Chapter 451 The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect

Suddenly, a large man with the huge broadsword passed by everyone and rushed over in Long Chen’s direction.

“Spiritual Illusion!”

Meng Qi shouted and an illusory image appeared in front of that person. That illusion was transparent, and it had the same form as Meng Qi.

The person rushing forward was that mustached man who hadn’t said a single word from the very start. It was unexpected for him to take action at this time.

“Hmph.” The mustached man snorted and an ancient copper bracelet on his wrist lit up. It protected him and directly smashed apart Meng Qi’s spiritual avatar.

“A soul suppressing item!” Meng Qi was startled. It had to be known that the attack she had just used was incredibly powerful, as she had sensed that this man was extremely terrifying, perhaps not even lacking when compared to Han Tianyu or Yin Luo.

So this spiritual attack had contained her full power. Even ordinary protective soul items would have instantly been broken.

It had to be known that Meng Qi’s vast soul energy was even stronger than Long Chen’s. With just one ultimate move, she had managed to block all those charging experts.

There had been quite a few people amongst them who possessed soul items to protect themselves. But in front of Meng Qi’s powerful soul energy, those soul items would run out of energy in just a moment, and they would still be killed.

That was the most terrifying ability of soul cultivators. Their attacks silently targeted the soul, causing a person to die in an instant.

However, her attack had been destroyed by this mustached man. Meng Qi could sense that his bracelet contained a huge amount of soul energy. That soul item was not ordinary and had to be high grade amongst soul items. Their other name was soul suppressing items.

A soul suppressing item had a higher quality than ordinary soul items, and it didn’t even need to be activated. When it encountered a spiritual attack, it would instantly activate to protect its owner. Meng Qi could sense that the soul energy within that bracelet was incredibly condensed. That was something only possible if a Xiantian soul cultivator had poured their soul energy into it. Meng Qi was unable to do anything to it.

After breaking past Meng Qi’s blockade, he charged directly at Long Chen. He was incredibly fast, and before people could react, he was already past them. 

“Should I catch him?” Wilde, whose hands had long since begun to feel itchy, raised his club.

“Don’t.” Meng Qi hastily stopped him. “Long Chen already said that you’re our secret weapon and can’t be revealed too easily. When a critical time comes, you can give our enemies a fatal blow.

“Furthermore, Long Chen also told you that when he needs you to attack, he will tell you. As long as he hasn’t said anything, it means he still has enough power to handle everything. Just wait here patiently. Otherwise, Long Chen will get angry.”

“Oh, okay. But I feel like if this continues, I might get hungry soon,” said Wilde with a bit of distress.

“You can sit here. I’ll use my wood spiritual energy to help you absorb a bit of energy. That way you won’t exhaust yourself too fast.” After saying that, Chu Yao summoned a wooden chair for Wilde to sit on.

They had no other method. The rate at which Wilde grew hungry made everyone feel helpless. In order to keep Wilde in his peak state, they could only do it this way.

“If you feel hungry, take out a few pieces of meat to eat from your spatial ring.” Chu Yao formed hand seals in front of her, all while focusing on the entire battlefield.

Long Chen didn’t want her personally joining the battle. He just needed her to help heal everyone as soon as they suffered any injuries.

Whenever someone was injured, a root would grow out of the ground beside them and pour a powerful life energy into their body. As long as it wasn’t an instant death, practically all injuries were immediately healed.

Furthermore, Chu Yao’s range was extremely large. She could even grow her wooden stakes a dozen miles from her. Whenever anyone ran into danger, wooden stakes would grow out of the ground around them to save them.

After absorbing the tree-heart, her wood energy had become even more powerful. Wherever there was ground, she could bring out her full abilities.

Furthermore, her wooden stakes could be small or big, capable of helping in all kinds of situations. Their strongest point was their sturdiness. A single wooden stake was something a Chosen would require a full strength attack to destroy.

With just a wave of her hands, Chu Yao could summon thousands of wooden stakes. Although their attacking strength wasn’t very high, in terms of defense, Chu Yao was number one.

With Chu Yao’s assistance, their entire group’s safety had powerful insurance, and they could focus on attacking with all their might.

At the spot where the peak experts were fighting, there was Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong who were entangled with the others. There was also Guo Ran in his armor. He carried two sabers in his hands, leading Gu Yang and the others on a rampage.

As for the Huayun Sect disciples that Zheng Wenlong had brought, they were surprisingly powerful. The weapons in their hands had all been made from the best materials.

Basically, each one of them had a soft armor protecting them. Taking a person’s attack, they would just get a light cut, while they could directly kill the attacker. 

The thing that made the Righteous disciples the most furious was that the Huayun disciples had protections all over them. Even their pants had a powerful defensive strength. Blades were almost unable to cause them any injuries.

