Chapter 446 Heaven Class Battle Skill

Flying snow filled the sky. However, it wasn’t truly snow, but snowflakes condensed from spiritual qi.

At the same time, space was constantly trembling as if it might collapse at any moment, horrifying everyone.

“Heaven class Battle Skill?!”

“Aren’t Heaven class Battle Skills only usable by Meridian Opening experts?!”

People were bewildered. However, only a Heaven class Battle Skill could possibly cause such a huge spatial reaction.

Long Chen felt an enormous aura lock him down. That aura caused his scalp to turn numb, and he felt an immense sense of danger.

“Do you know Long Chen? This move of mine was originally supposed to be for Yin Luo. I always wanted to test just how powerful his natural energy attacks were. You should be honored to die beneath this attack.” Han Tianyu was filled with hate. Long Chen had ruined his ‘brilliant reputation’, causing his prestige to hit rock bottom. “Do you feel despair? Regret? It’s too late!”

Following his words, the snowflakes around him began to converge on his sword.

A rumbling sword cry rang out as those snowflakes merged into his sword. Terrifying sword intent soared, causing heaven and earth to tremble.

Mo Nian’s expression changed, and he drew his multi-colored bow. He was ready to take action at any time, as he sensed just how terrifying this attack was.

No matter how strong Long Chen was, his realm was still too low.

Even Hua Biluo had taken out her sword, and Zheng Wenlong took out a spear. They were all ready to assist at the first moment.

“Don’t be anxious. Boss should be able to handle it.” Guo Ran stopped them. No one understood Long Chen better than he did.

As expected, even as he said that, Long Chen also slowly raised his saber. He wasn’t looking at Han Tianyu, but at the saber in his hand. He muttered:

“This is our first time fighting shoulder to shoulder. Your name is Blooddrinker. Today, I will let your name reappear within the world.”


The blood-colored saber seemed to hear Long Chen’s words and emitted an explosive energy. It was constantly quivering in Long Chen’s hands, and a soaring battle intent erupted from it.

At this moment, Long Chen felt a new mental connection with it. His FengFu Star and Alioth Star circulated, and an enormous energy flowed through nine acupuncture points before pouring into Blooddrinker.

But this time, Long Chen noticed a difference from before as his unprecedentedly vast spiritual qi poured through those acupuncture points.

Those acupuncture points had previously always been like starving Magical Beasts. Long Chen’s energy had never been enough to satisfy them. But now, those starving acupuncture points were finally full.

Furthermore, once the spiritual qi poured through the nine acupuncture points and into his saber, the first acupuncture point trembled intensely, and all its energy was sent to the second acupuncture point.

When the first acupuncture point’s energy entered the second acupuncture point, that energy suddenly doubled.

This was something Long Chen had not encountered before. When he had used Split the Heavens before, his spiritual qi was like waves of a river that superimposed before entering his weapon.

But now, this was his first time using it at full power. Not only did the energy superimpose with each acupuncture point, but the spiritual qi’s power would also double with each point.

This both shocked and delighted Long Chen. Blooddrinker shivered, and then the entire world became calm without the slightest bit of sound.

Other people were unable to sense this change in Long Chen. In fact, to others, it seemed Long Chen hadn’t done anything at all this entire time.

Only the mustached man who had been watching from the distance was filled with shock. “How does he know this move?”

At this time, all the snowflakes had converged into Han Tianyu’s sword. A long sword tip grew out, cutting apart the world as it slashed at Long Chen.

“Flying Snow Frost Slash!”

Long Chen’s saber trembled, and a saber-image suddenly shot out of it. That scarlet light looked like the blood of a devil king, mournful and terrifying. It collided head-on with Han Tianyu’s sword.

But what astounded everyone was that when those two collided, there was no sound. They could only see white and blood light merging.



A terrifying explosion erupted. It was as if all of heaven and earth was being destroyed, and a powerful ripple was spreading rapidly.

Those disciples who were closer didn’t have an opportunity to run. They were directly blown to pieces by that ripple. Even Chosen were unable to take it.

Seeing this wave of power coming for them, Mo Nian, Hua Biluo, and Zheng Wenlong were all startled. This ripple was something they could resist, but the people by their side would all be blown to bits.

“Heaven Earth Cage!”

Just as the three of them were about to go all-out to resist, trying to stall it for as long as possible, a cry rang out. Layers of wooden stakes appeared in front of them, protecting everyone.

