Chapter 45 Defeating a Powerful Enemy

“I’m coming.”

With a cold shout and his body encased in flames, Long Chen suddenly rose up. The air several meters around him had already reached a terrifyingly high temperature.

Long Chen punched out, the high temperature around his fist causing space to warp, its power shocking as it smashed towards Huang Chang.

Huang Chang was extremely startled as he felt an indescribable fear from the flame around Long Chen’s fist. Seeing his attack, he quickly retreated back to avoid the punch.

But just as he dodged this punch, he suddenly saw Long Chen’s cold smile. An enormous sense of danger immediately filled him.


Long Chen’s shocking punch had actually just been a feint! The actual attack was a silent kick; by the time he sensed it, Long Chen’s foot had already viciously landed itself upon his stomach.

Huang Chang screamed miserably. This kick didn’t cause him any heavy injuries, but the flame ignited the fur around his body.

“Animals really do hate fire.” Long Chen was gratified inside. Huang Chang’s beast transformation might bring with it a Magical Beast’s might, but it also brought with it a few of their weaknesses.

Furred Magical Beasts had an inherent fear of fire, so his Pill Flame had a powerful suppression over Huang Chang.

Long Chen’s kick had been covered with flame and ignited Huang Chang’s body. A strong roasting smell filled the air.

Despite doing his best to pat away the flames, it still took a long time for them to extinguish. A great portion of his yellow fur had been burned black at this point. He appeared extremely miserable, like a rat that had dug its way out of a stove.

Seeing this, Yun Qi relaxed inside. For Long Chen to find Huang Chang’s weak spot so quickly was very exceptional.

And most importantly, even if others knew of that weakness, only Long Chen, who could condense the Pill Flame to this level, could take advantage of that fatal weak point.

Huang Chang’s skin was now black, and all his fur had been burnt away. Although he wasn’t heavily injured, he couldn’t suppress the innate fear he had toward fire.

At this time, it was obvious that Long Chen’s Pill Flame had completely suppressed him.

Just as Huang Chang was howling in anger, Long Chen charged at him with his fists flying, appearing just like a human-shaped blazing flame.

Long Chen was extremely quick, consecutively landing three blows. Huang Chang knew he would be unable to avoid them, so he could only grit his teeth and take them head on.

Although he wasn’t afraid of Long Chen’s physical strength, each time Long Chen landed a blow, his claws seemed to shrink as if they had just come out from a furnace.

After these three blows, Huang Chang felt as if his hands weren’t his own anymore. He could even smell a faint scent of roasted meat coming from them.

Just a moment ago, it was Long Chen who was forced to dodge and run. Now the situation had completely reversed itself. In front of Long Chen’s Pill Flame, Huang Chang could only cower and didn’t have the strength to retaliate.

Fatty Yu and the others all celebrated when they saw this. As long as Long Chen could persevere, victory would definitely be his.

“Kill him, Huang Chang!” Xia Changfeng stood up and shouted. Long Chen’s strength had far exceeded his expectations.

It had already reached a point where even he was feeling some fear. A Pill Adept with endless potential who was also a genius martial cultivator was not someone he could take lightly.

That kind of person had to either become a loyal subordinate or be completely eliminated. Currently, his relationship with Long Chen was like that of water and fire, so the first possibility no longer existed. Therefore, it didn’t matter what the price was; he must kill Long Chen or he would never be able to feel at peace.

Huang Chang hatefully glared at the blazing Long Chen. He had never thought that someone he had been toying with in battle would evolve to such a level.

“Die, Long Chen!”

Now that he had received the order from Xia Changfeng, Huang Chang let out a bestial roar and suddenly, his blood and qi soared into the sky. His entire body seemed as if it were completely engulfed in blood and became entirely red.


“He can use the Great Blood Explosion Technique?!”

“That’s insane!”

Those noblemen of the Phoenix Cry Empire all cried out in alarm as they all recognized this technique.

The Great Blood Explosion Technique was an extremely terrifying secret art. It would be used if and only if a Blood Condensation expert met with foes that they absolutely could not defeat and was pushed to the breaking point. Only then would they make such a ruthless decision and use it.

The Great Blood Explosion Technique ignited the entire body’s blood and qi as the price for temporarily increasing one’s battle strength. It would let the user double in strength temporarily.

But the price was extremely terrible. Once used, the blood essence you had condensed would be completely burned away. Even if you lived, your cultivation base would freeze, and you would never be able to progress any further for the rest of your life.

This kind of situation was rarely seen. Unless it was an absolute last resort, no one would use it. But now Huang Chang had actually used it.

Grandmaster Yun Qi noticed those stunned noblemen and couldn’t help but sigh. The Phoenix Cry Empire truly was hopeless. Despite such a genius appearing, none of them went to help Long Chen.

No matter what, he was the son of the Border Suppression Marquis who had great accomplishments and had made huge contributions to the empire.

The Border Suppression Marquis had been fighting along the border for over ten years now, fighting back the savages of the barbarian tribes and letting the Phoenix Cry Empire enjoy an era of peace.

If his son were to just die like this in the capital, would the imperial family not be afraid of retaliation? But when Yun Qi looked at the fourth prince and the Empress Dowager, he couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow. He leaned forward slightly and prepared to go save Long Chen.

