Chapter 455 Smash You to Death With a Single Club


Four huge violet birds appeared in the air, each of them almost three hundred meters long. Those were the Violet Phoenix Sparrows that had reached the peak of the fourth rank. As soon as they appeared, they opened their mouths and spat out a scorching flame that instantly covered an area of hundreds of meters.


Miserable screams rang out as hundreds of Corrupt experts were burned to ash. Even Chosen were unable to bear it.

“Soul Deathdream.”

Atop one of the Violet Phoenix Sparrows, Meng Qi solemnly formed hand seals, and a ripple of Spiritual Strength surged out.

Within miles of her, countless experts stiffened and then slowly closed their eyes. They seemed to be sleeping as they lay on the ground, but all their life force had already disappeared.

Meng Qi was slightly pale. One reason was because of the immense exhaustion to her soul energy, while the other reason was because of all this killing.

Thousands of people had died to her just now. To kill that many people in one go, Meng Qi felt extremely unwell. These were not Magical Beasts but humans just like her.

“Sister, don’t feel bad. These are all bad people. If we didn’t kill them, they would kill us,” Lu Fang-er shouted from another Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

Lu Fang-er did not possess Meng Qi’s vast soul energy, and so she could only shoot out spiritual arrows at the people below. Although her radius was smaller, her power was also shocking. Anyone who didn’t have a protective soul item would instantly be killed.

However, those who died to their spiritual attacks were actually lucky compared to the others. At least they managed to die with a complete corpse, looking as if they were just asleep.

Of course, those people down there didn’t think so. For the people by their side to just silently die like that was the most terrifying thing.

Some of the Righteous disciples were no longer able to suppress that fear, and they began to withdraw. But as for the Corrupt disciples, they were still charging forward.

“Move aside! I’ll handle these brutes.”

Suddenly, a man charged out from the Corrupt side. His qi and blood surged, and there was an illusory sea of blood behind him. A terrifying murderous aura caused others to shiver.

“Be careful, it’s Xue Wuya!” Zheng Wenlong warned everyone. However, at this time, he was surrounded by over ten experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths. Those experts were all on the level of peak experts, and Zheng Wenlong already had two bleeding cuts on him.

In order to send this warning, he ended up distracted, and one of the Corrupt experts landed a steel hook on his shoulder, opening a huge cut. Blood instantly dyed half his robes scarlet.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zheng!” Bai Ling cried out from a distance.

“I’m fine! Keep fighting.” Zheng Wenlong didn’t dare be careless again. After shouting, he focused completely on fighting.

There were simply too many enemies. Zheng Wenlong was completely suppressed. There was no way he could help anyone else right now. Everyone would have to rely on themselves.

Mo Nian was the same. He was completely surrounded by the peak experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths.

He wasn’t too suited to close-range combat, and so being surrounded like this, he wasn’t even able to bring out his full abilities, infuriating him so much that he repeatedly cursed as he fought.

Xue Wuya’s arrival caused all the Righteous experts to tremble in fear. He was publicly acknowledged as the number one expert of the Corrupt path besides Yin Luo. They all made way for him.

“You are Xue Wuya?”

Suddenly, a large figure appeared in front of Xue Wuya, blocking his path. That person was like a giant, his expression making him appear simple and naive.

“I am. You-” Xue Wuya had only just begun when Wilde’s huge spiked club cut him off.

Xue Wuya hadn’t expected this seemingly simple giant to dare fight him just like this. By the time he reacted, the huge club was already about to reach his head.

There was no pressure and no aura. It was an ordinary smash of the club. However, the air around it seemed to almost explode.

Xue Wuya hastily raised his spear to block it.


Xue Wuya was blown back, and those Corrupt disciples behind him that he collided with all had their bodies explode.

He continued flying back for almost three hundred meters. A dozen Corrupt experts died from being struck by him, and one of them had even been a Chosen.

After stabilizing, he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. Wilde’s attack had come too suddenly, and he hadn’t had any defenses up. That attack had almost caused his internal organs to collapse.

Most terrifying of all, when Wilde attacked, there weren’t any indications of him preparing his spiritual qi. He struck without any warning, making it so people were unable to defend properly. This one attack had caused Xue Wuya to suffer greatly.

“Good job Wilde! Hurry and smash that bastard!” Guo Ran was constantly paying attention to the entire battlefield while fighting. That was the mission Long Chen had given him.

In terms of combat strength, he might not count as the strongest. But when it came to destructive power, he wouldn’t be lacking compared to any of the others. However, his greatest strong point was his defense.

His entire body was covered in armor, and when other people’s weapons landed on him, it was pretty much just an itch for him.

The only ones that could threaten him were those with heavy weapons. As long as he wasn’t smashed by one of those heavy weapons, he was practically invincible.

That was why Long Chen had given him the task of directing everyone. Only he was capable of keeping watch over the entire battlefield as he fought.

As soon as Xue Wuya had appeared, Guo Ran had told Wilde to go attack him. In the beginning, Guo Ran had been a bit worried about Wilde’s safety, but Long Chen had told him a certain thing that made him feel better.

Long Chen had said that Wilde’s true combat strength was not the slightest bit lacking compared to his own. In fact, perhaps it surpassed his. So, Long Chen had always kept Wilde as a secret weapon.

