Chapter 457 Caught In a Crisis

“Feng Xiao-zi, you dare?!”

Everyone looked up to see that at some unknown point, a huge crow had appeared in the sky, flying straight for Chu Yao.

On the back of the crow was Feng Xiao-zi smiling sinisterly. Forming hand seals, a spiritual arrow shot out at Chu Yao.

At this time, Chu Yao was completely focused on her Wood Spirit Union. All her Spiritual Strength was with Long Chen, so it was impossible for her to defend.

Just as that spiritual arrow was about to reach Chu Yao, a huge spiritual shield appeared in front of her.

When the arrow struck the shield, they both exploded. A ripple of Spiritual Strength erupted in the sky.

That ripple rapidly spread, and due to how close she was, it also enveloped Chu Yao.

The Violet Phoenix Sparrow let out a pained cry. Magical Beasts feared spiritual attacks, and now it almost dropped straight out of the air.

As for Chu Yao, she turned pale and coughed up blood, turning her robes a scarlet red.

Her defensive strength was essentially zero right now. Just this spiritual ripple caused her to suffer an injury.

At the same time, the three leaves on Long Chen’s back also trembled intensely, and his aura fluctuated. That was immediately sensed by Huo Wufang and the others, and they immediately launched a flurry of attacks, causing Long Chen to repeatedly retreat.

Huo Wufang cried out with delight, “Excellent work, Feng Xiao-zi! If you kill that woman, I will give your Wind Spirit Pavilion a twenty percent discount on all medicinal pills!”

These words might sound a bit unscrupulous, but they made Feng Xiao-zi’s heart pound wildly. Medicinal pills were a must-have for a sect’s growth. It was their greatest guarantee, and each year, over sixty percent of a sect’s expenses would be for medicinal pills.

If Huo Wufang followed up on his promise, then the Wind Spirit Pavilion would save a huge amount of money in the future, making Feng Xiao-zi ecstatic.

“Many thanks, brother Huo. Leave this slut to me!” Feng Xiao-zi shouted, his voice quivering slightly.

Previously, he had almost died to a single attack from Long Chen. If it hadn’t been for his teleportation talisman, he would have already died.

In truth, with a flying Magical Beast, Feng Xiao-zi had arrived a while ago. He had just stealthily watched, not daring to approach.

That was because he was out of teleportation talismans. If Long Chen once more attacked him, he would definitely die. Most hateful of all, with a spiritual expert like Meng Qi present, there was no way for him to use any spiritual attacks to kill him.

So, he had been hiding in the distance this entire time. Now when he finally saw a chance to have Long Chen killed, he pounced, sneak attacking Chu Yao.

If Meng Qi hadn’t discovered him so soon, Chu Yao would have already died. And once Chu Yao died, her Wood Spirit Union would disappear, and Long Chen would instantly lose his spiritual qi and any ability to fight back.

“Feng Xiao-zi, you really want to do this?!” Meng Qi flew her Violet Phoenix Sparrow over to block Feng Xiao-zi’s path.

Listening to Meng Qi’s orders, Chu Yao’s Violet Phoenix Sparrow flew into the distance. However, it couldn’t get too far, or that would exceed the range of the Wood Spirit Union.

“You traitor, if you were smart, you’d immediately leave and not interfere. Hmph, we’ll settle our debts once we leave the secret realm!” Feng Xiao-zi was filled with rancor.

Meng Qi was the woman he had selected. She was an immortal fairy-like beauty. But she had shown favor for a brat like Long Chen who didn’t have any background, and because of that, had ended up cutting ties with him. That had sparked his jealousy.

“If that’s so, then come. As long as I, Meng Qi, still draw breath, don’t even think about harming a single hair on Chu Yao’s head!” Meng Qi slowly formed hand seals in front of her, her Spiritual Strength completely activating, causing the void to quiver.

People were shocked to see another woman appear behind Meng Qi, one who looked the exact same as her but was many times larger. That figure had to be thirty meters tall. She was like a floating immortal, grand and solemn, giving people a desire to kneel down in worship.

“Hmph, using my Wind Spirit Pavilion’s secret technique against me, you really are a disgraceful traitor! Today, I will clean up my sect!”

With a furious roar, an illusory figure appeared behind Feng Xiao-zi, the exact same technique as Meng Qi. The two of them both formed hand seals and closed their eyes.

“Dreamsoul Battle Armor!”

The two of them shouted the same thing at the same time. Those illusory figures behind them both seemed to come to life and charge at the other.

Those two huge illusions carried swords as they crazily clashed up in the sky. A terrifying pressure surged out from them, one that made everyone feel heavy, almost as if they were stuck in a chaotic stream of water.

“Heavens, this is how powerful soul cultivators are?!”

Although they were fighting up in the sky, the people below all felt sharp pains in their souls, almost as if their souls were about to be torn apart.

Soul cultivators were one of the most unusual types of cultivators, and they were also one of the most terrifying. They could kill people without a sound, seemingly without even doing anything. That was practically unblockable.

