Chapter 449 Hua Biluo’s Fury

“She can’t represent the Righteous path, but I can!” Huo Wufang walked to the front.

“Huo Wufang, your Pill Tower is a neutral party! Are you trying to bring on the public’s wrath?!” raged Hua Biluo.

The Pill Tower’s position was transcendent. They didn’t stick their hands into the struggle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. Everyone was startled that Huo Wufang would stand out at this time.

“What I’m doing right now has nothing to do with the Pill Tower. I just find a certain person very displeasing. He stole my things, and I’ve already said I would make him regret it. Right now, I will use my position to attest that Long Chen is wicked beyond redemption. He willfully slaughters the innocent, and I will take the place of the heavens to punish him. What can you do to me?” sneered Huo Wufang.

“You! You really are bullying excessively!” Hua Biluo’s body was trembling with rage.

Huo Wufang was clearly just being shameless. With his grudge with Long Chen, they thought of an extremely frightening result from him standing out now.

“Huo Wufang, the Pill Tower is controlled by the Chai, Fang, and Huo families. It is not controlled by just your Huo family! You should think about the consequences of your actions!” said Zheng Wenlong.

“A little peddler like you doesn’t have the right to speak to me. How much could you possibly know about my Pill Tower’s matters? Let me tell you, today, Long Chen must die. I don’t care if he’s innocent, and I don’t care if he’s guilty. My goal is very simple: I want him to feel regret, and I want him to die. He wants to steal something of mine? Hehe, then he can use his life as repayment,” sneered Huo Wufang.

He then pointed at Hua Biluo. “Hua Biluo, your Hua family sent your family head’s daughter to marry into my Huo family two years ago. Each year, you enjoy a certain discount, allowing you to save a great deal of wealth.

“Furthermore, you even stealthily sold the medicinal pills you bought from us, swindling even more profit. Did you think your little tricks could be hidden from my Huo family?

“Hurry up and scram from here. Otherwise, when I return, I will cut your Hua family off from medicinal pills.

“At that time, I trust your family head would definitely hand you over to me to enjoy as I please.”


Hua Biluo’s expression completely changed. In her Hua family, her position was not extremely high. She was just a member from a branch bloodline. It was only because she had a high enough talent that she was treated well.

As for the matter of her Hua family stealthily selling the discounted medicinal pills, she did know a bit about it. She really hadn’t expected Huo Wufang to know all about it, and for him to even use it to threaten her.

If Huo Wufang was telling the truth and he really cut off her Hua family’s medicinal pills… well, even an ancient family would decline without the support of medicinal pills.

That was something the family head would definitely not permit. To send her to Huo Wufang as an apology, to sacrifice a single genius in the benefit of the family, the family head would definitely not hesitate for a moment.

In her shock and fury, Hua Biluo even began to cry tears of grief. However, she was helpless to change this.

“Everyone… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t worry, we all understand your troubles. You can just help cheer for us in the distance. Watch how we handle these idiots,” laughed Guo Ran. With Long Chen not amongst them, he was the deputy. And the deputy naturally had to display the same heroism as his superior.

Guo Ran didn’t want to make things hard on Hua Biluo. If she really stood by Long Chen’s side, then there was no way she could endure the consequences.

Hua Biluo covered her face with her hand and hurried away. Those few experts by her side could also only powerlessly follow.

She had only brought seven of her Chosen here. They were the greatest strength she had right now. As for the others, they were too weak, and she didn’t want them to be sent to their deaths. As long as they had the right heart, it was enough. Since they were loyal, she would go all-out to groom them in the future. The thing known as loyalty was truly too difficult to obtain. That was something Long Chen had taught her.

Now, the end result for her was just humiliation. She could only leave sadly without helping Long Chen at all.

After she left, Huo Wufang smiled mockingly. Looking at Mo Nian, he began, “As for your Qing Prefecture’s Mo Gate-”

“Shut up. Is the great name of Mo Gate something an idiot like you can say? Keep your farts inside. Your face is as ugly as a stove. Did you think you were so amazing that your ugliness could scare me away?” Before Huo Wufang could finish, Mo Nian interrupted.

After cursing him, Mo Nian felt much more refreshed. Didn’t his family always like to say that he didn’t know how to cause trouble? He wanted to see if they could say that again this time.

“Amazing, what splendid cursing! Big brother Mo, that cursing was truly exquisite. Junior brother truly admires you.” Guo Ran looked up to Mo Nian fawningly as if he had met his soulmate.

“Ah, you overpraise me! Brother Guo, aren’t you just as amazing?” Mo Nian said modestly.

