Chapter 453 Fierce Tigers

After using Split the Heavens and the dragon scale, Long Chen had less than thirty percent of his spiritual qi remaining. Those two attacks were just too exhausting.

However, there was no turning back. Long Chen would no longer childishly think of trying to maintain peace with these people. To handle such people, the only solution was to kill. To kill so many that they finally became afraid.

Clenching his teeth, Blooddrinker once more lit up, and his terrifying gaze seemed to be one of a furious devil as he charged at the horrified mustached man.

The mustached man could not understand how it was that Long Chen could use Split the Heavens without the core technique of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.

According to reason, without that core technique, the body would not be able to accept that terrifying energy and would explode. No matter how strong the physical body was, without the core technique, there was no way to use Split the Heavens’ full power.

Previously, the mustached man hadn’t had such a feeling when Long Chen had used it against Han Tianyu. But now when he faced Long Chen directly, he was horrified to find that when Long Chen used Split the Heavens, his technique was even more exquisite and powerful than the actual disciples of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.

If it hadn’t been for one of his seniors in his sect giving him a protective talisman, he would have already been killed by Long Chen’s dragon scale.

It could be said that just now, he had brushed right past the death god’s shoulder. The Grim Reaper’s sickle had been pressed right up against his throat. He was filled with terror.

However, the one thing that comforted him was that he had noticed that the strange scale Long Chen had taken out also seemed to have run out of energy. He shouldn’t be able to use it again for a short time.

Now seeing Long Chen charging at him, the mustached man roared and light exploded from his body. Raising his broadsword, he brought it slashing at Long Chen.

Their two weapons collided, causing an immense explosion. What amazed everyone was that even after fighting for so long and even after releasing so many ultimate attacks, Long Chen was still as valiant as ever. The mustached man was blown back dozens of meters by Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen was incredibly imposing now. His divine ring caused the sky to tremble, while his saber was like a bloody river. He once more attacked the mustached man.

One had been fighting for a long time already, while one had been completely fresh. And yet, it was Long Chen who was suppressing his opponent, each of his attacks containing a chilling killing intent.

“Just what kind of monster is Long Chen?!”

The disciples that hadn’t listened to Huo Wufang and that were just spectating were all incomparably shocked.

Long Chen’s fierce fight with Han Tianyu could already be described as a world-shocking battle. In the end, Han Tianyu had fallen into an absolute disadvantage. Even a blind person would have been able to see that, so Long Chen had already defeated him.

As for this mustached man, he was clearly not much inferior to Han Tianyu, but he was still suppressed by Long Chen. It was as if Long Chen had an ocean’s worth of energy.

“What’s going on? They’re clearly all experts of the Righteous path, so why do they have to fight to the point of you die or I die? I really don’t get it.” Some people couldn’t help lamenting.

The Corrupt path’s experts were clearly right there. Those were the true enemies. So why did they need to slaughter each other? If they focused completely on fighting the Corrupt disciples, then even if they couldn’t completely annihilate them, they could still slaughter the majority of them.

The Corrupt path had suppressed the Righteous path for many years now. Now that the Righteous path finally had the power to suppress their opponents, they had decided to fight amongst themselves. That really made them have an urge to cry.

“Frankly speaking, this is all because Long Chen fails to appreciate kindness and vainly wants to snatch the top spot of the Righteous path from Han Tianyu. He’s just a contemptible little man who wants to fight for fame and profit. Those things are clearly more important to him than anything else.” One of the core disciples from the monasteries icily spoke out. He was one of Han Tianyu’s devout followers.




His words had only just fallen when he was viciously slapped by multiple people.

“Fuck your goddamn mom! You must really think we’re all blind and can’t tell this was all intentionally set up by the first monastery!”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking damn suck-up idiot, this was all because you idiots all get bored as soon as you’re full, filling the Righteous path with turmoil!” A large man furiously kicked that disciple with each curse.

This lackey was just an ordinary core disciple, and being surrounded and kicked by a dozen people, he fainted in just a breath’s time.

“Such an idiot really should be kicked to death. It’s too bad we’re not strong enough to help Long Chen.” There was someone who couldn’t help but sigh emotionally when he looked at the battlefield.

The people who were still only watching were mostly from smaller sects. Their cultivation bases were weaker, and they were mostly just core disciples.

With their cultivation bases, if they went onto this battlefield, a battlefield in which even Chosen were trampled to death, then they would definitely be the cannon fodder of the cannon fodder. A single shockwave from a battle would kill a dozen of them.

“As expected, it really is a case of similar people flocking together. Not one of those who stand by Long Chen are cowards. Each of them are like fierce tigers. Just watching them makes my blood hot,” said one person, clenching his fists.

There had been tens of thousands of Righteous disciples that had charged over to where Meng Qi and the others were. They had tried getting past them multiple times, but the only result was that the mountains of corpses only grew higher, and they were unable to get past.