Wooden bits shot everywhere. Chu Yao’s wooden shield crumbled as soon as it met that ripple. Due to how widely she had spread it, her shield’s sturdiness was impacted.

She had already expected that, so she had summoned three shields at once. 

Although the terrifying ripple destroyed the first two, the third one managed to hold despite being on the verge of collapse.

Once the wave passed, Chu Yao scattered her wooden stakes, looking toward the epicenter. The battlefield had completely transformed. Two World Mountain had already collapsed, and everything was a mess.

Furthermore, the Righteous and Corrupt disciples had suffered hideous casualties. The range of that shockwave had been too large, and they had been too close. Even Chosen would have died from being struck.

The number of people who had met tragedy just now numbered no less than ten thousand. Just watching the excitement could be dangerous; that truly was a wise saying. So many experts had now lost their lives just by watching.


At the center of the huge crater, the ground exploded and two figures appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, filling them with shock.

“Are they still human?”

Those two were naturally Long Chen and Han Tianyu. They were both gasping for breath. Han Tianyu was covered with blood spots, his face pale. He had taken a heavy injury from that previous exchange.

Furthermore, everyone saw that his sword had now shattered. The only thing remaining in his hand was a hilt.

As for Long Chen, other than his hair being a bit messy and his body being covered in dust, he clearly wasn’t injured.

Everyone’s hearts shook. That previous exchange had been so powerful that just its shockwave had killed countless experts. However, the two of them had managed to survive at the heart of that explosion, while Long Chen was even able to come out of it completely fine. That was practically unnatural.

“Han Tianyu really is worthy of being a peak expert. But Long Chen, he’s practically a monster. This time, I really did profit,” sighed Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong was also a peak expert, and although he was a businessman, a businessman also naturally required his own powerful strength to protect his merchandise. Otherwise, all businessmen would already have been slaughtered.

He was a few years older than the others, and he was much steadier as a person. However, the arrogance in his bones had yet to fade. Originally, he had been preparing to struggle for supremacy in this Righteous and Corrupt battle, hoping to bring some glory to his Huayun Sect.

He had actually been thinking of having a fight with Han Tianyu. But after seeing that Han Tianyu had reached the ten-temper realm, he had given up on that plan. He knew his own limits.

But this battle was truly too shocking. His ten-temper realm had just been the beginning. Han Tianyu had possessed so many trump cards, but he had still been suppressed by Long Chen.

Even when he used a shocking Heaven class Battle Skill, he was still unable to defeat Long Chen. Instead, he was the one to suffer injury. It had to be known that no one else present would have the confidence to be able to control a Heaven class Battle Skill.

Han Tianyu had already said that he had been planning on leaving that move for Yin Luo. It was something that he had thought would be at least on the same level as Yin Luo’s natural energy attack. It was unexpected that it would be defeated by Long Chen.

“Ugh, let’s end this. I dislike this kind of fighting style.” Han Tianyu suddenly sighed. A white bone appeared in his hand. This bone wasn’t large, looking similar to a mouse’s skull. It was glossy like jade, emitting a faint light.

However, there were some lines on that skull that caused quite a few experts to cry out in shock.

“A Xiantian Magical Beast’s crystal bone!”

When a Magical Beast reached the Xiantian realm, it was possible for their crystal core to disappear and merge with a bone. That bone would grow those lines that contained their life’s energy and their strongest technique.

By the time a Magical Beast reached the Xiantian realm, their bones were harder than steel. Without an external force, they would never erode.

Only the top experts present knew what a crystal bone was and could recognize what Han Tianyu was holding. At the same time, they realized that the stories of Han Tianyu obtaining an amazing treasure and being busy refining it had to refer to this crystal bone.

A crystal bone was on the same level as a Xiantian weapon, and they were even more valuable because their power could be activated before reaching the Xiantian realm.

However, the amount of power you could activate corresponded to your own power. If it was a Xiantian expert who activated it, then the power it would release could one-shot another Xiantian expert.

Endless killing intent surged out of Han Tianyu. The crystal bone flew out of his hand and floated in front of him. The skull began to grow, becoming three hundred meters large and emitting a terrifying pressure.

Its two empty eyes stared at Long Chen, looking like the gaze of a death god. Even the distant spectators felt their scalps tingling.

“Go to hell!”

The space between Han Tianyu’s eyebrows split open, and a drop of blood slowly flew out, landing on the crystal bone. The bone’s lines immediately lit up.

The entire crystal bone seemed to come to life, and a powerful aura once more locked onto Long Chen.

A red ray of light shot through the void like lightning.

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