Long Chen’s display today had already far exceeded his expectations. There was no way he would let anything happen to him.

After using the Great Blood Explosion Technique, Huang Chang had essentially become a bloodthirsty beast and his eyes had turned completely red.

Letting out a bellow, all his energy that was flowing out of his body suddenly stopped and flowed back, all of it gathering around his right hand.

His right hand immediately thickened to the size of his thigh and his muscles throbbed, releasing a terrifying pressure as he grabbed at Long Chen.

“Devil Wolf Claw!”

Just as Huang Chang used that killing blow, grandmaster Yun Qi also stood up and charged over.

“Yun Qi, don’t meddle.”

Even as grandmaster Yun Qi moved, Wei Cang, who had already been prepared, also charged out and blocked him, punching out.

Yun Qi snorted and also punched out, wanting to send Wei Cang flying.

After they collided, Wei Cang flew back, but he had managed to block Yun Qi.

Grandmaster Yun Qi’s expression changed greatly when their fists collided. He suddenly felt his hand tremble and immediately turn black.

“My Yin Fiend Palm feels pretty good, right Yun Qi? Don’t even think about going over with me here. That kid will definitely die!” Wei Cang coldly laughed.

Yun Qi was shocked inside. He and Wei Cang had fought for dozens of years, but he hadn’t expected that Wei Cang would have advanced so much in the past few years. He would definitely not be able to break through his blockade in a short time.

“You old lecher, it’s you who will definitely die!” A ridiculing insult came from Long Chen’s mouth.

Seeing Huang Chang’s fist coming, Long Chen took a deep breath and pushed his cultivation base to its max. He no longer held his Pill Flame back at all, and it erupted like a volcano.

“Flamecloud Palm!”

The blaze around his body disappeared, all of it condensing into the middle of his palm. The originally faint yellow flame had already given birth to a slight red color due to the high temperature.

In front of everyone’s stunned gazes, Long Chen’s palm collided directly with Huang Chang’s sharp claws. An explosion shook the heavens as the flames danced. Surging qi waves soared into the air.

Even Yun Qi and Wei Cang stopped their fight to watch in shock. When the dust settled and their vision cleared, the first thing they saw was a three meter wide crater.

On opposite sides of the hole, dozens of meters away, were two figures lying on the ground. The entire plaza was in complete silence.

A light sound rang out as one of those figures slowly started to move. They saw that the one who slowly stood up was a bloodstained Long Chen.

Although he was a complete mess, his clothing torn and gasping for breath, the current Long Chen still appeared as valiant as ever.

Going around the crater, Long Chen slowly walked to Huang Chang. Huang Chang looked even more wretched, his body burned black and looking like nothing more than a dried up corpse. There were also quite a few pieces of bone sticking out of his body.

After using the Great Blood Explosion Technique, his defense had sharply declined. That was why in their final exchange he had suffered worse wounds than Long Chen.

“As I’ve already said, I won’t let you see tomorrow’s sunrise,” said Long Chen coldly in front of Huang Chang’s body.

Huang Chang wanted to speak, but his stomach had sunk and was squeezing his abdomen, making it so he was unable to speak.

“The feeling of not being able to speak doesn’t feel so good, does it? Retribution really does come quickly. You made it so others couldn’t speak out, and now, you can’t say anything at all.” A mocking smile appeared on Long Chen’s mouth.

In order to infuriate Long Chen, he had used despicable techniques to intentionally injure Shi Feng heavily and seal his breathing so that he was unable to admit defeat. All of that had been completely captured in Long Chen’s eyes.

Seeing Long Chen’s icy cold eyes, terror appeared in Huang Chang’s eyes. He wanted to say something, anything, but he was unable to.

If it had been a couple of years ago, he would never have felt any terror from dying as he had only undergone dark and sinister training. But after a few years of working under Xia Changfeng, he had grown attached to the world again and didn’t wish to die.

“If you want to beg, then don’t bother. Someone like you doesn’t deserve pity.” Long Chen shook his head and slowly raised his foot.

Everyone present was just quietly watching, unable to say a single thing. This unrestrained battle between giants had been full of ups and downs, completely astonishing them.

“Long Chen, let Huang Chang go. I will compensate you.” Xia Changfeng was, of course, unwilling to see his most powerful subordinate die like this, so he thickened his skin and spoke out.

“Oh? Do you have anything that I want?” Long Chen asked, interested.

Seeing there was a chance, Xia Changfeng couldn’t help but rejoice. “Just ask for whatever you want. If I have it, I definitely won’t hold it back.”

Long Chen nodded and stuck out his thumb. “You really are loyal. Then, I’ll give you a chance: give me your life and I’ll let him go.”

Xia Changfeng who had been rejoicing immediately felt as if someone had given him a slap to the face. He glared at Long Chen. “You were playing me?”

“Playing you wasn’t my goal. The goal is to play you to death.” A sinister smile appeared on his face.

Saying this, Long Chen raised his foot, and the whole plaza was filled with alarmed cries, as he viciously stamped it down on Huang Chang.

Just as Long Chen’s foot was about to hit Huang Chang’s stomach, Long Chen suddenly felt his scalp turn numb. At the same time, he heard Yun Qi’s angry roar and without even thinking, he quickly threw himself to the side.

An arrow landed right where Long Chen had just been.

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