Chapter 448 Exhaust You to Death

The instant the dragon scale and the red ray collided, a blinding light made everyone turn away.

Only several breaths’ time later did their vision recover. Although that light was still harsh, the peak experts were now able to see through it.

The scale from Long Chen’s hand was now floating in the air. It had grown to become a similar size to the crystal bone.

A green light was coming from it that blocked the red light of the crystal bone. The space where they were colliding was constantly shuddering.

“What?! It blocked the crystal bone?!”

“What is that scale?!”

“What kind of Magical Beast’s scale could possibly block the attack of a Xiantian crystal bone?!”

People felt as if they were going crazy. If Long Chen had also taken out a crystal bone, then that would have been acceptable. But this was just a scale. How could a scale block the power of a crystal bone?

Space was constantly rumbling. The scale was linked to Long Chen’s mind and was capable of drawing on Long Chen’s spiritual qi. It began to force back the red light.

“How is this possible?!” Han Tianyu was shocked and furious. Another drop of blood flew out from his forehead and onto the crystal bone.

In truth, this crystal bone was not something he had obtained himself. It was something a Righteous Chosen had obtained inside a secret cave.

However, he had been noticed by Han Tianyu. After killing him, Han Tianyu had spent a great deal of time studying it, finding it to be a bone from an ancient Magical Beast. The lines on the bone were Magical Beast runes, something that could only be formed once a Magical Beast reached the Xiantian realm. They would brand their strongest attack onto their crystal bone, and as long as you had enough energy, you could activate that ability. Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to accumulate energy like ordinary Magical Beasts.

Han Tianyu had spent a great deal of time and effort in order to refine it. However, his strength was still not high enough, and so he was unable to use his spiritual qi to activate the beast runes. He had no choice but to use his purest essence blood energy to summon its power.

After it received the energy within his essence blood, the crystal bone’s light increased somewhat, blocking the advance of Long Chen’s dragon scale.

“Hmph, let’s see just how much essence blood you can use.” Long Chen snorted. After advancing to the ninth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, his spiritual qi was vast like an ocean. Furthermore, with the support of his divine ring, his spiritual qi was constantly being replenished.

The only time he had exhausted his spiritual qi in this fight was when using Split the Heavens. Despite how much spiritual qi he possessed now, it had immediately used up a third of it.

Now, Long Chen was sure of one thing. Split the Heavens was actually a Heaven class Battle Skill.

He had never imagined that the ruined Battle Skill he had obtained in trade for a garbage medicinal pill would actually have reached the Heaven class.

Each time Long Chen had used Split the Heavens, he had not been disappointed. It had always been his strongest trump card that had allowed him to reverse the tide. Now, he had finally had enough spiritual qi to use it to its full potential, proving its immense power.

Although its consumption was also terrifying, Long Chen was still extremely delighted. He still had half his spiritual qi now. With his divine ring, as long as he didn’t release any ultimate moves like Split the Heavens again, his spiritual qi would rapidly recover, and he could definitely exhaust Han Tianyu.

After the second drop of essence blood, Han Tianyu’s attack managed to suppress the dragon scale.

But his delight only lasted for a moment before his expression turned ugly. The dragon scale had only retreated for a moment. Now it was as if it was being supported by some kind of energy and was once more slowly suppressing the crystal bone.

“Bastard, I refuse to believe this!” Han Tianyu clenched his teeth and once more extracted a drop of essence blood. This drop allowed him to take the advantage again for another breath’s time before Long Chen’s dragon scale once more began to suppress him.

Although he didn’t recognize what that scale was, he could sense just how dangerous it was. He absolutely could not allow it to approach him.

He had no choice but to once more extract a drop of essence blood. But this time, his face became slightly pale after it flew out.

This essence blood he was extracting was not ordinary essence blood. With each drop, he was extracting all the purest energy within his blood. Doing so was very harmful to the body.

One or two drops was no problem, and even three to five drops was something acceptable. After some rest and taking some medicines, that could be recovered from.

But once you extracted so much that it surpassed your body’s limit, that would destroy any chance of you reaching the Xiantian realm.

However, Han Tianyu could not stop, despite this suffering. He could only continue extracting this essence blood.

His only hope right now was to exhaust all of Long Chen’s energy. This was now a battle of attrition, and the winner would be the one who could hold on the longest.

Green and red light constantly collided, causing the void to tremble around them. Everything within a hundred miles was enveloped by those two lights.

