Chapter 459 Mysterious Sphere


Suddenly, a strange fluctuation appeared. The ground trembled, and the entire world began to rumble. A majestic aura was slowly growing, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

“What’s going on?! The entire world’s shaking!”

“Could it be that Long Chen’s fight with them has already reached such a terrifying level?!” People were horrified. The ground was shaking intensely, and they were unable to even stand steadily.

Even more horrifying was that cracks were forming in the ground, cracks that were thousands of miles long and spread beyond their sight. Everyone had no choice but to stop fighting and keep watch over the shaking ground.

Even Long Chen’s side had stopped and pulled apart some distance from each other. They looked at the ground with horror, not knowing what was going on.

The shaking was growing more and more intense, as if some peerless monster was trying to dig its way out of the earth. The growing aura caused everyone’s heart to feel reverence.

“It couldn’t be that some monster was awakened by their battle, right?”

“Then wouldn’t we all be exterminated?”

Some people were pale white with terror. Many wanted to run, but the entire Jiuli secret realm was shaking, so no one even knew where that monster would appear.

Mo Nian and the others all gathered around Long Chen. At this time, no one had any thoughts of continuing fighting. They all gathered into their own groups, not a single one of them knowing what was happening.

“Stop fighting! No one else is fighting anymore, so what are you doing?!” A furious voice rang out, drawing people’s attention.

They saw that Wilde was still brandishing his spiked club against Xue Wuya and the other two peak experts. They were constantly coughing up blood.

Wilde’s fighting technique was about to make them go crazy. They had all kinds of techniques, but Wilde would just reply with a smash of his club, making them unable to use their abilities.

Furthermore, Wilde relied solely on brute strength, so spiritual qi was unable to block his power. The three of them were all repeatedly blown back, and so angry that they couldn’t stop coughing blood.

Now seeing that everyone had already stopped, but this huge idiot hadn’t, Xue Wuya couldn’t help but furiously curse.

“Ah? Oh!”

Only now did Wilde realize everyone had stopped. Looking over at Long Chen, he saw that everyone had already gathered there. Only he was still fighting.

After a final swing of his club, Wilde ran back over to Long Chen’s side. Xue Wuya and the others finally sighed in relief. They would rather have been attacking Long Chen than fighting against Wilde. It had just been too stifling.

Up in the sky, Meng Qi and Feng Xiao-zi had also paused. Even the sky was trembling, and their Magical Beasts were growing uneasy. They were shivering, their eyes filled with terror.

Mo Nian, Zheng Wenlong, and Hua Biluo all brought their subordinates to stand by Long Chen. By this time, dozens of Mo Gate and Huayun Sect disciples had lost their lives. That was something unavoidable. In fact, to have so few sacrifices in such a battle was already hard to believe.

“Boss, what is going on?” Guo Ran’s armor had been almost completely dyed red. Out of everyone, he had probably killed the most people in this battle.

“I can feel an intense summoning…” muttered Long Chen.


Everyone was startled, not knowing what Long Chen meant.

“Yes. Be careful. In a bit, there will probably be an even fiercer battle starting. Yao-er, you should first help everyone heal,” said Long Chen.

At this time, Chu Yao was by Long Chen, pressing a hand on his back, helping him recover his spiritual qi.

However, this was not the Wood Spirit Union. To recover Long Chen’s personal spiritual qi was extremely slow.

Chu Yao nodded and formed hand seals. Countless wooden stakes grew out of the ground. Anyone injured had life energy pour into them from the wooden stakes.

At the same time as they were healed, they also consumed medicinal pills to recover their spiritual qi as fast as possible in order to prepare for that fierce battle Long Chen said was coming.


The ground was still shaking intensely. That terrifying aura was growing ever stronger. The Righteous and Corrupt disciples all ran over to Han Tianyu and Yin Luo respectively, all filled with panic.

People were all afraid of the unknown. Only Long Chen felt a kind of indescribable familiarity and anticipation.

When he had gone all-out and summoned his FengFu Battle Armor a while ago, he had felt something.

A familiar call was slowly approaching. Now as heaven and earth trembled, that call was getting even closer.


Suddenly, the ground exploded. A huge sphere shot out of the ground. It had a diameter of three miles. Multicolored lights shone on top of it, and a divine grace circulated within it. The aura of primal chaos coming from it was extremely powerful. It caused a resonance with all of heaven and earth. The entire world was rumbling.

When the sphere appeared in the air, it released a pressure that made countless experts kneel down toward it. It was impossible for them to not kneel. That aura was too terrifying, and if they didn’t kneel, their kneecaps would explode.

Only Chosen could just barely resist it. However, they were all pale and sweating profusely. They obstinately resisted, tightly staring at that sphere.

