Chapter 456 Unrivaled Battle God

Three huge, emerald leaves appeared on Long Chen’s back. Those leaves were just illusions, and yet they appeared solid.

When those leaves appeared, Long Chen’s almost exhausted spiritual qi began to sharply grow, his aura rising several times stronger than before.

“It’s that move again!” Yin Luo hastily looked into the distance. He saw there was one Violet Phoenix Sparrow flying high in the air, away from the battlefield.

Atop that Violet Phoenix Sparrow, Chu Yao’s eyes were closed, and her hands were clasped before her in an extremely bizarre hand seal. Her forefingers pointed towards the sky, her thumb touched her ring finger, and her pinky was slightly curved.

Chu Yao’s aura had completely disappeared at this time. She was like a statue that had lost all her life, and she wasn’t moving at all.

“Hurry and kill that woman!” shouted Yin Luo. He finally remembered what this technique was called—Wood Spirit Union. 

Last time, in the Righteous and Corrupt battle, Long Chen and Chu Yao had relied on this technique to completely reverse the tides. It allowed Long Chen to use all of Chu Yao’s vast spiritual qi.

As a wood cultivator, Chu Yao had dozens of times the amount of spiritual qi of an ordinary cultivator. With her present, Long Chen’s spiritual qi was almost inexhaustible.

“You’ve finally remembered? Unfortunately, you’re too late.”

Long Chen sneered, and his aura completely exploded out. With Chu Yao’s assistance, he no longer needed to have so many misgivings.

“Split the Heavens!”

Blooddrinker pointed towards the sky, and a terrifying aura locked down the four of them. A blood-colored saber-image cut open the sky and then slashed down towards them.


The four of them had never imagined Long Chen would directly use his strongest Battle Skill right at the beginning, and they all resisted with their full power. However, Long Chen’s power had reached a new level now, and even the four of them together were blown back.

Although they managed to block the attack by going all-out, Han Tianyu and the mustached man both vomited a mouthful of blood. They were no longer in their peak state, and they could not compare to Yin Luo and Huo Wufang.

“Everyone, think of ways to kill the Magical Beast that’s flying high in the air!” Huo Wufang had also seen through the problem, and he ordered everyone to attack Chu Yao.

Unfortunately, the only strong archers on this battlefield were on Long Chen’s side. Others might be able to use bow and arrows, but they were only dabblers.

To kill a peak fourth rank Magical Beast that was several miles in the air was absolutely impossible for them.

Furthermore, Huo Wufang’s shout had also alerted Mo Gate’s disciples. Whenever someone took out a bow, they would instantly be killed by an arrow.

However, there were still too many enemies. Even though they killed many people, there were still quite a few who managed to take out a bow and shoot at the Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

But it was too far, and even when their attacks reached it, their power was unable to even break through its skin.

It had to be known that just the feathers of the Violet Phoenix Sparrow were harder than steel. Even blades would find it difficult to pierce them. A full power attack from a Favored was unable to even get past its defense. Those arrows just tickled it.

Furthermore, even if a peak expert shot an arrow at it, it wasn’t as if the Violet Phoenix Sparrow would just sit there. If there was an attack that could menace it, it would use its claws to block or simply dodge. They were powerless to do anything against it.

Moreover, the other three Violet Phoenix Sparrows were also circling in the vicinity, spouting terrifying violet flames that caused huge casualties amongst the Righteous and Corrupt disciples.

However, the ones to suffer the most casualties were the Corrupt disciples. That was because the majority of the Righteous disciples had already fled or were just hiding in the back. Seeing the Corrupt disciples charging in, they cheered them on.

Other than some Chosen, the majority of the Righteous disciples had all finally felt fear. Guo Ran and the others were just too ruthless, and the piles of corpses on the ground had practically been turned into mountains.

On the other hand, the Corrupt disciples still did not fear death, and they continued to charge in. And thus, they continued to fall, their blood dyeing the ground even redder.

Most importantly, up in the air, two powerful soul cultivators, Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er, were raining down terrifying killing blows. Each wave of Corrupt experts that charged forward was another wave that collapsed on the ground. If you were targeted by them, then only people with soul items could keep themselves alive.

However, even if some survived, they were too few to be significant. In the face of the Huayun Sect and Mo Gate’s disciples’ attacks, they wouldn’t be able to last for more than a few breaths’ time before dying.

“Bring out your full strength! We have to kill Long Chen as fast as possible!” Huo Wufang started to feel a trace of unease. Flames began to soar out of his body, and a terrifying heat almost ignited the sky. His flame blade was filled with runes as it slashed at Long Chen.

Currently, Huo Wufang had managed to merge with the fourth ranked beast flame, and adding on his special circulation techniques, his flame blade’s power was terrifying.

“Netherworld Possession!”

Yin Luo also released his full power. The space around him was constantly quivering, and an enormous aura soared; that aura was his Xiantian power. That made Han Tianyu turn cold.

