqiu would have also been blown to bits.

Long Chen’s recovery caused everyone’s expressions to change, and they all retreated in terror.

“Long Chen…” Ye Zhiqiu let out a soft cry. As soon as that dagger had pierced her, she had sensed a fierce poison spreading within her. She was already beginning to lose consciousness. But looking at Long Chen’s face, warmth appeared in her eyes.

At this moment, Long Chen’s body was trembling as he held her. As a pill cultivator, he was proficient in all poisons and could instantly tell that this dagger had contained a mixed poison. There had been at least a hundred different toxins in it.

When those toxins entered a person’s body, they would treat the body as a battlefield, beginning to clash against each other, destroying the body from the inside.

“Quickly consume this.” Long Chen hastily fed Ye Zhiqiu an antitoxin pill. But he knew that this kind of pill wouldn’t be able to save her life. At best, it could postpone her death for a short while.

To suppress this kind of poison would require at least a fifth tier antitoxin pill. But Long Chen didn’t have any. That filled him with grief and pain. Such a fairy-like woman would die just like this.

He thought of the days they had passed together. He thought of when the three of them had formed an alliance to snatch the Profound Spirit Fruit. He thought of how they had cultivated together. Although Ye Zhiqiu had always been icy, Long Chen knew she was actually extremely kindhearted.

Now, he saw a faint black qi was starting to surface on her face. The poison had already reached her brain, and there was no hope at all. His tears streamed down.

Long Chen was filled with regret. If he had had just one more drop of the divine life liquid, perhaps he could save Ye Zhiqiu’s life. But right now he was completely powerless.

“Long Chen, don’t cry. A hero capable of supporting heaven and earth shouldn’t cry for a woman. I don’t want you to be laughed at by others…” Ye Zhiqiu’s life force was growing weaker and weaker. She raised a hand to wipe away Long Chen’s tears. 

She continued, “I really was very happy those days when I accompanied you. The only regretful thing is that those days were just temporary. I won’t get to see you standing at the peak of the world.

“Long Chen, didn’t you always want to see me smile? Then I can let you see it one time…” Gently caressing Long Chen’s cheek, a smile appeared on Ye Zhiqiu’s face. It was like a lotus flower had bloomed, sad but beautiful beyond compare.

Once that smile bloomed, Ye Zhiqiu closed her eyes. Her life force faded away. However, her mouth was still frozen in that smile. She had accomplished her promise.


Long Chen let out a bestial, heart-rending cry. He tightly held that beautiful lifeless body.

The current Long Chen no longer appeared as imposing as before. Instead, he seemed like a helpless child who had lost his companion and was powerless to do anything.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others had long since reached the point of losing their voices from sobbing. When a hero cried, the entire world was filled with grief. The only sound right now was Long Chen’s crying.

The distant, spectating Righteous disciples couldn’t help but tear up when they heard that. They were all disciples who came from poor backgrounds, but it was those that came from poor backgrounds that had the most sincere emotions.

Long Chen was a peerless genius, one who could arrogantly look down on all, one who could suppress the peak experts of seven prefectures.

But when he lost his companion, his grief affected everyone. In this world, where the weak were prey to the strong, such emotions were truly hard to come by.

As for those disciples that had attacked him, they were all surprised. None of them had thought that Long Chen would cry like this, without any regard to his image, because of one woman.

Huo Wufang, Han Tianyu, and Yin Luo glanced at each other and attacked at the same time. They wanted to take advantage of Long Chen’s grief to kill him with a single attack.

“Fuck off!” Long Chen suddenly roared, and a powerful sound wave caused heaven and earth to rumble. At the same time, an incredibly berserk aura erupted from his body, and he raised his blood-colored saber.


Huo Wufang, Han Tianyu, and Yin Luo were all blown back miserably into the distance.

Everyone was startled. Just now, that had just been a random wave of his saber. But he had managed to send three peak experts flying.

Long Chen didn’t feel any excitement from this power. His face was still covered with tears; his eyes still filled with pain. He gently rubbed Ye Zhiqiu’s face.

