Chapter 452 Split the Heavens vs. Split the Heavens

“My meaning is that I have to kill you.” The mustached man slowly took out the broadsword on his back.


Long Chen couldn’t help raising his head up to the sky and laughing crazily. His laugh was filled with fury and killing intent. This was his first time being toyed with by someone like this.

By handing over the beast hide, he had already taken a step back. He hadn’t expected his return to be this humiliation.

In his life, Long Chen had only taken a step back twice. The first time was with Huo Wufang. He had offered to split the Neidan but had met with refusal.

Now, he had been feeling the pressure, and in order to keep the peace, he had handed over the beast hide. But this time, he met with humiliation instead.

This made Long Chen realize that he was becoming more and more cowardly, and more and more laughable. Had he really been trying to create peace with these arrogant fools?

“Hmph, what’s so funny? The Split the Heavens Battle Skill is my Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s top treasure, and it cannot be allowed to circulate outside.

“You’ve secretly learned my sect’s divine ability. It doesn’t matter where you obtained the secret tome. It was definitely stolen from my Heaven Splitting Divine Sect.

“I’m only telling you all this so you can understand before you die. My Heaven Splitting Divine Sect isn’t unreasonable, so you can die in peace,” said the mustached man icily.

“Don’t give me your pompous jokes. Your eyes are constantly looking at my spatial ring and scale. Did you think your true intentions could be concealed from me? You want to kill someone for their treasures, but you actually managed to find this many reasons? I really look favorably upon you. You really must be top-grade amongst idiots. If you want my treasures, then come. But let me tell you, if you do, don’t regret it.”

Long Chen’s killing intent was not the slightest bit concealed. He had truly been infuriated by this strange man.

He sensed this fellow’s greed. Previously, he truly had come for Split the Heavens. But after he had tossed over the beast hide, the disappointment on his face also wasn’t fake. It was only after he had destroyed the beast hide that his intentions had changed, and he began to feel greed for Long Chen’s treasures.

“Hmph, even at death’s door, you still have to slander others. As expected, you really aren’t some good person. You can die now.”

The mustached man’s sword shook. This broadsword was five feet long and five inches wide. It was incredibly heavy.

The wind whistled as it slashed at Long Chen with a berserk energy. Even before the sword arrived, the wind blew back Long Chen’s robes.

Long Chen’s heart shook. As he had thought, this mustached man was not at all inferior to Han Tianyu. This sword was one that focused completely on brute power, and of the people present, few could receive it.

As for Han Tianyu, he was delighted to see this person release a powerful killing blow right at the beginning. If someone hadn’t come to help him at this point, then he really would have been doomed. Long Chen would have exhausted him straight to death.

In the face of that broadsword slashing down on him, a ruthless light shone in Long Chen’s eyes. His left hand continued controlling the dragon scale, while the saber in his right hand went to block the broadsword.

Seeing that Long Chen dared split his attention even when facing his sword, the mustached man grew angry. Was he looking down on him?

“Fuck off!”


The ground beneath Long Chen exploded when the broadsword smashed onto his blood-colored saber. Long Chen vomited a mouthful of blood. However, ridicule could be seen in his eyes. The mustached man’s expression changed.

He had sensed something odd. When his sword had met with Long Chen’s saber, most of his power had ended up being brushed aside.

Long Chen had at most received thirty percent of his attack. The other seventy percent had mysteriously disappeared.

“Aiya, I’ve been duped.” The mustached man suddenly realized what had happened. On the other side, an explosion rang out.


The dragon scale in the air suddenly blossomed with light, and it smashed straight into the crystal bone. That terrifying Xiantian crystal bone surprisingly exploded at the first contact, and a terrifying energy erupted, sending Long Chen, Han Tianyu, and the mustached man flying.


Han Tianyu vomited three mouthfuls of blood. One reason was that he was too close, but the other reason was his pain at losing such a treasure.

He had spent an incredible amount of time and effort to refine this crystal bone. This crystal bone had been his hope of soaring high above others. He had been filled with dreams.

But now, his dreams had been destroyed by Long Chen. Han Tianyu felt a pain similar to having his insides torn apart. His hatred of Long Chen had already reached a peak.

In truth, in order to destroy Han Tianyu’s crystal bone, Long Chen also wasn’t very well off. Although he felt refreshed inside, his body was suffering greatly.

Originally, his plan had been to exhaust Han Tianyu all the way to the end. By that time, his spiritual qi would already be mostly recovered.

In order to instantly destroy the crystal bone would require a consumption similar to using Split the Heavens again. So Long Chen had always been unwilling to do so.

However, the mustached man’s attack had allowed him to take the risk. Using the saber arts he had learned in the Xuantian Monastery, he had shifted seventy percent of the power in his attack, and then adding in his own power, he had sent a combined attack towards the crystal bone.

