Chapter 458 Wind Flame Combination Attack

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

Long Chen cried out inside, and a star appeared in his eyes. The divine ring behind him began to shine even brighter, brighter than a scorching sun.

His aura grew explosively, and a huge pillar of qi soared into the sky, causing the world to tremble.

At this time, Huo Wufang’s huge flame blade was slashing down on him. A demonic light shone in Long Chen’s eyes as he swung out his blood-colored saber.

Huo Wufang’s flame blade exploded, and he was blown back, coughing up blood, looking at Long Chen with shock.

As for the others, they were also each blown back by a single slash of Long Chen’s saber. They were all horrified. Looking at Long Chen’s eyes, they felt as if they were being stared at by the Grim Reaper.

Most terrifying of all was Long Chen’s current aura. It had suddenly explosively grown to an absolutely horrifying level. They had never imagined Long Chen had still been hiding such a trump card.


Suddenly, a violet ball of flames appeared in Long Chen’s hand. That ball quickly grew larger, becoming three meters wide. A terrifying heat came from it that almost ignited the air.

When he saw that flame, Huo Wufang’s expression completely changed. That was Long Chen’s Pill Flame. For him to condense all his Pill Flame at this time, just what was he planning on doing?!

“Everyone, be careful!” he warned. At the same time, he retreated. He couldn’t tell what Long Chen was doing, but he felt an immense terror in his heart. He sensed a fatal threat from that ball of flames.

The others also jumped back in fright and retreated. The flame ball in Long Chen’s hand was too frightening. Once it exploded, it would definitely devour all of them.

Although they didn’t understand the power of a Pill Flame, they were all peak experts and could rely on their sharp danger senses to know Long Chen was most likely planning on releasing an ultimate attack.

“Prepare yourself,” Long Chen quietly murmured. The four of them were dumbfounded to see him suddenly throw it high into the sky.

Suddenly, Spiritual Strength spread and a white figure appeared. That was a white Snow Wolf. As soon as it appeared, a domineering pressure spread, causing all their hearts to quiver.


As soon as Little Snow appeared, he emitted a heaven-shaking roar. Opening his mouth, a huge ball of wind blades shot out.

In the beginning, that ball was just a foot wide. But it began to quickly grow as it flew, becoming thirty meters wide. What appalled Huo Wufang and the others was that it collided with Long Chen’s violet flame ball.

In front of their dumbfounded eyes, the wind blade ball instantly devoured Long Chen’s flames, and the ball grew to an enormous three hundred meters.

Furthermore, after devouring the flames, that ball now released a pressure that chilled them to the bone.

Then, the huge ball began to fly toward the four of them. They had never seen such a strange attack, and they didn’t dare take it head-on. They dodged to the sides.

But what was curious was that such a terrifying attack didn’t have any locking ability. They were easily able to dodge, puzzling them.

“Not good!”

Yin Luo’s expression suddenly changed, and he roared to the distant battlefield, “Watch out!”

But he had only just shouted when that huge ball picked up speed and shot straight towards the Righteous and Corrupt experts.


Seeing that huge ball descending upon them, all their expressions turned dull and lifeless. Before they could even tell what was going on, that huge ball began to tear through their ranks.

No matter what power level they had reached, whoever was touched by that huge ball was instantly blown apart and then turned to ash by the immense heat, leaving nothing behind.

The entire battlefield was cut in two now. After flying a hundred miles, the huge ball finally exploded, and a huge mushroom cloud appeared in the distance. The land shook intensely.

Where that ball exploded, everything within several dozen miles had been turned to nothingness. Those that were still alive were all stunned.

Even though it hadn’t exploded amongst them, many experts had lost their lives to it.

Furthermore, it had pierced straight through where the Righteous and Corrupt disciples were most concentrated. After that attack, tens of thousands of experts had disappeared. Just having seen that made people feel numb and cold.

That attack allowed all of them to truly appreciate how powerful Long Chen was. If Long Chen hadn’t been worried about other people’s lives and had instead let it explode in the middle of the battlefield, then there probably wouldn’t be very many people who would still be alive.

Long Chen had calculated the angle of his attack perfectly. It just missed his companions that were fighting, instantly exterminating almost half the enemies besieging them.

This wind and flame attack was Long Chen’s secret weapon. It was something inspired from the final death attacks of the Barbaric Wind Beast and the Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

That attack had practically been apocalyptical. From it, Long Chen had seen that when wind and flame energy combined, they could erupt with several times their usual power.

Originally, Little Snow had been a dual wind and fire element Magical Beast. But after absorbing the Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan, his energy had slanted completely towards the wind element.

However, he still had a slight amount of flame energy. Long Chen had researched how he could combine his flame energy with Little Snow’s wind energy. If they simply directly collided, that would just cause an instant explosion. That was mostly unusable.

But the slight amount of flame energy that Little Snow possessed was the key to fixing that. Although more than ninety-nine percent of his wind blade ball had been wind energy, it had also contained a trace of flame energy.

