Chapter 450 Heroes Fight a Bloody Battle

Countless black lights shot out of Guo Ran’s metallic arms, wreaking havoc amongst the attackers.

Blood splashed, and miserable cries rang out. When those black lights pierced through a body, the entire body would explode.

This had happened so suddenly that even Mo Nian and Zheng Wenlong jumped in shock.

“How fiendish! Don’t be afraid everyone; they don’t have many people, and as long as we get close, we can still crush them to death!” someone loudly shouted.

“Long Chen kills people without any regard to the value of life. Each person by his side is also evil! Everyone charge together to purify our Righteous path!” A woman’s sharp cry rang out.

“Fuck, this damn bitch!” Guo Ran could tell that it was Yin Wushuang’s voice.

However, they had a tide of enemies surging towards them, and so he had no time to find her. He shouted, “Brothers, you’ve all seen that these are all idiots who can’t distinguish between right and wrong. We don’t need to have any misgivings; kill them all!”


Those Righteous experts finally managed to get close to them. With an angry roar, countless openings appeared all over Guo Ran’s armor.

Black lights devastated the attackers, and flesh flew through the air. A pile of mincemeat appeared in front of Guo Ran.

Mo Nian raised his bow, and terrifying arrows tore through their ranks. Wherever his arrow flew, corpses would follow.

As for those archers behind Mo Nian, they were constantly raining a hail of arrows into the ground. They were truly all divine archers, and their arrows were targeted towards the experts. Each arrow was extremely accurate. The killing power of these three hundred people was truly terrifying.

Zheng Wenlong’s spear fluttered through the air. With each swing, a Chosen would die. But suddenly, a chilly aura enveloped him, and he hastily swung his spear behind him.

BOOM! His spear blocked another spear that had tried to sneak attack him.

“You are the Seven Underworld Gate’s Sun Hao?” Zheng Wenlong was startled.

This attacker was a peak expert of the Seven Underworld Gate, so Zheng Wenlong naturally recognized him. But he hadn’t expected even him to join in now.

“For a favor, you have to put aside other things. I hope brother Zheng won’t mind,” said Sun Hao.

“This is not some ordinary competition, but a true life and death battle. Don’t regret it,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“Don’t be so serious. This is none of my business. All I have to do is entangle you for a bit, and once Long Chen is dead, I can report my success. Brother Zheng is a businessman, so can it be you can’t tell what’s about to happen? Long Chen will definitely die today. Why must you go all-out? Wouldn’t it be better to also get a favor?” advised Sun Hao.

Zheng Wenlong’s expression turned icy. “I, Zheng Wenlong, am a businessman, but to do business, the most important thing is integrity. Since I’ve chosen to invest in him, then even death wouldn’t change my decision. You should leave. Don’t end up sending yourself to your death.”

“Zheng Wenlong, don’t refuse to give face. I’m advising you for your own good. Don’t think I’m actually afraid of you!” raged Sun Hao.

“Then you can die.”

Zheng Wenlong’s eight-temper aura erupted, and his spear smashed towards Sun Hao.

Sun Hao raised his spear to block, but he was horrified to realize he had underestimated Zheng Wenlong’s strength. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, his internal organs almost displacing.

Sun Hao was the Seven Underworld Gate’s number one expert, and his strength was even slightly greater than experts of Yin Wushuang’s level. He could just manage to count as a peak expert. However, he was unable to receive a single blow from Zheng Wenlong.

“Die!” Zheng Wenlong sent his spear in for the kill. He knew there was no room for compassion on this battlefield. That would just be sending yourself to death. If they dared to attack, then they were enemies. And since they were enemies, they needed to be eliminated without the slightest mercy.

BANG! Zheng Wenlong’s arms shook intensely. A sword had slashed into his spear, saving Sun Hao.

“Xin Guran, you dare?!” Zheng Wenlong recognized this person as also someone from a large sect, and his power was similar to Sun Hao’s.

Zheng Wenlong suddenly retreated as a huge hammer smashed where he had just been. A huge crater appeared there.

Another peak expert had joined in. Zheng Wenlong’s spear danced through the air as he faced off against these three peak experts. But then, another expert joined hands with them, completely surrounding him.

He couldn’t help being startled and furious. He hadn’t expected there to be this many idiots. Even these peak experts had become idiots.

However, he then suddenly realized that with more and more experts joining in, the Righteous side now had a clear superiority. So these top experts were joining in just to take advantage.

Zheng Wenlong was besieged by four people, while Mo Nian’s expression was dark as he stared at the three people in front of him. Killing intent was surging out of him.