As expected, as soon as Wilde appeared on the battlefield, he shocked everyone. It had to be known that Xue Wuya was someone on the same level as Yin Luo. Even if he wasn’t exactly as strong as he was, he wouldn’t be much weaker.

But shockingly, a single attack from Wilde had made him vomit blood. Long Chen’s group had actually hidden such a terrifying existence.

Xue Wuya was shocked and infuriated. With a roar, he pushed himself to his peak state, and he charged at Wilde. His spear was like a poisonous snake stabbing toward Wilde’s throat. His spear’s speed was shockingly fast, and it came from an extremely tricky angle.

However, Wilde didn’t even look at his attack. The main thing was that he couldn’t possibly grasp how to block this attack. Long Chen had already taught him not to go block other people’s attacks, as he wouldn’t be able to.

What Long Chen had told him to do was to not be half-assed. Either don’t attack, or attack to kill your opponent with a single smash of your club. Once they were beaten to death, then your enemy’s attack would be perfectly stopped.

There was no other way for Wilde. Long Chen had taught him many moves, but he was unable to remember any of them. As for trying to get Wilde to be able to see through the intricacies behind an enemy’s attack, that level of difficulty would practically be heaven-defying for Wilde.

So the only thing Long Chen could do was tell Wilde to attack without defending. Each time he attacked, he was to aim to kill his opponent. Since he couldn’t understand any techniques, the best option was for him to wildly smash his club.

Even when Wilde had ended up taking Cang Ming as a master, Cang Ming had also had to prostrate himself in admiration towards Wilde’s ‘incredible memory’. From then on, he simply allowed Wilde to fight as he pleased.

So in the face of Xue Wuya’s spear, Wilde didn’t dodge, nor did he try to block. He simply ruthlessly smashed his club at him.

Wilde’s club was five meters long. That attack range was too large, and Xue Wuya couldn’t dodge it. The only thing he could do was give up his attack and switch to defense.


Xue Wuya was once more blown back. Due to switching techniques in the end, he had only managed to bring out eighty percent of his strength. Another line of unlucky fellows died as he flew back.

Not everyone’s physical bodies could match up to Xue Wuya. Even two Chosen were smashed to death. The Corrupt experts learned from experience and retreated further.

After sending Xue Wuya flying, Wilde now roared and charged straight at him.




With each smash of his club, the entire battlefield would shake. Wilde was practically a barbaric dragon in human form. This was his first time fighting with his full strength in a long time, and he loudly roared, feeling incredibly delighted.

Wilde might be delighted, but Xue Wuya was the opposite. Wilde was too strong, and now even his hand was bleeding.

“Blood Devil Possession!”

Xue Wuya roared, and a human figure made of blood mist formed behind him. The blood mist then merged together with his body, causing his aura to explosively grow.

“Die!” Once more raising his spear to block Wilde’s club, the tip of his spear began to glow with a green light. It appeared incredibly sharp as it pierced toward Wilde’s abdomen.

However, Wilde didn’t even look at Xue Wuya’s attack. After his club was blown back, he twisted around and swung it back at Xue Wuya horizontally.

BANG! Xue Wuya blocked the club with his spear, and his body was once more blown back.

He once more vomited a mouthful of blood. But this time it wasn’t from an injury, but from being infuriated.

No matter what exquisite technique he tried, Wilde would just smash his club at him. Xue Wuya was now fuming.

“Do you even know how to fight?!?!” Xue Wuya furiously cursed. In all his life, he had never felt so stifled when fighting.

His reply was a huge spiked club. Xue Wuya was helpless and could only defend against Wilde in a battle of brute strength.

Seeing that Xue Wuya had been suppressed, the Corrupt experts were all shocked. Two peak experts even came to help.

Now that more people came, Wilde did change techniques. Now, he was spinning around in a circle, swinging his club continuously, repeatedly rolling around all over the battlefield. And yet, Xue Wuya and the others did not have a technique to counter this. They were temporarily unable to do anything to him.

Wilde was now fighting against three peak experts, but the Corrupt path still had one more. He was about to charge in when a large wind blade descended from the sky, blocking his advance.

Tang Wan-er began a fierce fight against this peak expert. After absorbing so much of the essence energy in the wind spirit stones, Tang Wan-er’s combat ability had soared to a terrifying point. She was so strong that the Corrupt expert was unable to get past her.

“Sister Biluo, you and senior apprentice-sister Zhiqiu should work together. We don’t need you to attack. Just help maintain the formation.”

Guo Ran was keeping watch over the situation. Up in the sky, the Violet Phoenix Sparrows were focusing on defense, so their formation was still stable. All the top experts had been entangled, and so now it would be a prolonged battle. Maintaining their strength was the most important thing.

Seeing that Long Chen’s group was able to block all these attackers, Huo Wufang’s expression turned ugly. He icily turned to Long Chen. “Good. Since it’s like this, then I’ll first kill you and send your head to your companions.”

“Are you prepared?” Long Chen quietly murmured.

“Haha, we should be asking you that,” sneered Huo Wufang. A terrifying flame blade appeared in his hand. As for the mustached man, Yin Luo, and Han Tianyu, they all raised their weapons towards Long Chen.

Long Chen suddenly smiled and lightly said, “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to my friend.”

Suddenly, a burst of spatial fluctuations appeared, and three huge, emerald leaves appeared on Long Chen’s back. One leaf pointed towards the sky, while two of them pointed towards the ground. Huo Wufang and the others’ expressions completely changed.

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