Now that Yin Luo had activated his Xiantian power, he gave Han Tianyu an immense sense of pressure. He now realized that even if he was in his peak state, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat Yin Luo.

Thinking of that, Han Tianyu took out a jade case from his spatial ring. Inside it was a medicinal pearl that sparkled like white jade.

Hesitating for a moment, it was with great pain that he finally swallowed it. After consuming it, his pale face instantly returned to normal.

At the same time, his aura began to sharply rise, and he somehow had recovered to his peak state.

“Lesser Invigoration Pill?” Long Chen’s pupils shrunk. This was a pill that could let someone on the point of death instantly recover to their peak. It was an extremely precious pill, one that could save your life at a critical moment.

It contained a huge amount of life energy. Although it hadn’t reached the point that it could revive a dead person, it had instantly made up for all the blood and qi that Han Tianyu had lost. Although this was just a temporary effect, that didn’t take away from how precious this pill was.

Han Tianyu only had one, and he had always kept it as life-preserving treasure. But now that Long Chen had undergone the Wood Spirit Union with Chu Yao, he was even more powerful than his peak state. In order to kill Long Chen, he was even willing to sacrifice this incomparably precious pill.

As for the mustached man, seeing Han Tianyu swallow the Lesser Invigoration Pill, he clenched his teeth and extracted a drop of blood from his forehead. A mark appeared in the space between his eyebrows.

When that mark appeared, his aura instantly rose. He had used some kind of secret technique to forcibly increase his strength.

Now that the four of them had exploded with their greatest strength, glancing at each other, they charged at Long Chen.

Currently, Long Chen did not feel happiness nor sadness. He did not feel shocked nor fear. All he felt was an overflowing battle intent. He felt as if his own blood was boiling. Blooddrinker seemed to sense Long Chen’s emotions and also began to quiver.


Long Chen’s roar was like spring thunder, causing heaven and earth to rumble. The spiritual qi in his body violently surged, and his aura soared to an unprecedented level.




The five of them fought intensely, each of their exchanges causing the world to shake. This was a true battle of heavenly geniuses, and each attack could instantly decide life or death.

Runes flitted back and forth. Sword-light pierced the sky. Terrifying astral winds swirled about. The entire world seemed as if it might explode, and those distant spectators were all dazzled.

“Long Chen is definitely the reincarnation of a battle god,” muttered one person.

No one mocked him for saying such a thing. On the contrary, they nodded. On his own, he fought against the four pinnacle experts and was even able to attack and defend without the slightest sign of losing. If he wasn’t the reincarnation of a battle god, what was he?

Their fight was practically apocalyptic. The void was constantly buzzing as if it was unable to bear that power and would explode.

As Long Chen fought, he only became more and more valiant. That immediately raised Guo Ran and the others’ morale. Even the Huayun Sect and Mo Gate’s disciples felt their blood boiling.

Long Chen’s power had surpassed anyone’s expectations, and those on his side felt their blood boiling from just watching. To be able to fight alongside such a person meant they could die without regrets.

While Long Chen was fighting an immense battle, the other battle was not lacking in comparison. In fact, when it came to bloodiness, it far surpassed it.

The Righteous and Corrupt path had had over a hundred thousand disciples present. Now, less than half of them were left. The ground was covered with corpses.

Although casualties had appeared amongst the Huayun Sect and Mo Gate’s disciples, those casualties were nothing when compared to the huge number of deaths on the other side.

The reason there were casualties now was because Chu Yao was no longer able to help everyone. In order to help Long Chen, she was no longer able to heal or protect them.

The battle had already reached its climax. Many of the Righteous disciples who had withdrawn had now returned to the battle.

However, they hadn’t come to help the Corrupt disciples, but just to cheer from the side. As they encouraged the Corrupt disciples, they began to gather the spatial rings.

Considering how many people died, it was uncertain just how many treasures were in those spatial rings. This was definitely the best time to take advantage.

The Corrupt disciples were at the front fighting desperately, while the Righteous disciples were behind them collecting spatial rings. That completely infuriated the Corrupt disciples.

There were many of them who were unable to control their rage. After all, the Corrupt disciples were naturally fierce, so seeing these Righteous disciples dare take advantage of them like this, they took their weapons and attacked them.

“The Corrupt disciples are killing!”

Unable to defend in time, hundreds of those Righteous disciples were killed in an instant. Many of the Righteous disciples began to cry out indignantly.

As a result, Righteous and Corrupt disciples began to fight each other. Although they didn’t start a full-on war with each other, they both had to be on guard against sneak attacks. That caused their overall combat strength to decline, relieving Mo Nian and the others.

At this time, Mo Nian and the others didn’t have it very well off either. For the safety of the ones behind them, they could only risk their lives to entangle the top experts of their enemies. Their bodies were covered with blood. Some of it was their enemies’ blood, some of it was their own.

“Feng Xiao-zi, you dare?!”

Suddenly, Meng Qi let out a furious and anxious cry.

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