“Are you three sure you want to become enemies with my Mo Gate?” Mo Nian’s voice was icy.

“Young master Mo, we don’t dare do such a thing. You are our Qing Prefecture’s hegemon. With each one of your steps, all of Qing Prefecture trembles. Of course we don’t dare become enemies with you. But as Righteous disciples, we must uphold justice, to defend the weak from the strong, to eliminate evil from our world. Right now, we will simply be taking the place of the heavens to block you for a bit.” An emaciated man sinisterly laughed at Mo Nian.

Mo Nian’s expression was extremely ugly. These three were the top disciples of Qing Prefecture. They came from three different sects, and they were all exceptionally powerful.

Unfortunately for them, Mo Nian still stood at the peak. No one could shake him from that position. These three might be heavenly geniuses unrivaled within the same realm, but they were outshone by Mo Nian.

If it was a one on one, Mo Nian could beat them to the point that they wouldn’t even recognize themselves. But if the three of them joined hands against him, that was different.

His fury soared. For them to target him at this time, Huo Wufang’s promise was only part of the reason. The other reason was that they wanted to make up for all their grievances.

“Then you can all die.”

Mo Nian’s bow trembled as thousands of rays of light enveloped the three of them. A terrifying aura instantly erupted. Mo Nian’s killing intent was finally truly provoked.

The three of them didn’t have much enmity with him. After all, they all commonly appeared in Qing Prefecture, and none of them wanted to offend the others.

However, Long Chen’s matter was huge, and these three had decided to interfere. Now Mo Nian’s killing intent was truly provoked, and he truly wanted to kill these three idiots.

“Aiya, young master Mo is mad! How scary!” A sarcastic mocking came from one of them.


The two beside him shouted at the same time, and their weapons began to shine, slashing at Mo Nian.

The careless one who had mocked Mo Nian had an arrow pierce straight through his weapon and blast his shoulder apart.

Originally, that arrow was aimed for his head. However, he was also an extremely strong person, and the instant that arrow was about to reach him, he dodged to the side. But it still struck his shoulder, turning his face purple.

When they had fought before, Mo Nian had never used such heavy attacks. But this time Mo Nian really was planning on killing them.

“Attack! We don’t need to kill him. As long as we stall him, others will be able to kill Long Chen.” One of them raised his weapon and charged at Mo Nian.

As for the injured one, he consumed a medicinal pill. Enduring the pain, he also joined them. Due to how familiar they were with Mo Nian’s attacks, the three of them were able to surround him and attack him from all sides. Mo Nian roared with fury, but he was also unable to do anything about it. After all, the three of them together were around the same power level as him.

Seeing that the peak experts of the Righteous path had blocked Zheng Wenlong and Mo Nian, quite a few others directly went around the others to attack Long Chen.

With Long Chen busy with fighting Han Tianyu, Long Chen’s defensive strength must be essentially zero right now. As long as they attacked, they could definitely kill him.

If Long Chen dared focus on them, Han Tianyu’s crystal bone would immediately kill him. Furthermore, there were many people who had long since placed their intentions on Long Chen’s mysterious scale.

“Dreams Coil Around the Soul.”

A cry rang out. Those experts suddenly felt as if they had entered a dream.

Meng Qi’s eyes were closed, and she was still holding a strange hand seal in front of her. A bit of unwillingness had appeared on her face.

Her soul energy was incredibly vast. Those experts who had just been about to pass by them instantly entered a half-sleeping state.

“Wind Murders All Directions.”

The void trembled intensely. The wind was like millions and millions of blades flying through their midst.

The sound of wind blades cutting through flesh caused people to feel numb. Thousands of experts had been cut to pieces.

Tang Wan-er had constantly refined the energy within the wind spirit stones, and her comprehension over wind energy had increased to a new level. Her wind blades were now even more terrifying, capable of easily piercing armor and bodies.

She had a slightly uneasy expression. This was her first time killing people in such numbers. Furthermore, they were Righteous disciples.

However, for Long Chen, there was no way around it. Treating these people with kindness was to treat Long Chen with cruelness.

“What vicious women! They’re just the same as Long Chen, indiscriminate murderers who kill without batting an eye! Even if we all have to die, we still have to kill them to purify our Righteous path!” A sharp cry rang out from the crowd.

Everyone was constantly fighting. As time went by, more and more experts began to join in, increasing the pressure on them.

Suddenly, a large man with the huge broadsword passed by everyone and rushed over in Long Chen’s direction.

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