Chapter 454 Have Free Rein to Kill

“Yin Luo, lead your Corrupt path’s experts to kill Long Chen and his friends, and I, Huo Wufang, will owe you a favor!”

Huo Wufang’s voice reverberated throughout the battlefield. Those Righteous disciples that weren’t fighting yet were completely filled with fury.

To order Corrupt disciples to kill Righteous disciples was a serious interference with the upcoming Righteous and Corrupt battle. That was a grave violation of the Pill Tower’s neutral position.

“Huo Wufang, you contemptible man, you will be condemned by the entire Righteous path!” One of them finally couldn’t endure it and cursed straight at him.


A cold snort rang out. Huo Wufang waved his hand, and a flame arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning, instantly crossing the distance between them.

That person was just an ordinary core disciple, and being struck by this arrow, he was instantly burned to ash.

“Hmph, you don’t have the qualifications to criticize me. If anyone dares talk nonsense again, you can go die for me as well.”

“Since brother Huo is inviting me, then I naturally wouldn’t fail to appreciate your kindness.” Yin Luo laughed loudly. Turning to the Corrupt disciples, he shouted, “Brothers, this time we’ll help brother Huo. We’ll only kill people from Long Chen’s group. You are not permitted to kill the other Righteous disciples!”


The Corrupt disciples all let out a loud confirmation. The call of tens of thousands of Corrupt disciples shook the nine heavens and could be clearly heard for hundreds of miles.

Mo Nian and the others’ hearts sank immediately. No one had expected Huo Wufang to commit such a grave sin to kill Long Chen. They had really underestimated how contemptible he was.

“Huo Wufang, you are courting death! You aren’t afraid of the Pill Tower’s punishment?! You aren’t afraid of being attacked by the entire Righteous path?!” Zheng Wenlong furiously roared while fighting.

“Hahaha, I don’t need a peddler like you to advise me about my matters. You should think more about how you want to die in a bit.” Huo Wufang laughed.

“Kill!” Yin Luo roared. He had already charged up to the front, and the other Corrupt disciples all charged their way directly to the battlefield.

In the beginning, the fighting Righteous disciples had been a bit worried. However, when the Corrupt disciples passed by them, they didn’t attack them, allowing them to relax.

Huo Wufang was also no longer just watching. He and Yin Luo both charged at Long Chen. The two of them both had protective soul items, and they directly passed through Meng Qi’s blockade.

At this moment, Long Chen was completely suppressing Han Tianyu and the mustached man. The two of them were both drenched with sweat as they bitterly endured. Long Chen was too terrifying, and they were both afraid of him now.

The most terrifying thing about him was his killing intent. Even the two of them were unable to disregard it. It was as if there was a sharp blade constantly pressed against their throats, one that might behead them at any moment. That filled them with dread and was a huge mental pressure.

“Long Chen, I’ve already said that I’d make you regret it, and when I say something, I do it. Do you have anything left to say?” Huo Wufang didn’t immediately attack when he arrived. Instead, he just sneered at Long Chen.


Long Chen forced back the other two and then turned to look at Huo Wufang. “I don’t know whether or not I will regret it in the future, but what I do know is that you definitely will.”

Han Tianyu and the mustached man crawled up from the ground. Both of them were covered in dust, appearing extremely wretched. 

However, now that reinforcements had come, they finally relaxed. If they had continued fighting, they would have truly been killed in the end.

Such a thing was unprecedented for both Han Tianyu and the mustached man. It was a complete humiliation for them.

“Regret? Hehe, I, Huo Wufang, never regret anything. If you think I’ll be receiving any punishment for this, you’re wrong. You’re a traitor to the Righteous path, one with reprehensible crimes. Everyone here can testify that you are a demon who willfully slaughters the innocent,” said Huo Wufang calmly.

“Correct. I can take the place of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect to testify that Long Chen is a wretched traitor,” said the mustached man.

Originally, he had been planning on snatching Long Chen’s scale and his spatial ring. He really hadn’t expected to be beaten so miserably. That was extremely humiliating for him, and he had to make sure that Long Chen didn’t make it out alive today.

“I will also testify that Long Chen is the degenerate of the Xuantian Supermonastery, a villain of the entire Righteous path!” Han Tianyu was slightly pale, but his eyes were still filled with venom.

“I will testify that even my Corrupt path has never before seen such an evil person. Such a person should be punished with the worst kind of torture before death,” sneered Yin Luo.

Long Chen’s strength had far surpassed his expectations. If the situation hadn’t developed to this point, there would have been no chance of killing him.

Now, he could kill Long Chen, remove a potential disaster, get revenge, and obtain an immense favor from Huo Wufang.

