Chapter 460 Fairy Dies

Yin Luo could kill Long Chen with this spear. However, he felt an intense sensation of death. If Wilde’s club hit him, he would also die.

He could only give up on killing Long Chen and hastily raise his spear to block.


Yin Luo was blown back into the distance. He saw there was a giant man standing beside Long Chen.

“Whoever dares try and attack my brother Long will be killed by me!” Seeing that Long Chen couldn’t move and that this many people wanted to kill him, Wilde’s body suddenly went berserk, and he let out a heaven-shaking roar. “AHH!”

The faint mark on his forehead instantly turned red as blood. Lines began to spread out from it, looking like two small centipedes crossing over Wilde’s face and slowly spreading to his chest.

BUZZ! A barbaric aura suddenly exploded from Wilde’s body. It was like some ancient monster had been awakened and was emitting a terrifying pressure.

“DIE!” Wilde roared, his voice shaking everyone’s minds. At this time, Wilde seemed like a savage battle god. Brandishing his club, he swept away all the experts in front of him.

A terrifying power shattered all their weapons and turned their bodies to paste. Bloody mist filled the air, shocking everyone.

Furthermore, the final one to be killed was clearly a Chosen that had managed to dodge his club. But he was still killed just from the astral winds of Wilde’s club.

“First, work together to kill this blockhead!” Han Tianyu shouted. He took the lead to attack Wilde. Currently, Wilde was closely protecting Long Chen. Without killing him first, there was no way to kill Long Chen.

“Scram!” Wilde furiously roared, and a spiked club sent him flying. Not only that, but Han Tianyu’s sword also shattered.

“Heavens, this giant’s true power probably isn’t any weaker than Long Chen!” The distant spectators all gasped.

Wilde was currently brandishing his club with extraordinary strength. Ordinary Chosen would die just by touching it.

Han Tianyu and the others all realized the situation was not good. If they let Wilde continue like this, then they would all be doomed once Long Chen merged with the pearl.

All the top experts attacked Wilde. Han Tianyu, Yin Luo, and the mustached man, were crazily attacking him. Even Xue Wuya joined in, extremely unwillingly.

Right now, their number one priority was to eliminate Long Chen. Long Chen’s strength had terrified all of them. Considering the enmity between them, they were mortal enemies, and if they didn’t kill Long Chen, then the best thing for them to do was to probably dig a hole and bury themselves.

The mark on Wilde’s forehead was blood-red. His eyes were also scarlet, and he had entered a berserk state. Even his skin was becoming a fiery red.

His club rapidly swung through the air, not leaving any openings for them to attack. He actually managed to force them back several times.

Long Chen was unable to move, and he was filled with panic. The pearl atop his head was pouring a strange kind of energy into his body. Although it had just been several breaths of time, a quarter of its energy had entered him.

Theoretically, this kind of speed was already extremely rapid. But in this kind of crisis, each second felt longer than a year.

“Faster, faster, you have to be faster!!” Long Chen was about to go crazy as he watched everyone fight with their lives on the line.

Everyone was in danger. There were already casualties, causing him to feel like knives were stabbing him in the heart.

Anyone who battled shoulder to shoulder with Long Chen was someone he would view as a brother. If they could sacrifice their lives for him, he could do the same for them.

Sensing the number of lives diminishing around him, he felt like he might explode.

Up in the sky, the Violet Phoenix Sparrows were no longer able to release any of their power. The battle on the ground was just too chaotic, and they weren’t able to differentiate between their own people and enemies. They could only attack the enemies on the outer lines.

Even Little Snow was only able to fight on the outer lines. He shot out as many wind blades as possible, but he was unable to charge through the crowd.

“Sister, careful!”

Suddenly, Lu Fang-er’s cry rang out. A silent arrow shot at Meng Qi. But Meng Qi was fighting fiercely with Feng Xiao-zi now, and she was unable to block it.


The arrow pierced through Lu Fang-er’s chest. Blood instantly dyed her robes red. However, Lu Fang-er didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic. Instead, her face had a faint, gratified smile.


Meng Qi let out a heart-rending cry. Not only had that arrow destroyed Lu Fang-er’s internal organs, but it also contained a powerful poison. That was not just some ordinary poison, but a soul-devouring blood poison specialized for soul cultivators.

There was no cure for this soul-devouring blood poison. That was because it activated too quickly, and there was no time to even consume medicines to relieve the poison.

“Sister… take… care…”

A final, sad but beautiful smile appeared on Lu Fang-er’s face before she died.


Meng Qi held Lu Fang-er’s corpse in her hands and let out a hysterical wail. Lu Fang-er’s death filled her with inconsolable grief.

Suddenly, up in the sky, a sorrowful bird cry rang out, and a huge Violet Phoenix Sparrow charged down amongst the crowd, going straight toward a certain expert carrying a bow.

“ZHAO QIFENG!” Meng Qi’s vision was indistinct from her tears, but she still saw that figure. He was someone from the Wind Spirit Pavilion, someone who was usually Feng Xiao-zi’s lackey.

Zhao Qifeng had received Feng Xiao-zi’s order to kill Meng Qi, and as a soul cultivator, he naturally knew her fatal weak point.

However, he hadn’t expected that instead of killing Meng Qi, he would end up killing Lu Fang-er. Now that Lu Fang-er had died, her Magical Beast had gone berserk.

“AHH!” The Violet Phoenix Sparrow captured him with a single claw and began to tear him apart. But as soon as it landed on the ground, it was also surrounded by countless experts.