If your soul wasn’t strong enough, you would instantly die to a spiritual attack. So, the entire battlefield was affected by their fight.

“Spiritual Protection!” Lu Fang-er stopped attacking and had her Violet Phoenix Sparrow fly down. She joined everyone else and quickly formed a translucent barrier around them all. That allowed the people on her side to fight without being affected by those spiritual ripples.

Currently, Chu Yao was far away enough that she wouldn’t be impacted. However, without her present, their entire group’s defensive strength dropped. Ye Zhiqiu could only do her best to take Chu Yao’s place.

Her ice energy wasn’t that much weaker defensively compared to Chu Yao’s wood energy, but it was lacking in flexibility. She was only able to look after a portion of her group and not the entire battlefield. However, there was no better option.

“Those two women have both been pinned down. There won’t be any more spiritual attacks! Everyone, charge!” A top expert from the Corrupt path suddenly shouted.

The thing they had been the most afraid of previously was the spiritual attacks from Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er. But now Meng Qi was tied down by Feng Xiao-zi, and Lu Fang-er was busy defending everyone. 

Although the shockwaves from Meng Qi’s fierce battle with Feng Xiao-zi caused them to feel intense pain in their souls, they couldn’t miss this chance. They all charged forward in unprecedented numbers.

Even the Righteous disciples that had fallen back now raised their weapons and charged in. A huge tide of enemies flooded over Long Chen’s group, and they immediately landed in a crisis.

“Reduce the defensive area! Mo Gate disciples on the inside, Huayun Sect disciples on the outside. Brothers from the 108th monastery, split up and start a massacre! Sister Zhiqiu, don’t focus on defense anymore. Use offense as defense!” Guo Ran hastily shouted when he saw this tide-like mass of attacks coming for them.

At the same time, he clenched his teeth, and countless little holes opened on his chestplate.

“DIE!” Countless black lights shot out from Guo Ran’s chestplate. The closest experts were all turned into pulp.

Most terrifying of all was that this time, Guo Ran’s attack wasn’t just a single wave. Instead, it was a continuous onslaught of needles. At the same time, he also activated the mechanisms on his arms and legs. Guo Ran had truly become ruthless this time. He was undergoing a clearance sale, and not a single item could be left behind.

Those needles Guo Ran had forged had become the most deadly weapons now. The enemies in front of him practically exploded, their flesh flying everywhere. This scene was incredibly bloody.

Right now, their entire group had fallen into its most dangerous moment. Each one of them was fighting all-out. Each one of them killed so many that their eyes turned scarlet.

But even so, there were still too many enemies. Guo Ran’s assault only continued for a few breaths’ time before all of his inventory was expended. He could only rely on the two sabers in his hands to attack now. 

Everyone was tightly surrounded by Righteous and Corrupt experts. Occasionally, one of them would fall to an enemy’s blade.

Ye Zhiqiu’s ice energy was activated to its peak. She killed enemies rapidly, but those Corrupt disciples were completely unfazed, and there was simply no end to them.

At this time, the Corrupt disciples were like hyenas that had seen blood. Their eyes shone with a cruel light as they continued charging forward, unafraid of death.

At this time, Zheng Wenlong, Mo Nian, and Hua Biluo were completely surrounded and isolated on their own. The ones attacking them were all experts amongst experts, and they were unable to help.

Wilde was currently fighting Xue Wuya and two other peak experts. They were filled with grievance as they were suppressed by him, but there was no way Wilde could kill them in a short time. To be able to entangle three peak experts, Wilde’s strength was truly shocking.

Tang Wan-er was also fighting a peak expert on her own. That was already her limit. On the other side, Yue Zifeng and Yin Wushuang were still completely equal. It could be said that all their strongest experts had been tied down. They were truly in a crisis.

Their top fighters had all been tied down and were relatively even. But in terms of ordinary fighters, the difference was just too great. After all, there were just too many of the Righteous and Corrupt experts.

It was truly fortunate that Long Chen had made plans for this worst-case scenario and had spent the last few months focusing on raising everyone’s collective strength. Everyone had now tempered four bones and reached at least the mid Bone Forging realm.

Otherwise, in such an intense battle it would have been impossible for them to endure for so long. And even so, their battle was extremely desperate.

Right now, everyone’s hopes were on Long Chen. Although he was being attacked by four of the strongest experts here, Guo Ran and the others had faith in him. In their eyes, Long Chen was always undefeatable. In the end, whether this situation could reverse would all depend on Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen was repeatedly retreating in the face of their ferocious attacks. Due to Chu Yao being injured, the Wood Spirit Union had been affected, and his spiritual qi was fluctuating intensely.

The four of them were taking advantage of this time. Long Chen could only defend and wait for Chu Yao to adjust it.

As he had expected, after several breaths’ time, his spiritual qi once more became steady. Long Chen took a deep breath.

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

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