That flame energy was kept at the very center of the ball. When Little Snow’s attack reached Long Chen’s flame ball, that slight flame energy had wrapped around Long Chen’s flame ball.

That way, there wouldn’t be any expulsion. It was like a mouth had swallowed Long Chen’s flame ball, and it would only release it when it was time.

But Long Chen himself had not expected that their full strength combined attack would reach such a terrifying point.

Furthermore, when it had exploded, its power had been absolutely incredible. In fact, Long Chen and Little Snow’s combined attack was not much weaker even when compared to the final attacks by the Barbaric Wind Beast and the Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

“Boss is mighty!”

Guo Ran couldn’t help cheering. Long Chen’s attack had cleaned up half the battlefield. Not only had it exterminated countless enemies, but it had also destroyed all of their enemies’ confidence.

Now those experts that were still fighting were much more reserved, all keeping an eye on Long Chen. Who knew when Long Chen would unleash another terrifying attack?

As for the distant spectators, seeing tens of thousands of people just disappear was too shocking. Each of them was pale as paper. The intensity of this battle had already surpassed their understanding. Too many people had died.

At this time, a ten-meter, white Snow Wolf was standing by Long Chen’s side. Its eyes emitted a light that chilled people to the bone.

That apocalyptic attack was something no one had ever heard of, let alone seen before.

“Everyone, you don’t need to be afraid! That attack used up all of Long Chen’s Pill Flame energy! He can’t release a second attack.” Seeing that everyone’s eyes were filled with terror, Huo Wufang shouted.

As a pill cultivator, Huo Wufang could instantly tell that while Long Chen’s last attack had been terrifying, it came with the cost of using up all his Pill Flame energy.

There was no need to worry about another attack. However, everyone was still too stunned by the previous attack.

This attack was something that would kill anyone it touched. And in truth, even Long Chen didn’t dare release it at such a close range. Neither he nor Little Snow would be able to block it either.

“Little Snow, go help everyone. Try to lessen our casualties.” Long Chen patted Little Snow.


“Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of good-for-nothings. They can’t do anything to me.”

After hearing that, Little Snow icily glanced at the four of them before turning into a white bolt of lightning, instantly appearing dozens of miles away and charging into the battlefield.

Little Snow opened his mouth and wind blades shot out, mercilessly wreaking havoc amongst them.

After absorbing the Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan, Little Snow’s wind blades had reached an absolutely terrifying realm.

Adding on his Magical Beast body that had several times the energy of a human, he immediately started a massacre when he joined the fight.

With Little Snow’s addition, many experts had to be on guard against him. This peak fourth rank Magical Beast was terrifying, and anyone facing him took defensive postures.

But Little Snow was as quick as lightning, coming and going like the wind. They were unable to even keep track of where he was, and so they could only keep up a constant guard.

Every one of them had seen that Little Snow should be a Magical Beast with extremely powerful offensive abilities but extremely weak defense. However, Little Snow’s speed made up for that weakness, causing them to be helpless.

Little Snow’s addition was a great boost to Guo Ran and the others’ morale. After fighting for so long, especially in such an incredibly fierce battle, they were already exhausted, and even their spiritual qi was starting to run out.

But after seeing Long Chen’s attack eliminate countless experts and Little Snow joining in, their disadvantage had immediately reversed. They were filled with delight, and their combat strength surged.

“Hmph, everyone, stop hiding your true abilities. This is Long Chen’s deathbed struggle, the final radiance before the setting sun. Don’t be deceived! Kill him!”

Huo Wufang shouted and flames erupted from his body. Countless flame runes danced around him, and he no longer held back at all, his aura instantly reaching his peak.

Han Tianyu also shouted, and lines appeared on his face again. He had once more activated the Nine Line Qi Explosion Art, which was his final trump card.

Yin Luo clenched his teeth, once more pushing his Xiantian power to its strongest level.

As for the mustached man, he was much more direct. He slapped himself in the chest, coughing a mouthful of blood that landed on his broadsword. Countless runes lit up atop his broadsword, and a terrifying pressure soared out. He had used his blood to activate his weapon’s true power.

“Split the Heavens!”

As for Long Chen, seeing them all enter their strongest fighting state, he didn’t say anything. He directly used his strongest attack.




The star in his eyes flickered. His FengFu Star and Alioth Star were pushed to the peak. He absorbed an immense amount of Chu Yao’s spiritual qi, releasing an unprecedented strength. He used Split the Heavens three times in a row, destroying the land and tearing apart the sky.

Huo Wufang and the others had not expected Long Chen to be so ruthless, and immediately use his strongest attack consecutively. Even though they were working together, they still coughed up blood and were blown back.

“Don’t be afraid! If he continues like this, his spiritual qi will quickly be exhausted. Then he’ll still die- pfft!” Huo Wufang’s words were interrupted when he once more coughed up blood.


Suddenly, a strange fluctuation appeared. The ground trembled, and the entire world began to rumble. A majestic aura was slowly growing, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

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