He trusted that by doing this, not only would he not receive any punishment from the Corrupt path once he returned, but he might even be rewarded. As for the other Righteous disciples, he didn’t care the slightest bit about them. Killing Long Chen was the most urgent thing. He absolutely could not be allowed to live and mature.

Han Tianyu might be strong, but Yin Luo was confident he wouldn’t lose against him. However, Long Chen was different. He was only at Tendon Transformation, but he was able to dominate the Bone Forging realm. If they let him grow up, he would definitely be heaven-defying. That was something the Corrupt path refused to allow.

“Do you see? Even the Corrupt path feels that you are a despicable fiend. Long Chen, what do you think would happen if I killed a person as immoral as you? Do you think people would say anything? Hahaha, even if people know you were wrongly accused, so what? You’ll already be dead. No one would offend my Pill Tower for a dead person.

“So no matter how mad you are about it, you’ll still be dead. As for me, even after having you killed, I’ll be happily cultivating.

“That’s what power means. You can complain that I was just born lucky, but reincarnating is also a skill. Not everyone has that kind of luck, so luck is also a kind of power.

“For a beast flame, you offended me, Huo Wufang, and have fallen to this point. Are you satisfied now?

“Now not only will you die, but everyone by your side will also die with you. But don’t worry, I won’t let you die first. I’ll let you see your friends die in front of you one by one. That can be my grace to you.” Huo Wufang laughed heartily, his laugh was filled with delight in getting revenge.

By this time, the Corrupt experts had already arrived at Guo Ran and the others. Due to the immense numbers, even the ground was rumbling intensely.

“Grand Flowers Bloom.”

Suddenly, flower petals began to flutter in the air, and a beautiful figure appeared in front of Guo Ran.

Those countless and diverse flower petals filled a one-mile radius, and those charging Corrupt experts were instantly enveloped.


Miserable screams rang out as those petals cut apart their bodies. In an instant, hundreds of Corrupt experts had been killed. The entire crowd became silent.

“Hua Biluo, you are courting death!” raged Huo Wufang.

At this time, it was Hua Biluo who had attacked, and there were seven experts by her side who also joined the battle, fighting shoulder to shoulder with Guo Ran and the others.

“Huo Wufang, look closely. The ones I killed were from the Corrupt path and has nothing to do with your Pill Tower. I don’t believe you’ll dare punish my Hua family just because of this matter. Hmph, if you did, you’d become an enemy of the entire Righteous path.” Hua Biluo smiled icily.

“You…!” Huo Wufang was completely enraged, but he was unable to say anything.

The Pill Tower was a neutral party, never sticking their hands into the Righteous and Corrupt battles. This was a completely different matter from him calling people to kill Long Chen.

When Long Chen had arrived here, he had clearly kept his group separate from the Righteous path, establishing himself as a third party. Killing him could be said to have nothing to do with the Righteous and Corrupt battle.

Even when he called Corrupt disciples to kill Long Chen and his friends, he could still argue that Long Chen was not a part of the Righteous path.

But this was different. Hua Biluo was only killing Corrupt experts. In other words, she was standing on the side of the Righteous path. If Huo Wufang really did get revenge on Hua Biluo for this matter, he really would offend countless people.

Huo Wufang clenched his teeth furiously, killing intent surging out of him. However, he was unable to do anything. 

“It’s just a single expert. It won’t change anything. Why must you get angry brother Huo?” smiled Yin Luo. After comforting Huo Wufang, he turned to Long Chen. “Long Chen, you currently have less than twenty percent of your spiritual qi, and your strength should have declined to around fifty percent. Right now, you are an arrow at the end of its flight. Against the four of us, you have no chance. I’m very curious, just what are you thinking right now?”

“It really is a case of if you fear something, it will happen. Was this all the will of the heavens?” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh, resting his saber on his shoulder.

He had already done his best, but luck made fools of men. No matter how he had tried, the situation had constantly progressed to the worst-case scenario. There had been no way to stop it.

This current situation was the one Long Chen had been worried about the most. And thus his words: if you fear something, it will come.

“It really is the will of the heavens. Today, it is fated that your bones will be buried within the Jiuli secret realm. Ah, sorry, I misspoke. You won’t have any bones to bury because I will make sure you die without a corpse.” Yin Luo icily stared at Long Chen like a cheetah staring at its prey.

His combat strength was only half of his peak state, and his spiritual qi was almost exhausted, meaning he couldn’t use any more ultimate moves. In other words, Long Chen was like a toothless tiger. There was no longer any threat.

Long Chen smiled slightly, a touch of ridicule appearing on his face. “Saying that right now is still a bit too early.”

Suddenly, he loudly roared, “Everyone, there’s no need to hold back anymore. You have free rein to kill! Everyone in front of you is an enemy, so kill them all!”


Huo Wufang and the others’ expressions changed, and they hastily turned back, only to see four huge, violet birds appear in the sky.

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