“Just what scale is that? How can it be so strong that it can resist a crystal bone?” asked Mo Nian.

It wasn’t just Mo Nian who was stunned. This was also the question that everyone else wanted to ask. A scale was just a shed piece of skin from a Magical Beast.

However, a crystal bone contained all the Magical Beast’s essence. The two of them should not be even close to the same level. That caused many people to be at a loss.

However, none of them noticed a shocked expression flit through Zheng Wenlong’s eyes.

“I can’t be wrong. This has to be something from legends. Could it be that this world really does have dragons? They aren’t just myths?”

With his education, Zheng Wenlong had naturally been able to recognize this reverse scale. However, many people were unable to connect this scale with the dragons that existed only within legend. In the current world, there were far too many Magical beasts with scales. They naturally wouldn’t think it was something so legendary.

“Long Chen really has heaven-defying luck. He even managed to obtain something that only exists in legend.”

Zheng Wenlong was filled with emotion. If he was right, then this entire scenario made sense.

Everyone was closely staring at the scale and crystal bone. Quite a few people had recovered from their horror, and now some greed had appeared in their eyes.

Those were both top treasures that anyone would go crazy for. However, although many people had that kind of thought, they didn’t have that kind of courage.

For the ordinary people here, let alone snatching those treasures, they would be crushed to death just from the shockwaves.

“Long Chen really is a monster. Han Tianyu has lost,” sighed Mo Nian.

“What? Aren’t they still even now?” asked Gu Yang.

“That ring of light behind Long Chen is rapidly absorbing spiritual qi for Long Chen. I really have never seen such a terrifying technique. It’s like a whale inhaling water. Such a Battle Skill can let a person always keep up their spiritual qi.

“As for that pretty boy Han Tianyu, do you not see how his face is getting paler and paler? He’s clearly lost too much blood.

“Even if his entire body was filled with only blood, he still wouldn’t be able to exhaust Long Chen. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to keep it up.”

Now that Mo Nian said this, everyone nodded. Although they were far from the battle, they could also all sense the flow of the spiritual qi around them.

Naturally that was flowing toward Long Chen’s divine ring. The spiritual qi within hundreds of miles was being crazily absorbed by him. At this point, it could be said that Long Chen was in an invincible position.

As for Han Tianyu, it truly was as Mo Nian said. His pale face was getting paler by the minute, and terror had begun to appear in his eyes. He had also sensed that the situation was not good.

In the beginning, he had thought his essence blood would be able to exhaust Long Chen’s spiritual qi. But that ring of light behind Long Chen was constantly drawing spiritual qi from all directions. 

As for him, each drop of essence blood was something he could not recover in such a short time. If this continued, then he would be the one exhausted first.

“Those subordinate to the Xuantian Supermonastery, I use the authority of the first monastery to order you to kill the traitor Long Chen!”

The first monastery’s disciples didn’t even need to think. They all took out their weapons and charged at Long Chen.

Under the lead of the first monastery, those monasteries that were subordinate to them also took out their weapons.

“Kill Long Chen, purify our Righteous path!”

It was unknown who took the lead to shout, but all those who were affiliated with the first monastery charged.


Suddenly, a ray of light exploded in front of them.

A group of people blocked their way. They were Guo Ran, Zheng Wenlong, Hua Biluo, Mo Nian, and all their people. Each of them had taken out their weapons, their killing intent surging.

Icily looking at these people, Mo Nian couldn’t help but sneer. “You dare ignore us? You really must not know what death is.”

Seeing them block their way, Yin Wushuang and the other top experts retreated a few steps. With such people blocking their way, there was no way for them to launch a sneak attack.

Yin Wushuang sharply cried out, “You’re all acting as accomplices! By protecting such an evildoer, are you planning on becoming enemies with the entire Righteous path?!”

“Shut up. An evil woman like you also calls yourself a member of the Righteous path? Please. Furthermore, do you think just a word from you can represent the entire Righteous path? You really are a fool. Do you not even know your own conduct?” Guo Ran viciously spat on the ground.

“Brother, I really admire your eloquence!” Mo Nian gave Guo Ran two thumbs-up for his brilliant cursing of others.

As for Gu Yang and the others, they were also pleased with his words. This bitch had caused so many people to die; they really had an urge to bite her to death. Guo Ran’s cursing really was satisfying.

“She can’t represent the Righteous path, but I can!” Suddenly, a disdainful sneer rang out, and everyone’s expressions changed.

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