When a certain Huayun disciples’ shoe broke apart from an attack, people saw that even their socks were made of golden thread. That angered the Righteous disciples so much that their eyes turned green.

That golden thread was from gold silkworms and was incredibly expensive. Normally, they were all used for soft armor. They were practically priceless treasures. In other words, even the Huayun disciples’ socks were priceless treasures. That almost angered them to death. These fellows really had too much money.

The Huayun disciples fought at the front, while the Mo Gate disciples continuously rained down arrows from further back. Each of their arrows easily pierced through armor and flesh. In fact, several people would fall with each arrow.

Their strength was just too great, and each arrow could pierce through multiple bodies before stopping. Such archery arts were truly intimidating.

At the core of their group were the five women and Wilde. The women were their core power, and they wouldn’t easily attack.

A trump card was something only revealed at a critical moment. You had to cut down your opponent in a single blow. You could not give your opponents time to figure out a way to counter your trump cards.

Seeing Mo Nian, Zheng Wenlong, and all the others fighting so fiercely, Hua Biluo was filled with pain. Originally, these were the allies she should have been fighting shoulder to shoulder with. But now, she had essentially abandoned her promise.

“This fucking Huo Wufang and his fucking Pill Tower! This is fucking stupid!” One of the experts behind Hua Biluo couldn’t help but curse.

They were also manly men, and which of them didn’t have any arrogance? But they were humiliated by Huo Wufang, and they could only watch as Mo Nian and the others fought so valiantly. They were filled with fury.

After that person cursed, another expert stealthily poked him, glancing furtively at Hua Biluo. When he saw Hua Biluo’s frosty face, he immediately shut up.

None of these people felt good about this. But the one who felt the worst was naturally Hua Biluo. It was just that she didn’t complain about her suffering.

“That mustached man with the broadsword has reached Long Chen!” Someone let out a cry that drew Hua Biluo’s attention.

Long Chen’s divine ring was constantly absorbing spiritual qi. Not only was he exhausting Han Tianyu’s essence blood energy, but his own spiritual qi was gradually recovering. At this point, he had already recovered to eighty percent.

As for Han Tianyu, his face was paper-white, and his forehead was covered with sweat. Panic had finally appeared in his eyes. If this continued, he would definitely die.

Although he was facing off against Long Chen, he was also aware of what was happening around them. Seeing that everyone was unable to approach, he became even more anxious.

Each drop of essence blood he used was diminishing his core strength. If this continued, it would gravely harm his foundation, and he would very likely have to fall from the ranks of heavenly geniuses.

A large, mustached man arrived in front of the two of them. He icily looked at Long Chen. “Where did you learn the first form of Split the Heavens?”

Long Chen had been on guard against this man as soon as he had sensed him approaching. He was ready to receive an attack from him, but hearing him ask this, he came to a sudden comprehension.

No wonder he had felt a familiar aura from this person. This person’s body had the same domineering will as Split the Heavens.

However, Long Chen was startled by what he said. The first form of Split the Heavens? In other words, there was a second form and even a third form? He replied, “That is something I bought at a market in the secular world.”

Long Chen didn’t say that he had found it in the Imperial College. After all, he had no idea whether this person was a friend or a foe.

“Nonsense. You’re lying.” This mustached man clearly did not believe him.

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he icily said, “I, Long Chen, disdain lying. It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe me.”

The mustached man stared closely at Long Chen, trying to decide whether he was speaking the truth or not. After a moment, he said, “The Split the Heavens Battle Skill is a secret technique that cannot be transmitted outside my Heaven Splitting Divine Sect. I must take it back. What do you say to that?”

Maintaining the power of the dragon scale, Long Chen looked at this mustached man. His tone was very irritating, and he possessed a lofty air that seemed to look down on everyone.

However, Long Chen was a bit intimidated by this man. Although it hadn’t reached the point that he feared him, he did feel that fighting with him now wasn’t a good idea.

Supporting the dragon scale with one hand, a worn down beast hide appeared in the other. That was what had taught him Split the Heavens in the first place.

Although he hadn’t probed who exactly this person was, he could sense the aura of Split the Heavens from his body. He could not be mistaken about that.


Long Chen threw the beast hide to him. In any case, he no longer needed the beast hide anymore.

Grabbing the beast hide, he carefully examined it for a moment before a bit of disappointment appeared on his face.

Using his spiritual qi, the mustached man caused the beast hide to explode. He icily looked at Long Chen and said, “You misunderstand. When I said take it back, I wasn’t just talking about how you learned it. I need to take it back from your body as well.”

“What do you mean?” Long Chen’s expression sunk, and fury began to soar within him.

“My meaning is that I have to kill you.” The mustached man slowly took out the broadsword on his back.

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