Everyone wanted to know what this sphere was. What was it doing? In addition, that primal chaos aura coming from it filled them with greed.

Primal chaos was the earliest energy to exist; it was something containing the heavens, the earth, and all things in between. Even just looking at this sphere made their Dantians wildly circulate.

It was definitely a peerless treasure. However, it was too big and too terrifying. No one understood what was happening, so no one went to directly snatch it.


The huge sphere was constantly revolving in the air. Endless primal chaos dispersed from it, and as it revolved, it began to shrink.

In just a breath’s time, it was only thirty meters wide, and it was still shrinking. When it was finally the size of a fist, looking just like a large pearl, it became completely still.

People were all watching with shock. Only Long Chen was filled with ecstasy. He could sense that the thing calling to him was precisely this sphere.

Furthermore, when this sphere had appeared, his FengFu Star and Alioth Star had begun to rapidly circulate a dozen times faster than he could control them.

Originally, Long Chen had thought he had missed out on the chance to get whatever it was that was calling to him. He really hadn’t expected it to appear at this time. His heart pounded loudly. This was a truly peerless treasure, and it was definitely related to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

The sky trembled, and the fist-sized sphere shot straight toward Long Chen.

Suddenly, a figure rushed in front of him, grabbing it.

“Haha, this treasure is mine!” he laughed. That was one of the peak experts that had fought with Xue Wuya against Wilde.

He had been the closest to the sphere, and as a result, he celebrated at being the first to grab it.

But that laughter had only just rung out when it was cut short harshly. When he had grabbed the sphere, it hadn’t stopped at all and had simply continued flying at Long Chen. A ray of light had come from the sphere and instantly burned that peak expert to ash.


A peak expert had been instantly killed just like that. Furthermore, he hadn’t even sensed any danger or had any chance to resist. The scene horrified everyone.

With that example, no one else dared vainly try and grab it. They could only watch as the sphere flew straight at Long Chen.

That completely shocked everyone. Could it be that this sphere had some relation with Long Chen? Seeing it flying over, Mo Nian and the others all had nervous expressions.

This sphere could instantly kill peak experts. No one dared touch it. There was not a single person whose nerves were not stretched taut.

It finally came to a sudden stop when it reached Long Chen, floating three meters above his head.


Light shone from the sphere and enveloped Long Chen. A majestic aura slowly began to merge into his body.

Long Chen instantly felt some incorporeal thing slowly being injected into his body. It was flowing towards his empty Dantian.

But he was also appalled to realize that he suddenly couldn’t move at all. He was completely restricted by something and could only allow that energy to pour into him.

“That pearl is merging with Long Chen? Let’s kill him!” Feng Xiao-zi’s Spiritual Strength was incredibly powerful, and he was the first to realize. He could sense the pearl’s energy merging with Long Chen.

If Long Chen was already so powerful, then once that pearl merged with him, just who could possibly stop him?

Everyone was already filled with terror toward him. But now, they were also filled with intense jealousy for his luck.

The natural treasures of heaven and earth could only be found by those who had destiny with them. Furthermore, it also required power, intelligence, and willpower to gain them.

However, Long Chen hadn’t needed to do anything. This peerless treasure had actually voluntarily sent itself to him and had even been the one to initiate the merge. That made everyone’s eyes redden.


Huo Wufang and the others shouted, charging at Long Chen. Mo Nian, Zheng Wenlong, Hua Biluo, and all the others charged up to block them.

“Long Chen can’t move right now! Haha, everyone, attack him!” At this time, Yin Wushuang couldn’t help but excitedly shout when she saw that while everyone else had sprung into motion, Long Chen was standing still.

Now that everyone realized that point, they all roared and charged at him.

“Ten Thousand Wood Overgrowth, Heaven Earth Cage!”

Countless wooden stakes shot out of the ground, creating many layers against the attackers.

“Hmph, Scarlet Flame Sea!”

Huo Wufang shouted, and his two flame blades crossed and slashed out. Chu Yao’s wooden stakes were instantly blown apart. Chu Yao’s wood energy had been completely restrained by him.

“Thousand Mile Ice Wall!”

“Soul Extinguishes Thousands of Lives!”

Long Chen was unable to move right now. Everyone released their greatest strength, going all-out to block the enemies, stalling for time for Long Chen.

As long as they could last until Long Chen had merged with the pearl, the scales of victory would instantly tilt toward their side.


A spear destroyed all their defenses. Atop that spear was a terrifying Xiantian power that caused heaven and earth to tremble. Yin Luo had come.

“Haha, Long Chen, go die!”

His spear stabbed directly for Long Chen. That spear had condensed all his Xiantian power and was incredibly powerful.

“You dare attack my brother Long? You should die instead!”

Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out, shaking everyone’s eardrums. A massive spiked club smashed at Yin Luo.

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