However, controlling an enemy’s attack power was not something he had ever done before. Although he had learned the theory of it, the mustached man was too powerful, causing Long Chen to also suffer injury. However, the result made it all worth it.

“Long Chen, I’ll tear you to pieces!”

Han Tianyu roared and suddenly swallowed a giant pill. His exhausted aura suddenly recovered to over ninety percent.

“Instant Qi Recovery Pill!” Long Chen was shocked. If it had just been an ordinary Instant Qi Recovery Pill, then it would have been fine. However, Han Tianyu had swallowed a giant pill.

Giant pills contained dozens of times the energy of ordinary pills. This bastard was truly rich.

“DIE!” Han Tianyu roared, a new sword appearing in his hand. His old sword had already broken, but looking at this sword’s quality, it seemed it wasn’t much lacking at all compared to his old one.

“If even a hypocrite like you is still alive, why would I die?” Long Chen snorted, and Blooddrinker released a bloody light that filled the sky. He slashed it at Han Tianyu.

BANG! Han Tianyu shook intensely and was sent flying. Only now did Han Tianyu realize his own strength had decreased by over twenty percent.

Previously, he had still been able to fight evenly with Long Chen. But now he had lost in just one exchange. He had lost too much essence blood, causing his physical strength to sharply decline. Although his spiritual qi might have recovered to ninety percent, it was impossible for him to reach his peak combat state again.

It could be said he had completely lost to Long Chen now. Although he could say Long Chen had borrowed someone else’s strength, in the end, he still would have been exhausted to death even if it weren’t for the mustached man’s attack.

Long Chen had only just forced back Han Tianyu when a whistling wind came from behind him.

Without looking back, Long Chen swung out Blooddrinker, blocking a broadsword.

Turning to look at the shocked mustached man, he sneered, “Wow, who would have thought I’d still have so much energy left now?”


Blooddrinker shook, forcing back the mustached man. Han Tianyu’s sword was already stabbing towards his back.

With another wave of his saber, Long Chen forced back Han Tianyu. Han Tianyu was completely furious. Having used so much essence blood, he was now losing out in strength.

“Even if you still have so much power left, you still won’t be able to escape your death. Battle God Slaughter!” Light surged out of the mustached man, making him as blinding as the sun.

His sword suddenly pointed up to the sky, and a berserk aura locked Long Chen down. Long Chen’s heart shook as this technique was far too familiar. This was the start of Split the Heavens.

His expression was extremely grave. He also pointed his saber up to the sky. Both their movements were now the exact same. Two terrifying auras climbed higher and higher, causing the sky to tremble.

“Split the Heavens!”


A sword-image and a saber-image crashed fiercely together, releasing an immense explosion that rocked the entire battlefield. Long Chen and the mustached man were both blown back.

This was a world-shaking collision. It was the exact same technique, the exact same movements. This terrifying power possessed a destructive power that shocked everyone.

No one had expected that facing such a strong opponent, Long Chen would use the exact same move, ending up in a tie.

“Die!” Long Chen suddenly shouted, and extending a hand, a green light shot towards the mustached man. That was the dragon scale.

The dragon scale was connected with Long Chen’s mind. After destroying the crystal bone, Long Chen had brought it flying back to him.

After that head-on exchange, Long Chen had immediately sent the dragon scale to go kill him. The mustached man’s combat ability was too powerful. He wouldn’t even be that much lacking compared to Han Tianyu, so fighting like this would exhaust Long Chen too much.

If it was a one on one, Long Chen wouldn’t have any fear. But this was not just his battlefield. He still had that many brothers risking their lives fighting. He wanted to quickly end the battle to avoid deaths.

The dragon scale tore through the void like a streak of light. It contained endless killing intent as it slashed towards the mustached man.

His expression completely changed, and he hastily crushed a talisman.


Runes surged out of the talisman, forming an immense shield in front of him. It was like a steel wall, emitting an extremely sturdy air.


The dragon scale crashed into the runic shield, and the shield instantly exploded. As for the mustached man, he violently coughed up blood and flew back.

The shield had managed to block the dragon scale’s attack. However, it hadn’t managed to block all of its energy, and a portion of it struck him.

Long Chen’s expression was slightly pale now. Inside, he sighed that it was a pity. The dragon scale was far stronger than he had imagined, but unfortunately, his own power was not enough to use its full potential.

After using it twice to attack, the green light on the dragon scale had become slightly dimmer. It needed to rest. Not only did those attacks exhaust a great deal of Long Chen’s energy, but they also exhausted a portion of the dragon scale’s energy. It couldn’t continue attacking, and Long Chen had no choice but to quickly return it to his body.

After using Split the Heavens and the dragon scale, Long Chen had less than thirty percent of his spiritual qi remaining. But clenching his teeth, he raised Blooddrinker, and once more charged at the horrified mustached man.

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