At the front were Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong facing the peak experts. Zheng Wenlong was fighting one against seven, finally using his full strength. They finally understood just how terrifying he was and why he didn’t even place Han Tianyu in his eyes. He truly did have that power.

As for Mo Nian, other than the three experts from the Qing Prefecture, there were also several other experts that had joined hands to attack him, hoping to suppress this long-range killer.

However, they had still underestimated him. The bow in his hand could also be used as a melee weapon, and when the runes on it were activated, its power could smash apart mountains. He was actually so powerful that even with so many of them, they were still panicking slightly.

Most terrifying of all, in the midst of Mo Nian’s fight, he would occasionally, silently, shoot out an arrow. One of the peak experts attacking him had been carelessly distracted for a moment, and his head had been pierced by Mo Nian’s arrow. That was the first peak expert to have fallen in this battle.

Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong were fighting basically all the peak experts. Behind the two of them was Guo Ran. In the last few months, Long Chen had once more refined some special body strengthening pills for him, and his strength had advanced a great deal.

Guo Ran was guarding the front of his squad. He held two sabers in his hands, both of which seemed like the fangs of a bloodthirsty Magical Beast. He crazily attacked his opponents, and beneath his feet was a river of blood and a pile of corpses.

On the other side was Yue Zifeng. His sword continuously flashed through the air and Sword Qi soared towards the sky. Surprisingly, he was fighting intensely with Yin Wushuang.

Yue Zifeng’s eyes were completely red, and each of his moves was an all-out attack. He wished to cut this damnable woman into a million pieces.

According to reason, Yin Wushuang could also count as a top expert, and her combat strength should have surpassed Yue Zifeng. However, due to her heart-devil, her combat strength had fallen greatly, and she was actually only able to fight evenly with Yue Zifeng.

Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang were guarding behind Guo Ran, killing anyone that got past him. They refused to allow anyone to the center of their squad.

In the beginning, there were several waves of people who had vainly tried to detour around them only to be killed. But afterward, Huo Wufang had ordered them to ignore Long Chen and focus completely on killing his friends. His hope was for Long Chen to split his attention to come to save them.

Huo Wufang was well aware that Long Chen would not just allow his women to die here, especially not a powerful soul cultivator like Meng Qi. And so his best option would be to focus completely on murdering Long Chen’s group.

Watching that intense fight, Huo Wufang was filled with ridicule and disdain. To him, the more that died, the better. That way he would owe fewer favors.

He had long since seen that other than Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong, everyone else in Long Chen’s group was also extremely powerful.

The reason he had scared Hua Biluo into leaving was not just to decrease their overall strength. His other goal was to shake their confidence.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t managed to achieve that goal. Later, he was also surprised to see the mustached man attack, however, once they both used Split the Heavens, he understood something.

Currently, Long Chen was fighting on his own against the mustached man and Han Tianyu. However, he still possessed the advantage. That shocked everyone.

His blood-colored saber repeatedly clashed with their weapons, causing powerful blasts that made it so even space was on the verge of collapsing.

Long Chen was fighting as hard as he could. He had to kill the two of them before his spiritual qi was exhausted. Only then could he intimidate everyone else.

Once Han Tianyu and the mustached man died, this battle would be over. However, the precondition of that was that he displayed enough of his power that he awed everyone.

Huo Wufang was extremely sinister. He had everyone attack while he just watched from the side. This was the first time Long Chen began to intensely despise Pill Valley.

Although the Pill Tower was not Pill Valley, they were still their spokesperson. And yet, this spokesperson abused his power for selfish reasons and was shameless to the peak.

Furthermore, there were so many idiots who listened to him, vainly trying to create a good relationship with Pill Valley. 

But there was also no way around that. Pill Valley was something that was related to the entire rise and fall of the cultivation world. No one dared offend them. And so the Pill Tower had become a supreme existence. With a single word from Huo Wufang, countless people would sell their souls.

The current situation was in a very precarious balance. The Corrupt path was watching like hawks. At this point, although many of the Righteous disciples had died, their peak fighters were still alive. So the Righteous path’s overall strength had not declined much.

If Long Chen was able to kill Han Tianyu and the mustached man quickly, ending this battle before more experts fell, then even the Corrupt path wouldn’t dare charge in brashly.

But if too many peak experts died, then the Righteous path’s power would sharply decline. At that time, even if Long Chen killed Han Tianyu, it wouldn’t be enough to intimidate Yin Luo. At that time, Yin Luo would take advantage of their power being weaker to launch a fatal blow.

Unfortunately, Han Tianyu and the mustached man were both peak experts that were incredibly strong with plenty of battle experience. Although it was clear that the two had lost already, it was impossible for Long Chen to kill them in a short time. He was starting to feel uneasy, as if something bad was about to happen.

Just at that moment, a voice which Long Chen loathed to the extreme rang out once more: “Yin Luo, lead your Corrupt path’s experts to kill Long Chen and his friends, and I, Huo Wufang, will owe you a favor!”

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