But what they never expected was that instead of trying to run, a terrifying aura began to explode from the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s body.

“It’s self-detonating!”


Even though they had realized, they hadn’t had the time. The Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s huge body exploded, and a terrifying Blood Qi killed everyone around it.

A Magical Beast that was raised from infancy and treated well would possess an unquestionable loyalty toward its master. It would treat its owner as its only family. For its only family to die, it would rather die as well rather than living alone.

“Feng Xiao-zi, you and I can no longer exist in this world together!” Meng Qi put Lu Fang-er’s corpse into a spatial ring. Now was not the time for grief. She released her most powerful soul arts to crazily attack Feng Xiao-zi.

Lu Fang-er’s death filled her with endless sorrow. The two of them had been together all the time and were even closer than real sisters. Meng Qi wanted to kill Feng Xiao-zi in the most painful way possible.

“Hmph, this is the fate of a traitor. You will also follow her shortly. Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples, obey my orders! Kill this traitor!” ordered Feng Xiao-zi.

However, the distant Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples all just stared at him coldly. Not one of them moved. In fact, many of their eyes were filled with disdain and dense killing intent.

“You refuse to listen to my orders?! Are you planning on rebelling?!” raged Feng Xiao-zi.

However, even though he threatened them like this, not one of those disciples moved. That surprised and infuriated him. He swore that once they returned to the Wind Spirit Pavilion, he would settle their debts.


A golden light shot straight for Feng Xiao-zi. His expression suddenly changed, and he hastily dropped to the ground to dodge.

The golden light pierced through countless bodies as it chased after Feng Xiao-zi. That was the golden page Long Chen had given Meng Qi. Unfortunately, in her grief, Meng Qi had forgotten Long Chen’s warning that it was usually only effective when used as a surprise attack.

As soon as Meng Qi had taken it out, it had been sensed by Feng Xiao-zi. As a soul cultivator, he instantly sensed how terrifying the golden page was. He fled around the crowd, implicating countless people.

“Come out!” When he had rushed several hundred meters away, Feng Xiao-zi suddenly shouted and summoned a huge striped tiger. As soon as it appeared, it was struck in the head by the golden page and instantly killed.

However, Meng Qi’s expression completely changed. She clenched her teeth. She knew she had been duped by Feng Xiao-zi. He had sacrificed a Magical Beast to collect the golden page.

“Ah, many thanks.” Feng Xiao-zi sneered and put the tiger’s corpse into his spatial ring. He naturally knew the weakness of soul items. That was that they would be isolated from Spiritual Strength once they entered flesh.

“Feng Xiao-zi!!” Meng Qi erupted with her full strength, each one of her blows aiming to take his life. Feng Xiao-zi was panicked and repeatedly forced back. Although he was the pavilion master’s son, when it came to talent, he was still a level lower than Meng Qi.

Even though he had obtained several times the resources Meng Qi had, this berserk Meng Qi still completely suppressed him, making it so he could only defend.

As Meng Qi went all-out on her side, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Chu Yao, and the others had all descended into an extremely dangerous crisis. Chu Yao was focused completely on defense, blocking huge amounts of enemies at the same time. Otherwise, they could have charged with greater cooperation and efficiency, immediately blowing past their defenses.

If it weren’t for Chu Yao’s layers of protection, they would have long since collapsed. But now she could only focus completely on defense and had no time to heal everyone’s injuries. This was truly a life or death moment.

While everyone was fighting fiercely, there was a cloaked figure furtively approaching Long Chen. With her dainty figure, she was actually able to fight while avoiding experts, slowly getting closer and closer to Long Chen.

“It’s Yin Wushuang! She wants to assassinate Long Chen!”

Someone let out a startled cry. People hastily turned to see that sneaky figure wearing a cloak. However, part of her face was still revealed.

Yin Wushuang had been taking advantage of the chaotic battle to get closer to Long Chen. But just as she was about to succeed, someone exposed her.

She clenched her teeth and took out a dagger. A blue light came from it, and an extremely disgusting scent filled the air as soon as it appeared. That dagger was clearly covered in poison.

“Long Chen, go to hell!”

Yin Wushuang charged straight toward Long Chen from the side. At the front, Wilde was fighting against Han Tianyu, Yin Luo, and the others. This was the spot where their defenses were the weakest, and at this time, Yin Wushuang had found an opening.

“Bitch, you should go to hell instead!” The closest Mo Gate disciple raised his bow to block Yin Wushuang.

“Scram!” Yin Wushuang sent that person flying with a single palm. After all, that was just one of their ordinary core disciples and could not compare to her. Her dagger stabbed straight towards Long Chen’s stomach.

She didn’t dare look at Long Chen’s face at the moment and only dared to attack from the side. She was already too terrified of Long Chen, as he had already become her heart-devil.

“Long Chen!”

Everyone couldn’t help letting out appalled cries. At this time, they were all tied down by enemies. They were only capable of watching as the poisoned dagger approached Long Chen.

Before it reached him, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Long Chen. She was using her own body to take the dagger.

“Sister Zhiqiu!” Tang Wan-er let out a sharp cry. She and Ye Zhiqiu had been fighting shoulder to shoulder all this while. She had used her ice energy to block an attack for Tang Wan-er, which had made it so she had no more energy to use against Yin Wushuang. Surprisingly, she had used her own body to block her poisonous dagger.

“Bitch, you ruined things! You-” Yin Wushuang raged and was about to kill Ye Zhiqiu.

“Fuck off!”

Suddenly, a furious voice rang out like spring thunder, shaking the sky.

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