Chapter 447 Crystal Bone vs. Dragon Scale

The instant that red light appeared, each and every person felt their hearts shiver, and a dread that came from the depths of their souls filled them.

As for Long Chen, he felt as if a monster was staring at him, and he felt a chill in his bones. A strong sensation of death filled his heart. He instinctively dodged to the side.

Due to dodging even before that red light shot out, he just managed to dodge, the light brushing past his shoulder.


The ground exploded as that ray of light pierced straight through. A bottomless ditch appeared wherever that light reached, spreading all the way into the distance, beyond the horizon.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Such an attack had already surpassed their understanding.

In front of that attack, even peak experts would be crushed to bits. There was no way they could block it.

Looking at the mountain-sized crystal bone floating in the air, as well as the arrogant Han Tianyu, all their hearts shook.

Han Tianyu was too monstrous. He had such immense power and an unending stream of trump cards, each more shocking than the last. Just who could block this crystal bone?

“Han Tianyu really is undefeatable. He has already refined the crystal bone and can use its power. That level of attack has the ability to one-shot Meridian Opening experts. Long Chen will definitely die. How regretful.” Many people sighed.

Long Chen and Han Tianyu were truly the pinnacle members of the Righteous path. Unfortunately, these peerless heavenly geniuses had now become like water and fire, and they were unable to work together against the Corrupt path. Otherwise, the Corrupt path might very likely be completely annihilated today.

Quite a few people were looking at the distant Yin Wushuang who was grinding her teeth. They were filled with disdain for her.

They were clearly all Righteous disciples, and their powerful enemies were right in front of them. And yet, she didn’t want to face that enemy, instead scheming against those on the same side. Such a person was truly the horse that brings trouble to the whole herd.

That previous battle had truly been a fierce clash of giants, their incredible imposingness shaking the heavens. However, now that this crystal bone had appeared, everything had ended. That was what most people were thinking.

There was no need to doubt Long Chen’s strength, but in front of absolute power, there was no possible chance. Han Tianyu’s luck really had been heaven-defying to have obtained a Xiantian Magical Beast’s crystal bone. That had decided the conclusion.

“Let’s attack together to kill Han Tianyu. We won’t let him activate the crystal bone again. That’s the only way to save Long Chen,” suggested Zheng Wenlong gravely.

“It’s useless. He’s too far, and before we would get close, he would have enough time to activate it.” Mo Nian shook his head. With a slightly pained voice, he said, “Looks like it’s up to me, Mo Nian, to save the day. Well, it’s fine. The savior often does come at the most critical time.”

An arrow appeared in Mo Nian’s hand. However, this arrow was pitch-black, and people were shocked to see that it was an arrow made of bone.

This bone arrow was covered with black lines. However, since the arrow was completely black, these lines weren’t very visible, so it wouldn’t be possible to see them without a close examination.

The arrow lit up, and Zheng Wenlong and the others immediately felt that they were unable to breathe. An indistinct pressure seemed to come from the bone arrow. On the surface, they didn’t seem to be able to sense anything. But their sharp spiritual perceptions told them this arrow was incredibly terrifying.

Just as Mo Nian was preparing to stealthily take action, Long Chen, looking at the crystal bone, smiled.

“This is your final trump card? The treasure you obtained within the secret realm? Not bad, really not bad.

“I really am not able to understand the Heavenly Daos. Could it be that the heavens are blind? To let a shameless and contemptible person like you obtain such a treasure…”

Long Chen’s words caused everyone’s expressions to change. Cultivators all relied on the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Their goal was to comprehend the Heavenly Daos, and they had to comply with the will of the heavens. For Long Chen to dare say such rebellious words, he was publically in defiance of the heavens.

The stronger a cultivator became, the more they would revere the Heavenly Daos. In this world, perhaps he was the first person who dared openly curse the Heavenly Daos. 

“Hahaha, have you despaired? Knowing that you’re definitely going to die today, you want to say some bold and heroic words to play to the crowd? Long Chen, I really do have to feel sorrow for you.” Han Tianyu couldn’t help but laugh. To be able to force Long Chen to the point of despair was the greatest delight to him right now.

“Despair? It seems I’m still not at that point, right? Perhaps I might feel such a thing in the future, but a contemptible idiot like you wouldn’t be able to make me feel such a thing even if you cultivated for another thousand years.” Long Chen shook his head, smiling coldly.

Mo Nian and the others were startled. Even at this time, Long Chen’s expression was still indifferent. There was not the slightest fear in his eyes.

“Guo Ran, does Long Chen still have trump cards?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“It seems… maybe… I think… he might… probably... not have anymore.” Guo Ran was unsure.

“Fuck, why are you still wasting so many words at this time?! Can you please be more precise? I only have this one treasure. If Long Chen can handle it himself, I really am unwilling to waste it,” said Mo Nian.

“The main thing is that I don’t know either! Boss never reveals his full strength. No one knows just how strong he is. But there is one thing I’m sure of: whether or not boss has more trump cards, Han Tianyu is unable to kill him. That’s something he personally said.”

“What did he say?”

“Boss said that he had a ninety percent chance of at least drawing, fifty percent chance of defeating him, and twenty percent chance of killing him. In other words, the chance of Han Tianyu killing him is: zero. My boss is an unrivaled hero, and he never speaks empty words. So don’t worry, my boss will definitely have some method,” said Guo Ran confidently.