“You… you two… you’re looking to die!” Huo Wufang trembled from rage. Other than Long Chen, this was the first time he encountered someone who dared treat him like this.

And even Long Chen had chosen to step back, offering to split half the Neidan with him. However, he had wanted the whole thing, and so they had fought.

As for Mo Nian, he was just openly cursing him without any regard for his status. He was so furious, his face ended up twisted, truly looking like a stove. He was completely red, making it seem like the stove was lit.

“All experts of the Righteous path, listen to my orders! I, Huo Wufang, ask you to help me to eliminate the dregs in front of us. Whoever helps will get a favor from me! What I say definitely counts, and you can even record it with a photographic jade!” shouted Huo Wufang.

Huo Wufang’s promise caused a huge commotion amongst the Righteous disciples. He came from the Pill Tower, and from his tone, it seemed he was an extremely high-level member there.

Every power required medicinal pills. Most of those were purchased from the Pill Tower. If they could create a good relationship with Huo Wufang, then that was a huge benefit to their sects.

Furthermore, the fact that Huo Wufang was promising like this, even allowing them to record it with photographic jades, meant that he really had that ability.

“Kill! Long Chen is a homicidal fiend, capable of rape, pillaging, and all kinds of indescribable crimes!”

“Charge! That fiend, he can’t be allowed to escape the punishment of justice! Use his blood to wash away his stain on the Righteous path!”

“Clean our Righteous path of evil! Kill Long Chen!”

In the first moment, over half the experts of the Righteous path directly charged at Long Chen, infuriating Mo Nian and the others.

“These bastards, they clearly know Long Chen is innocent, but for a favor, they can still sell out their conscience. Absolutely vile!” Veins bulged on Guo Ran’s forehead.

“The most hateful would have to be that Huo Wufang. That bastard wants us to go head-on with these idiots, making it so we both suffer losses. In the end, there won’t be many of them capable of surviving. He won’t need to do much as a favor. Just a simple discount can appease them.” Zheng Wenlong was also clenching his teeth.

Facing this tide of Righteous disciples, they didn’t know what to do exactly. After all, they were all Righteous disciples, and they should have been standing on the same side. But now they were charging at them with their weapons raised malevolently.

“Let’s kill them.”

Mo Nian was filled with fury. These idiots didn’t care about right or wrong. Raising his bow, an arrow made of spiritual qi shot forward.


The arrow exploded in front of those attackers. Mo Nian hadn’t really been aiming to kill them, but just to intimidate them. And so his arrow didn’t really have much power.

“These accomplices are also fiends! Kill them all with Long Chen! Don’t hesitate, as we’re just taking the place of the heavens!”

However, instead of intimidating them, Mo Nian’s attack only ignited their fury. With a furious roar, their auras erupted out completely, and they charged with even greater zeal.

“These goddamn fuckers!” Mo Nian couldn’t endure it any longer and exploded with curses. His bow shook, and a dozen arrows shot out.

The arrows all landed in their midsts, and dozens of them were killed. However, this didn’t halt their advance.

“Goddamnit, why do they never have this kind of bravery when fighting against the Corrupt path!?!?” raged Mo Nian.

“That’s because they don’t see any profit against the Corrupt path. As for why they’re going all-out now, it’s all for that favor. As long as they can bring that favor to their sects, they’ll immediately begin soaring. Even their sect leaders would probably give them special attention.” Zheng Wenlong had a ridiculing expression.

He had managed to see through all of this. As a businessman, he could immediately realize what everyone’s interests were.

There was just one thing he didn’t understand. These idiots could see the benefits, but could it be they didn’t see the danger? Did they think that they were fat sheep for the killing?

All they seemed to see was that they had a numbers advantage. Did they not know that the members of Long Chen’s present alliance were even more terrifying than those experts of the Corrupt path?

“You don’t need to hesitate. Have free rein to kill them all. Your hesitation will only cause those friends beside you to lose their lives.

“In this world, there are no innocent people. There are only idiots whose eyes have turned red with greed. If you decide to be merciful, they will return your mercy with suffering.

“Kill them. Such people are trash. Against real enemies, they are filled with terror. But against their own people, their weapons never hesitate. Guo Ran, kill them all!” Long Chen’s voice rang out across the entire battlefield.

Everyone heard it extremely clearly. His last sentence caused a ruthlessness to fill Guo Ran, and countless spatial stones activated around him.

Those were all cores of spatial rings. Guo Ran had embedded them into his flesh, and so with a thought of his Spiritual Strength, the things within those spatial rocks were all summoned out.

His body became covered in armor, turning him into a metallic monster. Facing that huge group charging at them, he roared, “Die!”

His arms shook, and many little holes opened on his armor, all pointed at them.

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