“Yao-er, help me look after Zhiqiu.” Long Chen gently handed Ye Zhiqiu to Chu Yao.

Chu Yao was sobbing noiselessly. She also didn’t have the power to suppress such a highly toxic poison. To have to just watch as Ye Zhiqiu died, she was filled with pain.

The person who felt the most pain would have to be Tang Wan-er. It was because Ye Zhiqiu had helped her block a fatal attack that she had been forced into using her body to save Long Chen. That made her feel endless remorse.

Long Chen was being extremely gentle as if he was afraid of waking Ye Zhiqiu. Only once Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er had taken her did Long Chen slowly stand up.

He wiped away his tears. Along with that, he wiped away the grief on his face. What replaced it was icy killing intent.

“Long Chen, let’s work together to kill all these bastards!” Mo Nian also felt grief to see Long Chen like this, and he tried to raise his mood.

“No need. Revenge is best done personally.” Long Chen shook his head.

Long Chen slowly took a few steps toward the Righteous and Corrupt experts that had attacked them. Currently, there were less than thirty thousand of them left.

As Long Chen walked forward, Huo Wufang and the others’ expressions were grave. They involuntarily retreated. They sensed endless killing intent from Long Chen’s icy expression.

“I was wrong. Today, I finally understand that I was always wrong. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art is not trained in this manner.” With his blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder, Long Chen muttered to himself as he walked.

Mo Nian and the others were startled. Had Long Chen begun to babble nonsense because his injuries were too grave? But that also didn’t seem right. They had no idea whether they should follow Long Chen or just stay where they were.

Hegemon… Hegemon Body Art… In other words, to become a domineering hegemon looking down arrogantly at all. Anyone who refuses to submit to me will be destroyed. My cultivation path is one of walking across countless corpses.

Long Chen suddenly stopped. He slowly raised his blood-colored saber. “Being tolerant and cowardly will only bring humiliation and pain. From today onwards, I swear on the weapon in my hand that I, Long Chen, will no longer concede to anyone.

“On my cultivation path, if people block me, I will kill them. If gods block me, I will murder gods. I will use the bones of my enemies to forge my cultivation path, and blood to decorate it.

“You will all be witnesses to my oath, and you will also be my first stepping stone on my cultivation path. I will use your blood to write my life’s overture.”

Long Chen’s voice was calm. It didn’t contain any emotion. And yet, it still caused people to feel a chill. Each one of his words contained a powerful will, as well as an unquestionable determination.

Long Chen slowly closed his eyes. Suddenly, an unprecedented aura surged into the sky.

His divine ring once more appeared behind him. At the same time, a pillar of light soared into the sky. The originally dusky sky began to boil. A huge maelstrom hundreds of miles wide formed. At the center of the maelstrom was Long Chen.

His FengFu Star and Alioth Star quickly circulated. But this time was different from before. This time, their energy was sent directly to his Dantian.

His originally empty Dantian now had a pearl-like bead in it. 

The bead now looked just like a shining star. After receiving the FengFu Star and Alioth Star’s energy, it began to slowly circulate.

Following its circulation, a powerful primal chaos aura filled the air. That was what allowed his divine ring to cause such a huge disturbance.

After merging with the bead, Long Chen seemed to become the master of the Jiuli secret realm. This world’s spiritual qi was crazily surging towards him.


Two stars had appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. One was brightly lit, while the other was still very dim.

In that instant, Long Chen’s aura erupted like a volcano. Astral winds raged, harsh light crossed, and the entire void rumbled along. The entire space seemed on the verge of exploding.

At this moment, Long Chen had exploded with unprecedented aura. Huo Wufang and the others’ expressions completely changed. The current Long Chen was like a hibernating dragon that had been awakened. 

“Don’t be afraid! He’s just one person. Kill him together!” Huo Wufang shouted, and flames soared out of his body, runes revolving around him.

Han Tianyu, Yin Luo, Xue Wuya, the mustached man, and all the others also erupted with their strongest aura. This was a true life and death battle. If Long Chen didn’t die, then they would. They had to go all-out.


Huo Wufang and the others roared, charging straight at Long Chen.

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