His words caused Meng Qi and the others to be much more at ease. Meng Qi was the one who knew the least about Long Chen’s strength. From the start of the battle to now, she had always been on edge. It was Tang Wan-er and Chu Yao who had constantly comforted her.

As for Mo Nian, when he thought about it, it seemed Long Chen really was always a dependable person. Furthermore, a person like him with so many wicked tricks definitely wouldn’t be easy to kill. In the end, he decided to put down his bow. Treasures couldn’t be exposed for nothing; that was a principle that had held true for millennia.

Zheng Wenlong smiled bitterly. Long Chen was practically a monster. This time, he really had to admit his eyesight had been wrong. Long Chen was much, much stronger than he had predicted.

But of course, he was celebrating inside. The stronger Long Chen was, then the more profit would come from being his friend.

They all set aside their worry and continued watching the battle.

Han Tianyu looked disdainfully at Long Chen. “Perhaps you don’t know, but I purposely let you dodge that attack.

“I didn’t use the crystal bone’s attack to lock you down, giving you a slight hope. Killing you just like that would have been too regretful.

“After all, you are someone capable of fighting against me, Han Tianyu. You have the right to some final moments before your death. I will give you some time. You can say goodbye to your friends. After that, you will be dying without a corpse.”

After he finished speaking, he saw that Long Chen was just indifferently looking at him. It was completely different from the enraged image of him full of despair he was expecting.

“This is your last chance. This is a great grace from me, so cherish it properly,” said Han Tianyu.

Long Chen icily looked back at him. “I’ve had enough of your unchanging posturing. You really don’t have any quality content. It seems you haven’t heard of a certain phrase: if your posturing arts aren’t up to par, then you’ll just posture yourself into being an idiot.”

Their words caused everyone to become lifeless. These two were peak experts? How come their words were so vulgar?

“What is posturing[1]? I don’t get it,” asked Meng Qi. She and the other women didn’t understand. They looked at Guo Ran, hoping for him to explain.

“Cough, uhh… it seems this term is a descriptive adverb. When it comes to writing and literature, my academics were never that good. Big brother Mo Nian, you come from a noble family. I’m sure you must know what it means!” Guo Ran directly threw this burden to Mo Nian.

Mo Nian’s face instantly darkened. Guo Ran really was worthy of being Long Chen’s subordinate. Even Long Chen’s wickedness had been passed down to him.

He, a grand expert, the junior gate master of Mo Gate, could not possibly explain such a vulgar term.

Looking at Meng Qi and the others innocently looking at him, he had an urge to throttle Guo Ran. He had seen scammers before, but he had never seen such a scammer.

“Brother Guo has really overpraised this junior brother. This junior brother has spent his life cultivating, and other than being in seclusion, all I did was slaughter. This is my first time hearing this kind of term, and although I don’t understand it, you all don’t need to be dejected.

When he reached this point, Mo Nian glanced at Zheng Wenlong. Zheng Wenlong immediately had a bad feeling, and as expected, Mo Nian continued, “Brother Zheng is a businessman, and he has traveled all around the world. He is worldly and wise, possessing knowledge of all things. I’m sure he definitely knows what that word means.”

The Mo Gate disciples behind Mo Nian all looked at them oddly. There truly were some of them who didn’t know what that word meant.

As for the Huayun Sect disciples, they were all much more learned, coming into contact with people from all kinds of schools and religions. Bai Ling couldn’t help but turn red.

Zheng Wenlong couldn’t help cursing these two inside. At this time, he didn’t have anyone else to push this trouble onto. It wasn’t as if he could toss it to Hua Biluo.

In fact, Hua Biluo was also wearing a bewildered expression, and it was obvious she also didn’t understand what it meant. This was a vulgar word circulated around in the secular world. Although he was a businessman, he really couldn’t thicken his face enough to push this onto her.

Just as he didn’t know what to say, his eyes suddenly brightened and he exclaimed, “Long Chen’s starting to counterattack!”

They all turned to look at Long Chen. He extended his right hand, and a palm-sized green scale floated out of his hand.

This action immediately drew everyone’s attention. That green scale didn’t release the slightest bit of pressure. It looked just like an ordinary fish scale. The only difference was that this scale had a white crescent moon design on it.

Seeing that scale, Han Tianyu’s heart tightened. For some unknown reason, he had an extremely bad feeling.


Another drop of blood flew out of his forehead to land on his crystal bone. A terrifying pressure locked Long Chen tightly in place. A red ray once more shot out at him.

Long Chen smiled coldly, and the scale in his hand suddenly blossomed with light. It was like the sun as it smashed into that red light.

[1] In this novel, the terms 装逼 and 牛逼 are often used. They are considered vulgar language and are rather hard to translate. Here, they are talking about 装逼. If I pass it through my dictionary, I get ‘to act like a pretentious prick’. Generally, I translate it as bragging, pretentious, posturing/posing, being arrogant, or showing off. The reason why the women don’t know what it means is because it’s such a coarse and vulgar word.  牛逼 wasn’t used here, but I just added it in so you know in the future. Sometimes the author will say there is a difference between 装逼 and 牛逼 (as you can see, the second character of the term is the same). The closest translation of 牛逼 would be something like ‘badass’. 

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